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Photoshop is a very helpful tool to have on your computer.

You can open and save Photoshop files using the Portable Document Format (PDF) file format (file extension.PSD).

Yet, most people create Photoshop files using the JPEG format, so saving a file as a Photoshop file may not be useful unless you plan to send the file to someone else.

You can save a Photoshop file by using the _Save As_ command, shown in Figure 2-2.

Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services Graphics

FIGURE 2-2: The Save As dialog box.

You may know that Photoshop supports layers. These highly flexible and flexible layers enable you to apply various effects to a single picture. They may not be aware, though, that you can save a file as a layered Photoshop file, thereby preserving the layers that you create. The layers appear in the file when you open it.

Because most Photoshop files use JPEG format, you can’t open them in another photo editing program. So you can’t use a JPEG image file in your image-editing program, like the one in this book, for instance.

But here’s the trick: Before you create a layered Photoshop file, save a copy of that same image to your hard drive in a non-Photoshop format (JPG or TIFF). Then, open the copy of the image in Photoshop. Create a new file with a new name and close it. In the Save dialog box, select the type of file you want to save as from the file format menu (see Figure 2-3). In the “Save as type” field, select Photoshop file.

FIGURE 2-3: Photoshop maintains an image’s layers even if you save a copy in a non-Photoshop format.

You should try it. It works. You can save a copy of a JPEG file in a new, layered Photoshop file.

## Adding Files to Your Photoshop File

You can add files to a Photoshop file, allowing you to keep multiple images for different purposes in the same document.

A Photoshop document is a storage area where you can place different information in one file. You add files to your document by using the Places panel, shown in Figure 2-4.

Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services Graphics

FIGURE 2-4: Save an image by using the Places panel.

To open the Places panel, choose Window⇒

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Learn Photoshop, online courses, Photoshop for beginners, the basics and more.

In this post, we will cover Photoshop elements basics, how to edit existing images and, sometimes, make images.

This is a great app for those looking to edit images and create high-quality files.

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Home And File menu

The Home menu has been completely redesigned, with a new File menu, and a new “Play With” for an easier workflow.

File menu

As previously mentioned, the new File menu has been reorganised. Let’s see what’s new.

The menu now includes:

Import/Export—it seems as though the new menu is missing some functionality. You may need to install older versions of Elements to use the Import command. This command used to copy images from one location to another.

Video—has moved to the Export menu.


Scripts—allows you to add or remove actions from the image with the touch of a button. As with “Sites” below, it’s best if you have old copies of Photoshop Elements to use this command in.


Artboards—as usual

Scratchboard—you can draw out a shape, and once complete, with a simple click, move the shape into its final location in the image.

Animate—can be used to make GIF animations.

Masks—open an image that you can remove parts from.

Merge—clones two layers to one.

Rectangular Mask—this tool creates mask which can be applied to separate individual parts of an image.

The start of this process allows you to open a picture and insert your own background. You can even add text. This could be useful for something like a “coming soon” message on a website.

More than ever, the file menu is the bread and butter of the software.

There is a big chasm between a beginner and a more advanced photographer.

If you have never used Photoshop elements, the file menu will be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

The new menu also imports the great “Sites” feature from the pro version of Photoshop.





With this new “S

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By Tim Dunigan

Adjusting to life after football has been a very gradual process for Whitten.

When you’ve been with the same organization for your entire professional career, you learn a lot about your team’s philosophy and culture. You have a close bond with the people around you, coaches included. You live and breathe the team’s philosophy.

It’s different with another organization. You can’t really talk to someone on the coaching staff unless you are on a team meeting or one-on-one. Sometimes you can’t even know who your roommate is at the hotel.

Everyone is new. The newness is something that is lost on Whitten until he is physically surrounded by it. Then he finds out in a hurry how much of a foreign world awaits him.

“I didn’t think it would be so tough. It was a transition,” Whitten said. “I was excited about it. I wasn’t sure about it because I was coming from a family environment and when I got out, I was moving to a new environment.

“It’s all a learning experience. It’s kind of learning where you fit in and everyone being different. There is a lot of culture shock. You have to get to know all the people and know where they stand and where you stand.”

After six years in Minot, Whitten was drafted into the NFL, where the culture is all about winning. He felt that he was ready for the next step after the bowl loss to Arkansas State.

“It was good to get out of that environment and see what would happen,” he said. “I think it’s just going to be a plus for me mentally and physically because it’s a new situation. I’m looking forward to getting out there, getting a foothold in that new situation and see what they want from me.”

The Broncos have brought in some familiar faces: running backs coach Roc Thomas, former Minot coach, Kurt Kragthorpe, defensive coordinator Kent Perkins, offensive coordinator Mike Munchak, assistant strength and conditioning coach Eddie Robinson and quarterback coach Adam Dedeaux.

Whitten said Thomas is going to help him get acclimated to a different system. He said he is going to get away from Keg’s traditional

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9.1 or later
iPhone iOS 5.1.1 or later
iPad iOS 7.1 or later
Android OS 2.3 or later
Other Supported Platforms:
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