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Looking for flags? Flagsplosion is a flag identifying endless quizzer with over 650 current flags from around the world. With its flexible gameplay and immersive visual style, Flagsplosion will challenge you to master the game and perfect each flag in less than three minutes.
The goal of Flagsplosion is to collect all flags and see how high you can score by timing your responses to a moving target.
Thank you to our Game Producer James Coffey, our Social Designer Rosemary Kun, and our Community Manager Diabetik for providing the assets and meshes.
*please note that Flagsplosion has no purchase or donation required and no in-app purchases*
*2 week trial available through the store – try it for free*

The Creative Assembly, famous for the graphics and technology that brought Total War to life, has partnered with Autodesk to bring the Total War series into the Autodesk Game Loop.

What is Game Loop?
Game Loop is a term coined to describe the interface between gameplay and real-time graphics technologies. It’s the underlying engine that powers technologies from the 360º camera views of InnoGames’ games to modern first-person shooters.

Creating and deploying Total War Battles by modders
Creative Assembly is proud to announce the first official mod released by Total War modders: Total War Battles by New Dawn Studios.

“The mod adds the following features to Total War Battles:

• Real-time Multiplayer Battles between all playable factions and units in the game.
• The ability to edit and view, as well as play, these battles.”

New Dawn Studios — a group of modders who shared the idea of creating Total War battles together — created the mod over the course of the last six months.

They will continue to create more and more Total War Battles by modders for you to download, test and enjoy.

15) Killbox
A 24-player multiplayer game, for an experience where the killing machines come a’killin’
Blow out the competition with a wide range of weaponry, from the classic, classic Brick cannon, to our newly created rockets & flamethrowers.

14) Strife
Inspired by the Battle for Castle Italia in the Battlestar Galactica TV series, Strife is a gothic, fantasy strategy game that takes place over


AZUR BEAM Features Key:

  • Realistic Daytona Racing Simulator -Drive a Real Daytona fast car like: NASCAR Fords, Camelys, Camaro, Pontiac and dodge….
  • Terrific graphics and animation
  • Guaranteed hours of fun
  • Automatic saving, no need to stop the game while playing.
  • Drive on all tracks Daytona and Easter Daytona, like Daytona Beach, Bridge, Italian circuit and many more….
  • Dedicated Camera car have no feeling to go down the track, no shaking, no noise, just a cool wind in the way.
  • Engine react to the speed, then you feel the power in your hands. Chase after the leader.
  • Adjust the Champirioning speeds, set the handling on. Set the maximum racing speed, the best car has to use.
  • Mission Statement

    Daytona Racing is the ultimate Game for Racing Racers. Play is there only hope of bringing back the gratifaction and adrenaline racing experience to the simulator arcade racing and simulation games.
    – All Daytona and Easter Daytona tracks are to be able to run and jump in the game. Daytona Beach & Easter Daytona tracks stand still in the feet of the driver and create a slow motion when you drive through the road. This time the drivers will as in the real life has to cross all the way till the end…
    – Brands Car can change easily from Engine,model, paint color,body kit, tuning, wheels, facings.

  • Realistic Large third person camera.
  • Very detailed lighting and realistic car sounds.
  • Anti-collision car can be set as a (4) driving style and on (4) country driving circuit.
  • Very big amount
  • Live Commentary.
  • This game is created by the SNK fans for the SNK fans.


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    In Speaking Simulator, you are a passenger speaking with a stranger’s speaking avatar. Throughout the ride, you’ll answer real life questions, play fun games and dig for more fun trivia. The stranger in the car will try to engage you in conversation while you sit in the passenger seat, and you’ll attempt to maneuver their avatar into answering questions.
    You’ll take the passenger seat with strangers from all across the globe and you’ll answer a variety of real-life and fun trivia questions, while you both play a series of games to pass the time. You can tell if the person you’re speaking with is, in fact, a human or a synthetic, as you’ll be able to tell by their reactions and movements. If the passenger is a human, you’ll receive a readout of their answers and they’ll give you points that you can use in your lobby.

    Press quotes
    “These guys have spent a lot of time making this. There are definitely some of those “I wish I had made that” moments in the game.”
    “You’re in a car, and on the way there a question about pop music comes up. You don’t know the answer, you just have to pretend to.”
    Syndicate Magazine
    “Speaking Simulator is an absurdly simple concept that asks the questions you really want to ask the people you speak with.”
    “What comes to mind when you think about the first time you watched an episode of The Twilight Zone? If you’re like most people, you probably think of the classic Twilight Zone episodes, created by Rod Serling, that dealt with unrealities. For this reason, we chose the name ‘Speaking Simulator’ for the new game developed by the team at Stunlock Studios. Our game has been selected to be showcased in the PAX video panel on “Unbelievable” and we’re honored to be able to share our vision with the public.”
    Stunlock Studios
    “I was driving along and I was like, I gotta ask the people what kind of videogame is this.”
    Jeff Skoll
    “I wanted to create a game that let people ask the stranger in the car some random and thoughtless questions that let them connect to them. I thought it would be fun to take a trip with a stranger and chat about videogames. I guess I imagined it would be a pretty stressful ride, but I never expected to be


    AZUR BEAM Free Download For Windows

    ● The characters themselves are characters in the world of Ambition Record.
    ● The battlefield where the character fights the enemy is the level field developed by the author.

    It’s time for a battle!
    Travel through a kingdom in the footsteps of the hero-king and the legendary messenger, to tame monsters and bring peace to the land.
    The legendary story that unfolds in the beloved JRPG Ambition/Record of Grancrest is refreshed in the improved game Ambition Record for PlayStation Vita.
    Game Features:
    -Explore the story from multiple perspectives, with a battle gameplay.
    -New scenarios to add to the fun and excitement of the original Ambition Record.
    -Larger, more detailed illustrations to add to the ambience.
    -A first-class port of the Ambition Record game optimized for the PlayStation Vita system.

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that it will release a new, free-to-play version of “Warner Bros. Universe,” its social VR game for Facebook, in addition to launching the mobile game “Warner Bros. World’s Greatest Detective,” for Android and iOS.
    “Warner Bros. Universe” was released in 2017 for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR (PSVR) VR headsets and has attracted over 1.5 million players to its platform. It is an RPG in which a player becomes a superhero for the first time through quests that happen in real time. The free-to-play version will allow all users to enjoy the VR experience and play in the game without having to purchase a virtual reality headset. The game’s campaign mode and Battle Quest mode will be available for free, and the Story Quest mode will remain in the service for free as well, allowing users to enjoy VR for free for up to one hour at a time.

    GiG Entertainment announced today the official launch of the Steam version of the award-winning Mage Gauntlet on Steam.
    Mage Gauntlet was released in 2017 to critical acclaim on all VR-enabled platforms and was the winner of the VR Game of the Year Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards. It is a multiplayer RPG MMO with a new magical experience. Players explore large dungeons, defeat challenging bosses and use powerful magic to build their experience. They can choose from dozens of character classes and hire other players to accompany them in PvE and PvP quests.
    In Mage Gauntlet, players can choose to play as a Magus, Wizard


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