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Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a simplified version of Photoshop for consumers that includes some of the tools used for advanced professional photography, but lacks some key features, including copy/paste, layer masks, and the automatic toolpath feature. Nonetheless, Elements is still powerful enough to transform your pictures.

Some of Photoshop Elements’s advanced tools are:

* Smart Brushes
* Picture Merge
* Free Transform
* N-Plane Warp

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Table of Contents

How to Start Photoshop Elements 12

The Basics

Step 1: Open the Image

Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop Elements.

Step 2: Open the image

Step 3: Open the image

Step 4: Open the image

Step 5: Open the image

Step 6: Open the image

Step 7: Open the image

Step 8: Open the image

Step 9: Open the image

Step 10: Open the image

Step 11: Open the image

Step 12: Save the image

Step 13: Save the image

Step 14: Save the image

Step 15: Save the image

Step 16: Save the image

Step 17: Save the image

Step 18: Save the image

Step 19: Save the image

Step 20: Save the image

Step 21: Save the image

Step 22: Save the image

Step 23: Save the image

Step 24: Save the image

Step 25: Save the image

Step 26: Save the image

Step 27: Save the image

Step 28: Save the image

Step 29: Save the image

Step 30: Save the image

Step 31: Save the image

Step 32: Save the image

Step 33: Save the image

Step 34: Save the image

Step 35: Save the image

Step 36: Save the image

Step 37: Save the image

Step 38: Save the image

Step 39: Save the image

Step 40: Save the image

Step 41: Save the image

Step 42: Save the image

Step 43: Save the image

Step 44: Save the image

Step 45: Save the image

Step 46: Save the image

Step 47: Save the image

Step 48: Save the image

Step 49: Save the image

Step 50: Save the image

Step 51: Save the image

Step 52: Save the image

Step 53: Save the image

Step 54: Save the image

Step 55: Save the image

Step 56: Save the image

Step 57: Save the image

Step 58: Save the image

Step 59: Save the image

Step 60: Save the image

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