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Typically, Photoshop has just three main tools:

The Brush tool: The Brush tool is a graphics tool that enables you to paint the image by highlighting areas of the image you want to change. You have a range of brushes for various types of applications. For example, you can use a brush to erase parts of the image, to add new colors to your image, or even to add gradient fills to an image.

The Pencil tool: The Pencil tool is a drawing tool that enables you to draw a selection box, which represents an area of your image that you want to select and edit using the tools that follow. You can use the Pencil tool to draw or select any shape or part of an image to be changed. You can even draw closed curves to select and edit a larger area of an image than the brush tool does.

The Eraser tool: The Eraser tool is an erasing tool. You can use the Eraser tool to remove areas of an image, to add new colors to areas of an image, or to add a special color effect to parts of an image.

At its core, Photoshop is a drawing tool; it offers a drawing interface for those who understand the underlying Photoshop editing system. The most common drawing tools used in Photoshop are the Pencil tool and the Eraser tool. (I’m going to explain more about these tools later in this chapter.)

The Free Transform tool: The Free Transform tool enables you to change the size, shape, and location of objects in an image. You use the Free Transform tool to resize, rotate, reflect, and stretch objects in an image — all while you maintain the proportions of the original image (see Figure 15-1).

In short, the Free Transform tool enables you to manipulate an object’s location and size.

Figure 15-1: The Free Transform tool offers you unlimited ways of resizing an image.

What This Book Covers

This book guides you through the basics of using the Photoshop software. You’ll find out how to perform basic editing tasks. Photoshop has a wide variety of tools that enable you to enhance and alter images, such as clone, clone stamp, paint, filters, brushes, and many more.

This book also helps you to become a master of the Photoshop window, including how to add multiple windows to the Photoshop workspace, how to use the Properties palettes to define your image’s settings, and how to use the menus to customize your Photoshop

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Once you have completed the Photoshop Elements course, you will have a solid foundation in all of the techniques and approaches to use to edit images. You will also be able to bring in your creative ideas and bring them into your projects as you choose.

In this lesson, you will:

Install and setup Photoshop Elements.

Create a new project with a template.

Add color and adjust brightness and contrast.

Quickly remove unwanted objects.

Add text, add effects and create a vector layer.

Import and edit images.

Use masks and filters to create and edit images.

Before you get started, make sure that you have completed and saved your homework.

Step 1

To get started, click here to download Photoshop Elements from the Adobe website.

Complete the installation of Photoshop Elements by following the on-screen directions and downloading the software.

Step 2

Open the program by double-clicking on it or by opening it from the start menu.

Step 3

Click on the Edit tab at the top of the screen, then click on File, and then click on Open.

In the Open window, locate the image you want to edit.

Step 4

Select the image, and then click on Open.

The image will open.

Step 5

If your image does not open immediately, you may need to right-click on the image, select Export, and then select a destination.

When the Export options are displayed, click on Save for Web, and save the image to your hard drive.

Click on the Edit tab, and then click on Image, and then click on New.

Type a name for the new file in the Name text box.

Step 6

In the next screen, click on the Background Color radio button and select a color from the color picker.

Step 7

Select the image you want to work on, then drag an area to select the image and click on Crop.

Step 8

When the options are displayed, click on the down arrow to the right of Apply Aspect, and then click on Square.

Step 9

Place a box around the image you want to work on, and then click on OK.

Step 10

Position the box so that it is approximately centered on the screen.

Step 11

Click on the

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How to get window collection from a WindowThread in QML

I’m developing a multi-window application using Qt 5.2 and I need to access a native C++ class from an object in a different “window” (actually it’s the mainwindow). The class is creating a new window and I have to get a reference to it but I’m unable to find a way to do it.
I’m using the following code in an object to get the window:
Window::Window(QWidget *parent) : QWidget(parent)
QSettings settings;

QNativeInterface* native_interface = new QNativeInterface();
native_interface->registerObject(“mainwindow”, this);


Window *window = qobject_cast(QObject::sender());
if(window!= NULL) {
QSettings settings;
QMessageBox::information(this, “WindowTitle!”, “Window title: ” + this->windowTitle());

This works OK and the window is created, but now I need to get a reference to it from a different thread in which I need to use the window.
The thread is created as follows:
void Settings::testThread()
QSettings settings;
QObject* object = NULL;

mainwindow_ptr = new MainWindow();

thread = new QThread(this);
object = mainwindow_ptr;

connect(mainwindow_ptr, SIGNAL(loadSavedSettings()), this, SLOT(savedSettingsLoaded()));



void Settings::savedSettingsLoaded()
window_ptr = mainwindow_ptr;

This sets the reference to the

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