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AutoCAD was designed as a CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) application for building design professionals. It replaced the previous CADCAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) suite that Autodesk developed and marketed, and replaced it with the existing MicroStation CADCAM product that Autodesk was already selling. The three AutoCAD applications (2D and 3D drafting, BIM [building information modeling]) were combined into a unified application in 2015, and a mobile version was also released in 2015.

About the AutoCAD Timeline

The version number is the last number in the series, beginning with AutoCAD 1986 1.0. Increments include not just features and functionality, but also minor features or fixes. The preceding non-numeric series number was AutoCAD 2.0.

Version History

A list of all AutoCAD software releases and feature history since 1987, with links to the latest version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2016 was released September 2016, which can be downloaded for free from here.

Work with the AutoCAD web app is an experience that lets you access your AutoCAD application from anywhere. Just download the free app to your iOS or Android mobile device and get instant access to your drawings from anywhere. Sign in to AutoCAD with a Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn account to access your drawing and start collaborating on a design.

You can log in to AutoCAD with the following usernames and passwords:

Password: Password:

No password is required.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

AutoCAD Mobile 2016 for iOS is available here. AutoCAD Mobile 2016 for Android is available here.

AutoCAD Mobile lets you access your AutoCAD drawing on your mobile device. Open and view drawings on your Android device, no PC or Mac is required, simply connect your Android device to the Internet, open AutoCAD Mobile, and you’re ready to start designing.

It’s easy to connect to AutoCAD Mobile. To use AutoCAD Mobile, you need to be signed in to AutoCAD using either a username and password, a Microsoft, Facebook or LinkedIn account, or a service account (i.e., 123456).

You can make edits directly on the mobile device, and the software uploads those edits to your drawing on the desktop. You can easily

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In 1959, Autodesk began publishing AutoCAD as a perpetual royalty-free product that can be used with or without a time-limited license. The software license covers the right to use the program in both in-house and commercial work, and allows free updates through an annual subscription. Although the name was first used in Autocad Rev 6, AutoCAD has been continuously updated and improved since then.

AutoCAD was originally developed by John Walker and Robert Steele, originally as a 3D cadet tool for the company’s AutoCad. It was not made available to the general public until 1985, after development on AutoCAD was released to “Venture or Ultima” users, the former was a designation for college students with access to commercial software, and Ultima was a group of students at the MIT computer science department.

The AutoCAD name comes from the notion that the designer should be able to create a drawing without having to “draw a picture”, with the drawings being called CAD drawings. The user interface and the commands used in Autocad are derived from the programming language LISP.

See also

List of CAD software
List of vector graphics editors
ISO/IEC 17443 for the underlying architecture


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Open the c:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD\2016\ACAD.exe.exe
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Choose the option “Autodesk Autocad 2016 64bit”.

Now you can login to your Account by using your activation code.

Restart your computer and you can continue your work.


External links
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What’s New in the?

Navigate annotations by simply hovering the cursor over them, and view a thumbnail image of your annotations in a separate browser tab.

“Show Me” grips:

Create commands for showing and hiding geometry. These command grips are a combination of a text tool and a mode selector. They can be used to apply multiple options, such as a clamp, to objects with a single keystroke. (video: 0:32 min.)

Colorblind-friendly color palettes:

Give users the option of colorblind-friendly palettes. Select whether colorblind users should be able to see the print colors or the CMYK print colors.

Add, remove, and/or resize grip editing icons:

Edit the grip icons as well as the keyboard shortcut and menu items with one simple tool. You can quickly change which icons display on the grips, change the icons, or remove them entirely. (video: 1:01 min.)

Scale drawings:

Scale a 2D or 3D drawing with an on-screen handle to make it smaller or larger. It’s like a zoom tool but easier to control.

Paper space functionality in Revit and other CAD applications:

You can now see paper space dimensions in Revit designs, as well as show the measurement units and the actual measurements in real time on the 3D viewport.

Navigation through illustrations:

You can now navigate to and from illustrations in a drawing with a single keystroke. A new command, “Show Illustration,” makes it easy to get to any illustration in a 2D or 3D drawing.

Inline annotation tools:

Inline annotations and presentation tools for line, text, arrows, and other in-drawn objects.

“Double-click to open:”

In AutoCAD, you can now add a “Double-click to open” option to the File menu. In Autodesk® Sketchbook Pro™ or AutoCAD LT™, double-clicking opens the currently open file in the drawing.

PDF import and export:

Import and export drawings from and to PDF. (video: 0:44 min.)

Toggle multiple viewports:

Select the same viewport settings (such as screen size, resolution, and orientation) for multiple viewports at once. This is

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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