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To make the most of the features in this book, you may want to invest in a copy of Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite.

In this book, I concentrate on teaching you the core skills that Photoshop provides. I focus on how to use layers, groups, and channels — plus the automatic selections, tools, and filters that are all key components of digital image editing. I also cover the visual tools and knowledge that enables you to create stunning and stunningly creative images.

Using layers, groups, and channels

Photoshop enables you to create images by adding layers — a way of grouping transparent and semi-transparent objects together to create a composite image. You then alter the appearance of each layer in the group — make them darker, lighter, different colors, or even invisible.

Furthermore, you can organize and name layers, and you can group the layers into layers groups that combine the layers into one layer. (You can even merge them into one single layer.)

Each layer group is then created with a single layer that contains multiple layers. Each layer can have its own unique settings and properties: you can set a color, opacity, or layer mode for that layer and even set the type of blending.

In this book, I show you how to work in layers as well as groups and channels.

Using the Layers Panel

Working with layers is the foundation of working with Photoshop. Although you can work directly in Photoshop, most people prefer to create layers in Photoshop and then to import or copy the layers into their work program so that they can view and work on them.

The Layers Panel is where you manage your layers and groups. You can perform most of your image-editing tasks by using the Layers panel. It enables you to open, save, duplicate, move, delete, and even redraw a layer. You can also choose the layer you want to edit — for example, make it fill with a color or make it transparent.

Never use Selections as a substitute for layers or groups. Although you can work with the Selection tool, you should only use Selections to select areas that do not contain layers.

You can use the following commands from the Layers panel (in Figure 4-1):

Double-click the layer thumbnail to open a new window with the current selection visible.

Drag the layer thumbnail and then drop it to the Layers panel to create a new layer; double-clicking with the

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Where did Photoshop come from?

Photoshop was initially developed by Gary Kildall for the Apple Macintosh. He released it as shareware in May 1990. At the time, it was a raster graphics editor. It was the first color replacement editor for raster graphics.

Photoshop was then rewritten to be pixel-based by Toni Bark and Marty Neumeier. That version was released as Adobe Photoshop 1.0 in February 1992. A letter writing campaign and the rapid expansion of the company convinced Adobe to open Photoshop to all customers. Today, it is the most widely used image editing software, used by graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and other graphic enthusiasts.

Why do graphic designers and other professionals use Photoshop?

Graphic designers and other professionals use Photoshop because it is a powerful and flexible tool. It is one of the most popular design software packages. Its popularity is based not only on its features but also on the fact that it is easy to use and comes with a variety of tools that amateur graphic designers need.

Basic Photoshop Features

One of the most critical features that Photoshop offers is the ability to batch or group commands. This feature enables you to re-save your file after every change.

This feature allows you to make a rough sketch of an overall composition and use it multiple times. You can make these changes over and over again. Photoshop even allows you to preview the results after each change you make. This makes your workflow more flexible.

You can also create a group. A group is a container for all your document’s assets. You can apply the same change to each element in the group.

You can also add multiple layers by using the “Layer” icon on the top right corner of Photoshop. You can also change the blending option using the “Blending Options” menu.

You can easily crop a photo using the “Crop” tool. With the Cropping tool, you can quickly crop out unwanted portions of an image. You can also rotate and flip any of your images using the tools.

There is a whole section of the web devoted to Photoshop tools. However, these are some of the most important tools and are the ones that help you create a realistic-looking digital photo.

You can create the perfect color combination using the Colorize tool. With the Gradient tool, you can easily combine two colors to create a gradient fill. The Gradient

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System Requirements For How To Download A Previous Version Of Photoshop:

Rp. 1.0.0:
OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor or above
Memory: 512 MB RAM or above
Hard disk space: 200 MB free space
Video: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Graphics card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Pixels: 1600*1080 HD
Rp. 2.0.0:
OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/

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