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AutoCAD was not the first CAD software, but it is by far the most popular. Two other very similar CAD programs existed prior to AutoCAD, one of which, for instance, was released in 1969. The original name for AutoCAD was AutoPlacement, and the development process was a “happening” that took place in the streets of North Beach, San Francisco. It was during this time that the name of the software was chosen and a name-board was put in front of the original Autodesk office. This name board still stands in the company’s downtown San Rafael headquarters today, advertising the name of AutoCAD. Many years later, Autodesk employees ruefully remembered that the reason the software was named AutoCAD is because of the sound of the letters “cad” (pronounced “kad”) when stacked on top of one another.

A major difference between AutoCAD and other CAD programs is that AutoCAD is a commercial CAD program. It is normally used by architects, engineers, and other professionals, rather than amateurs. AutoCAD competes directly with other commercial CAD programs, such as AutoCAD LT and Microstation. AutoCAD’s primary competitors are AutoCAD LT and MicroStation. It is also one of the applications offered on the Intergraph DesignSuiteTM family of CAD platforms, which is primarily a set of hardware and software for rendering, post-processing and previewing images.

AutoCAD was initially designed to solve the problems of large-scale architectural design and layout and it also provides various features for specifying and drawing objects such as: edges, circles, arcs, texts, and polylines. It is used by architects and engineers to create architectural drawings and for technical drawings and blueprints. For the most part, the professional features of AutoCAD are inaccessible to novice users. They can be unlocked, however, by using the free version of AutoCAD, which is included with the operating system.

As of version 2010, AutoCAD was the best-selling design software in the world.

Design options

There are many design options available in AutoCAD:

Aligns multiple geometry layers and objects on each other, effectively creating an invisible bounding box that is placed around the top-most layer.

Allows the user to view the current drawing scale in either inches or millimeters. In AutoCAD LT this can be adjusted within the Drawing Scale

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As of AutoCAD LT, there are many examples of how to use the programming environment. They can be found by:
RStudio version 2.13.1, R version 3.3.1 (2016-10-31) “system date”, or manual retrieval from R-Forge
AutoCAD LT 2010 & AutoCAD LT 2010 SP1, file by Michael Chaker:

Software development

For more information, see AutoCAD development. AutoCAD 2000 was an early object oriented programming system. Starting in AutoCAD R14, it has been replaced with the integration of C++.

Using the Visual LISP programming language, a user can automate a drawing, for example, through the command:

In addition to the above programming languages, AutoCAD LT also supports Visual Basic and AutoLISP for scripting. AutoCAD is also available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. The open-source package OpenAutoCAD is available for Linux.

AutoCAD LT is available as freeware. Use of the program is not restricted to a particular manufacturer or business model. Anyone may copy or distribute the software as long as it is not sold, and no fee is charged.

For AutoCAD LT 2015 and earlier, an OEM software licence may be purchased by a reseller, or a producer of CAD/CAM equipment or software, or an existing customer. The OEM licence allows the user to install the software and run it on computers owned by the customer, which can be used to create customised views of an existing AutoCAD LT drawing. In contrast, a trial version of AutoCAD LT 2015 allows the user to run the software on any computer without restriction. This trial version is only limited to a 30-day usage period. After the trial period has passed, the user must either purchase the software licence, or revert to the free version. The term “trial” in the title refers to the fact that the trial version comes with the user’s ability to run the software for 30 days.

With AutoCAD LT 2016, it is no longer possible to order an OEM licence for a product other than AutoCAD. The software installer is no longer available as a standalone product from the company’s website.


Views and layers
All versions of AutoCAD LT have a similar set of views, which can be easily changed by

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What’s New in the?

Revisit your work with markup Assist to quickly review, correct, and transfer annotations to a revision history. Add annotation easily, and import new markup, including comments, text, notes, and dimensions.

Markup Assist:

Review, move, and copy notes, text, dimensions, and other annotations in a drawing. See the changes you’ve made to the drawing, as well as any text or other annotations that have been imported from other applications or files. The markup is stored in a separate drawing history, which can be shared with colleagues or external applications, such as AutoCAD 360. (video: 1:30 min.)

Text and dimension presets:

Create dimensions and text presets with customized keystroke shortcuts. The new dimensioning presets provide versatile, pre-configured dimension styles. You can choose the length, units, and preferred placement of text in a dimension.

Smart Borders:

Save time by designing and arranging vector graphics directly in AutoCAD. Border your graphic with a single command. Enter text to indicate what border you want around your graphic. AutoCAD automatically draws a new border at the same size as the text or shape, based on the text or shape’s size and placement. With the new ProSmartBorders (AutoCAD 2020) extension, you can use AutoCAD to design beautiful, professional-looking borders.

Drafting With Google Maps:

Use Google Maps to show your design on Google Earth (or Google Maps Street View) and incorporate into your design. You can draw freehand in an image captured from Google Earth and add and edit annotations on top of the image.

3D Viewer and Xref:

Simplify creating drawings by having all your details in one place.

Changes from AutoCAD 19:

Complete architectural design software: 3D floor plans, site maps, 3D renderings, 3D drawings, and 2D drawings are included in AutoCAD.

Add text to symbols and dimensions: You can insert text and dimensions into your drawings directly, without opening an editing tool.

Create and save multiple drawings at once: You can create and save multiple drawings in AutoCAD at once.

Quick access to symbol and dimension libraries:

Find the symbols and dimensions you need quickly.

Create from a cloud service: AutoCAD can connect to the cloud and access symbols and dimensions from online symbol

System Requirements:

Windows 10:
OS: 64-bit Windows 10 Creators Update, Build 15063.500 or later
64-bit Windows 10 Creators Update, Build 15063.500 or later CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad, or AMD equivalent
Intel Core 2 Quad, or AMD equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6XXX or equivalent, ATI Radeon HD 4000 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce 6XXX or equivalent, ATI Radeon HD 4000 or equivalent DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Hard drive: 7 GB available space

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