18 Wos Haulin Super Mod 4.4 Indir 13 ((EXCLUSIVE))


18 Wos Haulin Super Mod 4.4 Indir 13

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How to introduce special nodes for conditional commands?

In my context I have several kinds of commands, also labeled as:

regular commands (A, B, C…)
global commands (g, gg…)
\emph{…} commands

I tried to use the solution in this thread to introduce a new special node (called here \doublebox) for conditional commands, so that the label can be doubled when a condition is fulfilled (for the commands \tt, \f…, \bf etc.).
The package I use is the anglo-saxon2 package. Here is a MWE which shows the problem:



% regular commands


\renewcommand{\tt}{\doublebox{\tt \emph}}
\renewcommand{\ttt}{\doublebox{\ttt \emph}}
\renewcommand{\ttf}{\doublebox{\ttf \emph}}
\renewcommand{\tts}{\doublebox{\tts \emph}}
\renewcommand{\tff}{\doublebox{\tff \emph}}

\renewcommand{\bf}{\doublebox{\bf \emph}}
\renewcommand{\bfr}{\doublebox{\bfr \emph}}

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Callejero, Juan Salvador. Email the author. View or download this document.

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18 wos haulin super mod 4.4 indir 13

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