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We vacate the judgment and remand for a hearing and findings on the merits of the property owners’ claims to the extent specified in this opinion.


For ease of reference, we refer to appellees and cross-appellants as “the property owners.”

The 2001 zoning map was adopted in April 2002 and was effective on January 1, 2002. The 2002 zoning map was adopted on January 1, 2003, and is applicable to PWD’s application. The 2002 zoning map is not at issue in this appeal.

“A variation from a zoning ordinance or a use variance is a permit issued by a zoning authority for a type of building use which is otherwise prohibited by the zoning ordinance.” 2 Steven M. Freund,Zoning and Land Use Control § 22.02[6] at 22-45 (2d ed. 1999).

The 2001 map provided that fire hydrant sites at A and B locations might not be located within 20 feet of a driveway

The 2002 ordinance provides that “driveways” are defined as “the portions of all roadways that are used in vehicular traffic.” There are five definitions of driveway in the 2001 ordinance, and none mention “fire hydrant sites” or “fire hydrants.”

The fire hydrant sites at C and D do

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