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Roblox is a sandbox game creation platform that is mainly targeted towards young children. Roblox is based on Lua, a procedural programming language. Lua is a multi-paradigm programming language (i.e., it can be used to write object-oriented, imperative, functional, and procedural programs).

Hello, everyone! After many months of work and preparation, we’ve released the Survival Simulator add-on to the Roblox Marketplace. The purpose of this add-on is to create a realistic experience for players by allowing them to play cooperatively and build together in a sandbox, which includes maintaining a safe shelter, growing crops, catching food for food, acquiring tools for many purposes, preventing disease, and communicating.
The add-on is also a great way for us to gauge whether the community is getting excited or bored with the concept.
The Survival Simulator add-on is scheduled to go into beta mode on April 20th. We will have more details then, so please keep an eye out!
The Survival Simulator is an add-on that can be downloaded from Marketplace.
Official Website:

Roblox: Teleport Simulator Community Website Complete playthrough, step by step walkthrough, and build here. ROBUX will be shared among you and me upon completion.
you can make your own game, you can even add your own characters on Roblox. ? : @togamin and @togamin_x


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