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What is it?

Before we start editing and previewing images, let’s see what Elements is and what it does. Below you can find the main features in a list.

What is it?

Elements is a photo editing application for Windows that offers a wide range of tools for basic photo manipulation and editing, and more advanced editing to transform photographs into truly exceptional images.

What are the main tools?

Layers. You can use them to produce stunning and complex effects on your images.

Adjustments. It has an extensive, automatic and easy-to-use photo retouching toolkit.

Filters. You can apply 50 filters, including more advanced effects such as vignettes, gradients, lens filters, and a few more effects. You can easily enhance your images with colors, shades, curves, softwares, etc.

Styles. It has a range of built-in style presets, such as film, classic, black and white, etc.


Elements is split into two parts: the LE and the full version. The mobile version is the same as the classic version and available in either for Windows PCs or Macs. The mobile versions for smartphones and tablets offer the same functionality that the full version offers, but only allow you to view, but not edit the images, so you have to save them locally.

Elements vs Photoshop

Both are the best editing applications that you can buy, but using Elements will be harder than using Photoshop if you’re a professional. Here are some reasons.

Polaroid Sketch. Photos and images are scattered all over the place, but Elements creates all of them in one place, in layers. Photoshop has a different method of grouping the images and you can’t move one layer without having to move the rest.

Your images may be corrupted when you start editing. The Elements backup button may create an image with corrupted bits.

It is really difficult to save your images from Elements. Photoshop has a fully-featured Export to JPEG/Photoshop option that works straight away.

The Elements file is really small. The.PSD file is always smaller than the corresponding JPEG.

Starting Elements

You start Elements with a welcome screen where you can easily access all the features. There are seven main tabs, and each of them has a number of features. The most

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The gradient tool can be used to create a gradient in your image to apply to another layer or an entire image.
The Reverse and Randomize brush tools can be used to randomly generate bitmaps based on the object you create with the brush or pen tool.
The pen tool allows you to quickly draw and fill shapes and arrows.
The stencil feature can be used to create a mask or filter for your image using an object from the selection tool or another canvas.
The Clone Stamp can be used to create a copy of an object.
Clone stamp > Transparency clone > Set x & y points > Stylize opacity:


Pens, Pens, Pens!
The pen tool is your friend. Create shapes that move wherever you want them to move. Use them to create letters, logos, or anything you want.

While you create a pen, you can either make it have a 0% opacity and fill the entire layer, or make it transparant. It is important to remember to deselect the layer you are working on.

Now all you have to do is create shapes and draw anywhere you want on the canvas.


With this feature you can do a lot of different effects:

Chalk board
Watercolor effect
Stone effect
And much more


Your post is very general in nature, so I might be giving a wrong direction to your quest, but the best tool that I can come up with is the watercolor effect. It can be used for almost anything. It lets you paint on areas of the image which is exactly what you need.

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