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Released as AutoCAD 2, AutoCAD 3 debuted in 1986 and eventually became the de facto standard for CAD/CAM applications. (The user interface, graphics engine, and drafting commands remain the same in all current versions.) It is the de facto standard until the introduction of the international standard DIN ISO 10303 in 2012, also known as Open Design Alliance (ODA), OASIS for Model Driven Architecture (MDA), and Open Architecture for Systems Interconnection (OASIS), which is in turn inspired by CORBA. ODA represents an architectural style and is used to define formalized system integration specifications. It aims to allow engineers and manufacturers to use different CAD products without compromising on interoperability, which is why CAD vendors in the auto industry have chosen to support ODA.

For more details on AutoCAD, please check out our guide to AutoCAD basics, our AutoCAD knowledge base article, and our AutoCAD online training.


Know what’s new in AutoCAD 2020, which is a revision of AutoCAD 2019 (2019.1 in particular). Since AutoCAD 2019.1, Windows AutoCAD editors have been replaced by native Windows editors for the Windows platform. As a result, some editing features have been deprecated or removed, and existing Windows users will not be able to edit or automate using the prior AutoCAD Windows editors.

Use to import and export files using older file formats or save native format files in older file formats, e.g., AutoCAD LRF (ACAD_LRF) for AutoCAD 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Note: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools can be integrated with AutoCAD. They can be found in the Maintenance tab of the Customize dialog box.

Note: Sometimes AutoCAD files that are saved in earlier versions are not compatible with some newer AutoCAD versions.

Note: Some file-saving options may not be available on mobile devices.

Extend objects (e.g., spline curves, spline surfaces, arcs, arcs, etc.) to any length. You can draw a spline object on a 2D plotter and move it to another 2D plotter, or move it to a 3D model in a 3D software package.

Draw and edit spline curves on any two-dimensional surface, e.g., to create an arc or

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In 1987, Marc Newmark and Neil G. Lewis created Visual LISP and released it to the public as part of AutoCAD in 1989.
AutoCAD/Map 3D is a software application developed and distributed by Autodesk that integrates a vector-based CAD system with a geographical information system (GIS) to aid in the preparation, annotation and visualization of geographic information such as maps and satellite images. It can be used to create, edit, and display 2D and 3D vector data, such as AutoCAD drawings, and can load and save objects in a range of file formats including CAD files, GIS vector data and Adobe Illustrator. Its functionality is tightly integrated with other products in the Autodesk suite, including AutoCAD, Map 3D and AutoCAD LT. The functionality of AutoCAD Map 3D has expanded in subsequent versions to include annotation of vector-based CAD data with geographic information.
Visual LISP is a platform-independent graphical user interface (GUI) environment for the programming of programs for AutoCAD. It is included with AutoCAD as part of the CreateFromTemplate tool.
The Structured Query Language (SQL) has been available since AutoCAD 2.0 and was included in AutoCAD LT 2.0 for MS-Windows. There have been several successors to this including SQL developer for AutoCAD LT.
In 2011, Autodesk released Code, a programming language for access to AutoCAD, in their patent-pending APS platform. APS, an alternative to LISP, is a high-level programming language designed for the programming of AutoCAD applications.
In 2013, Autodesk released an open source C++ class library, ObjectARX, based on ObjectARX from AutoLISP for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD can be used with a variety of CAD file formats including:
Autodesk DWG (AutoCAD Drawing, Autodesk file extension.dwg)
Autodesk DWF (AutoCAD Drawing, Autodesk file extension.dwf)
Autodesk DWG/DWF Converter (AutoCAD Drawing, Autodesk file extension.dlx)
Autodesk DXF (AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format, AutoCAD file extension.dxf)
Autodesk FBX (Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk file extension.fbx)

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What’s New In?

Add capability to AutoCAD to import content from other CAD applications and digital formats.

Use AutoCAD to import content from other CAD applications such as Autodesk Revit, Dassault SolidWorks, and Inventor.

Simplify the Import and Insert (Include) tool by changing the defaults.

Use AutoCAD to Import other digital formats and content such as AutoCAD 360, Multigraphics, and FileWorks 360.

A new file format, AutoCAD Layer Files, supports exporting and sharing layer data in one format.

Use layers to separate portions of a drawing to organize parts in your drawings.

A simple user interface to display and edit features on a layer.

Add support for 3D files to the Selection tool and use of more geometry in a drawing.

Use options to select what information is displayed in the command line.

Use the Update Layer command to sync changes to a layer with the drawing database.

Use the Include tool to include all layers that have content in a drawing that you are editing.

Use the Include tool to exclude selected layers from the update.

AutoCAD colors are now also displayed in layer properties.

GIS and 3D Warehouse integration:

Integrate with GIS and 3D Warehouse applications for integrating your design and geographic data into your designs.

Use a 3D Warehouse to insert 3D building models and other design elements into AutoCAD drawings.

Add the ability to connect to your 3D Warehouse, insert AutoCAD models and content, and save the drawing as a DWG file.

Share 3D Warehouse data with AutoCAD users who have access to the same 3D Warehouse site.

Redesign the command line and use a new command prompt to better control your drawings.

Design and Engineering New Features for 2D Design and Layout:

Bevels and chamfers, which create bevels or edging on a drawing, are now faster and easier to use. Design a bevel or chamfer on a shape in a drawing, and then just select to move the shape to new position.

Use the tool to convert a circular arc into a bevel that can be used to create a beveled frame or corner.

Create bevels

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Memory: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (64-bit)
Game Requirements:
High definition textures, effects, and UI
Full screen support
Enhanced features for graphics-oriented devices
Sensible gameplay to facilitate deep strategy
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