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Explore the City’s vast, dilapidated labyrinths and towering buildings. Discover the dark secrets behind the Assembled. Live a life of adventure and possibility or live a life of solitude and desperation. Arousing visual design and dynamic gameplay elevates the rich story and mythology. This is an original experience with visual fidelity and a deep narrative that aligns with the best of today’s acclaimed interactive fiction adventures.
Alcyone is an independent project by Vincent Puel and Marc-André Germain (Montréal, QC) who started their adventure after enjoying Alan Dean Foster’s Neuromancer (1984) and Elizabeth Haynie’s The Unfinished Song (2009).
Still in the early stages, we are super excited to get the word out about this wonderful new universe.
We invite you to help us get there by backing us on Kickstarter!

About the Game

Alcyone: The Last City is a fun and dynamic interactive fiction game set in the last city in the universe.

The player is a rogue element with a blank slate newly reborn and placed in the City. No information is known about this new body. As the player begins to explore the world the story reveals itself in choices and decisions the player makes, influencing the story in a way that cannot be known in advance.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


Alcyone: The Last City is a dynamic, evolving interactive fiction game. It is simple enough to pick up, but highly complex enough to make you think.

You begin in a secure complex of the Six Ruling Houses. No information is known about you and what you do from the start. However, this means that every action you take will be significant and reveal new details and build your character.

You begin by controlling the player’s character, the “blank slate”. As the player explores the City, the story and surrounding world comes to life in an interactive puzzle-like manner, revealing increasingly more information with each step. Decisions you make during play will affect the story line, the world around you and how your experience plays out from that point forward. The ending depends not only on what you do, but also how fast or slow you play.

The choice of options you control is not simply “yes or no”, but rather it is a significant influence on the story and on the way it plays out. For example, each decision makes for a unique play experience,


Barro Racing – GT Features Key:

  • Activate
    – Domain 9-History-Service-Aircraft-2-FSX-Steam-Edition_V2.apk
  • Overview
    – ACM Flight Simulator 2003 (Aircraft Carrier Management)
    – Airbus A310 (AMX-TSV)
  • Playtime
    – 150 minutes
    – Only 1 real aircraft and mission set
  • Price
    – Free / trial (Gold version)


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Savage Foes of Nehwon is a mashup of the Lankhmar series and The Savage Worlds roleplaying system set in the City of Thieves. See the face of Fritz Lieber’s City of Thieves in a new light as you use the Savage Worlds ruleset and roleplay in its maze of narrow streets and dark alleyways.
About the Story:
Nothing is as it seems in Lankhmar. Ally with the legendary thief Sir Shandur and solve the mysteries of the city to gain gold, treasure, and power. Travel through the city on your way to the south-western wall of the kingdom of Meereen to arrest an imperial agent of the queen, and in the process, discover the cruel truth behind the assassination of the Red Queen’s favorite ally.
And what of Red Queen’s favorite assassin? What is her plan for the people of Lankhmar, and why is she willing to leave an empire in her wake?
And when you set out on your journey, be wary of the dark alleyway. See the face of Fritz Lieber’s City of Thieves in a new light as you use the Savage Worlds ruleset and roleplay in its maze of narrow streets and dark alleyways.

– The adventure begins with the character present in the Harrithi Campaign Guide chapter “The House of Spoons.” Place a Hidden Motive at 12. The room is locked. The Blue Mask is speaking to Sir Shandur. If the character is not yet present in the campaign, then the Mask can be activated. The Invisible Stalker is to have no effect until the adventure activates and some investigation has occurred. The Harrithi is to be present in order to activate it.

– Characters that have not yet been conceived for this adventure can be created in the Character Creation Guide chapter “The House of Spoons.” The Character Creation Guide is linked from the Harrithi Campaign Guide in the Characters section.

– When presented with the opportunity to activate the Harrithi, the player can either activate the Harrithi or not. If the Harrithi is not activated, then the Invisible Stalker can be observed by a character either present or absent from the player.

– If the character activates the Harrithi and makes an Investigation, the room can be locked. The Hidden Motive is to be placed at the end of the Harrithi. The Harrithi is to be present


Barro Racing – GT PC/Windows

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This is an ASCII survival horror game. You will be playing as a family with your wife or child. The game will be tough for you at first, but if you play carefully, then the game will be more difficult.
What’s New:
Version: 0.42.2
July 23, 2017
– New map
– Other bug fixes
How To Play:
Press the Z key to turn on console. To turn it off again, press Z
Run to start the game
Upgrade speed is slow
This is an ASCII survival horror game. You will be playing as a family with your wife or child. The game will be tough for you at first, but if you play carefully, then the game will be more difficult.
What’s New:
Version: 0.4.6
May 11, 2017
– Add world map
– Add crafting menu
– Add gifs and music
How To Play:
Start screen: Press the Y key
Crafting mode: Press the R key
To select item, key and number is different in each game of mine, so you need to learn on my game what key is. (I only try to show you every week)
To start the game press the START button
To change the controll of the game press the C key
To pause the game press the P key
The crafting things is by the E key (press the I to hide the crafting menu)
You can eat meat by selecting with the left mouse button
For to choose how much meat you get:
1) Press I on the meat
2) Press 1-6 on the meat
3) Press on the table with left mouse button and select the EAT or DROP options.
When you walk by the thing on the screen, you will kill it.
# game of mine is having the same rules
the names of the game can be found here:

you can be in the contact by lis.
Twitter: @lasunaviv
snapchat: miloko_
Facebook: @lasunaviv



How To Crack:

  • Click here to download the Game. Save the downloaded file as<> AHHMazeZin.DirectX
  • Extract the save game file. (Double Click & Run Once)
  • Click ‘Enviroment’ to set the Game (For those who want to change it’s appearance) or choose another game directory
  • Click Shell Icons on the bottom panel for the main interface.
  • Double Click AHHMazeZin.exe and Play, it’s that easy!
  • (Optional) To change the splash screen, click ‘Splash Screen’ on the bottom panel.
  • Click ‘Accounting’ for the main menu. (It’s right at the bottom)
  • ‘(Delete all)’ –> ‘Shift-Delete (for delete all)’
  • Click ‘‘Create new Account’ –> ‘Login Screen’

System Requirements:

MacOS 10.8 or higher or a PC running Windows 7 with all updates installed and activated
32-bit (Intel) or 64-bit (AMD) Processor
160 MB of hard drive space
2 GB of RAM
1024×768 display resolution with desktop effects enabled
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Blu-ray burner
OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Intel Core i5ȣ遺棄的雙子-gemini-of-the-abandoned-crack-activation-code-latest/

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