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_Figure 8.2_

# Chapter 9. Photoshop CS5—Interactive Pixel Preview

Adobe Photoshop CS5 has a feature called the Interactive Pixel Preview, enabling you to see an image in action with different image manipulation techniques as you change the composition. This tool gives you immediate feedback as you apply different tools and effects. For example, when you change a photo’s color or tone, the image will update with the changes in real time, as shown in Figure 9.1.

**Figure 9.1** —The Interactive Pixel Preview feature in Photoshop CS5

The main disadvantage is that this feature is not compatible with all of the filters.

More information about this feature is available in the itemized list at the end of this chapter, under the heading **Adobe Digital Editions**.

To activate the Interactive Pixel Preview tool, navigate to the **User Preferences** area and click the **Interactive Pixel Preview** icon (see Figure 9.2).

The following are some of the best features of the Interactive Pixel Preview:

* **It works with all tools, regardless of their original purpose.**

By default, the Interactive Pixel Preview only works with a few tools, including the **Filter** | **Monochrome** filter. However, the feature will work with most filters, including the **Filter** | **Adobe Camera Raw** filter and the **Filter** | **Gaussian Blur** filter. By turning on the tool, the filter is disabled so that it works with the tool but not the filter.

* **It’s a great preview tool, especially for graphics professionals**.

Once the Interactive Pixel Preview is activated, you can preview a variety of changes to any element in your image. For example, you can see the effects of changing your color, the effect of changing brightness or contrast, and even the effect of adding or subtracting a layer from the photo. If you choose to use the **Eye Dropper** or other **Layer** tools, then you can see the changes being made to that layer in real time.

**Figure 9.2** —Turn on the Interactive Pixel Preview tool by navigating to the **User Preferences** area and clicking the **Interactive Pixel Preview** icon

Once you have turned on the Interactive Pixel Preview tool, all of the following four keyboard shortcuts work without the need to turn the tool off:

* ** Ctrl+T (** the

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Photoshop for Mac

Photoshop for Windows


PicMonkey is a wonderful image editing website which was recently bought by R.I. Global. It is free and allows all users to create images on the site. Users can use the site’s tools to manipulate photos.

Members can also upload their own images, which their friends can choose to comment on. In addition to all these features, the PicMonkey website also has photo books and an app store.


Pixlr is a graphics editor which is free to use. It has a quick tutorial and its color palette is a lot larger than other similar sites.

Its tools include copy, paste, crop, and resize. It also allows for basic image editing such as adding effects, filters, borders and frames.


Pixlr iPad app

Pixlr mobile app is a fun collection of all the other Pixlr tools, including adding borders, frames, effects and filters. It’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go.


Pixlr iPhone app

Pixlr iPhone app is a fun new version of Pixlr for iOS. It has a beautiful interface and provides all of the tools that Pixlr users have been waiting for.



DesignerIQ is a mobile app which allows you to edit images. It is free to download and has a slew of filters, frames, frames, stickers, and more.



Picreel allows you to manipulate your own images, with more than 25 image-editing tools included. Users can also change their images’ looks with tons of fonts, images, vectors and more.


Photoshop for Mac

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and popular tool for editing digital images. It has a large library of features which allow users to modify photos, combine them and create their own.


Photoshop iPad app

Adobe Photoshop iPad app offers all of the features of the desktop version of Photoshop. It’s an all-in-one tool for editing images for users who want a simple

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1)


Creating a recurring event with time 12:00:00 in Google Calendar API

I am using the Google Calendar API to create a recurring event with a time of 12:00:00. I know that I can change the start time and end time of the event, but this is not what I want. Is there any way to create a recurring event with a time of 12:00:00 in Google Calendar API?


If I understand correctly, you want to change the date and time for an existing recurring events. You can do so with this POST request:

See the Google Calendar API docs for more info

Live and Let Live (1986 film)

Live and Let Live () is a 1986 Yugoslav romantic drama film directed by Dejan Zepravić.

Zvonko Stanić – Milan
Maja Aranitović – Sonja
Tomislav Žigman – Stefan
Drago Lučić – Slobodan
Mladen Komljenović – Mr. Srbic
Miško Jenić – Ustaša Šarolija
Jadranka Mikulić – Teacher
Janja Ristan – Pranci


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Table of Contents in TikZ

How can I create a table of contents in tikz?
I would like the output like this
1. Introduction
2.0.1 Initialization
2.0.2 Length of string
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4. Box


Here is a try. The example has text like Introduction, Section 2,…, and Sections and boxes are in one chapter and lists are in one section. Depending on your needs, you may easily adapt it to your

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