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– 30 pictures of […]

Mr Bellows, the Unknown Graphic Designer –


I’m glad to be among the first participants of this contest! I’ve been interested in graphic design for years and quite often used to designing myself. But I never really imagined I could submit my own work! Yet I know that the best work is created when you have no knowledge of the rules.

The thing I like most is the first impressions you create. It’s the small details that make a difference. I think this is the most important thing in the creation of a graphic. Of course, we all know that if you start working on a project with something in mind, the final result will be much better. But it’s good to get the things underway and do the best you can do!

Very happy you have taken interest in this project and created your own experience – the best is yet to come! I hope it won’t take too long for me to add you to my followers and when the finished work is ready, you can admire it on my wall!

My name is Andrei Mihailovitch, I’m 23 years old and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I’ve been working in the field of graphic design for the last 12 years and have worked in the advertising industry for the last 4 years.

I believe my experience and graphics skills can benefit you greatly in creating your own experience – I’d love to help you out with anything.

Thank you for taking your time to look at my work and I look forward to hearing what you think once you have finished!// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* helpers for various ioctl control requests


struct compat_blkpg_ioctl_arg {
compat_int_t cmd;
compat_u64 arg;
unsigned int flags;

#define CMD_IDENT_BSDR(x)


Features Key:

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Lamplight City is a detective adventure game.
You, a detective, have been recently retired. Now you have time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, like visit countries with significant cultural and historical value.
As time passes, the increasing leisure time will allow you to visit places far away from the Western world.
The objective of the game is to solve the crimes. Once the crime is solved, you will receive a check. You can have your own and your friends can use them to buy gifts for them.
This game will include several investigators who will help you on your journey, or maybe you will end up alone in difficult situations.
We want to make a game that brings new challenges every time you play it. We hope you enjoy playing it and if you find any bugs, feel free to report them. Any help we can get will be appreciated!
You can find useful information about our game on Twitter, Facebook, and on our website!

About This Game:
In a world devastated by war, a young blind woman lives in a haunted house, venturing out to gather the requested objects from strangers. As they are changed, new emotions and problems arise. The house also gets more and more filled with items from the strangers, and they have a more-than-friendly interest in the girl, and with one goal in mind: survival.
This game is a 2d platformer and a horror game.

About This Game:
We are one of the best international teams of developers and streaming team. You can find our competitions here.
Come and watch and share our passion and love for gaming, streaming, and the other stuff. ?
Follow us on Twitter (@LiteSteamers)Q:

How to detect the perfect square of a number in assembly?

I want to detect if a given number is a perfect square of another number. I want to use one of these code segments:


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with ERAWA armor T-72M2

“Heavy Tank Killer”
T-72M2 Wilk:

For two years, the Polish Army had been testing the upgrade of its T-72A/B tanks. These efforts resulted in the T-72M1 Wilk, a variant of the T-72M1 with ERAWA. After a series of tests, the Polish Army finally decided to buy a couple of this tanks in a batch order.

In Armored Warfare, the T-72M1 Wilk is a Tier 6 Main Battle Tank. The T-72M1 Wilk is primarily a Polish variant of the T-72M1. That, along with improved mobility and the ERAWA armor kit, puts it one tier above its predecessor.

T-72M1 Wilk. Similar to its predecessor, this variant features an improved armor set, using ERAWA elements.

The T-72M1 Wilk is a vehicle of both attack and defense type. It can place itself in the role of an attack vehicle or, most notably, as a defender. Its Fire Control System, autoloader and hull are like those of the T-72, while the engine and turret are Polish.

In this game, you can play as the T-72M1 Wilk.

The T-72M1 Wilk is based on the T-72M1. That, along with improved mobility and the ERAWA armor kit, puts it one tier above its predecessor.

In Armored Warfare, the T-72M1 Wilk is a Tier 6 Main Battle Tank. Its based on the T-72M1, which is an export version of the T-72A. That, along with improved mobility and the ERAWA armor kit, puts it one tier above its predecessor.


The T-72M1 Wilk has better mobility than its predecessor. Thanks to its new rubber tracks, it moves much faster and its suspension improved. On some maps, it has even better mobility than the T-72M1.


The T-72M1 Wilk has the same Vertical Laser Aiming System as its predecessor.

Fire Control System

The T-72M1 Wilk has the same Fire Control System as its predecessor.

Main Gun

The T-72M1 Wilk is armed with the


What’s new in Beatbuddy: On Tour:


    I’ve told you before that I’m not a big fan of the whole Star Wars canon and everything it signifies. I don’t watch the movies and don’t have any plans to start. I don’t read the books or watch the shows or anything. But with the onset of the galaxy far, far away that has really been a big setback for Star Wars. I thought Solo for example was a flop from a money standpoint but from an Entertainment standpoint, it’s been great. The first trailer and final blend are exactly what I was hoping for. I’m sure we will have a lot of missteps and some potentially great surprises along the way but it certainly seems interesting enough to keep me excited until we get to that hypothetical conclusion.

    Anyway, our real topic today is the comics (if you only look at them as a canon thing, not in the slightest) and a certain Marvel Team-Up mini that got a little less than stellar reviews.

    A mini by Mike and Chuck, and I can see why people thought so disparagingly about it. It was the thirteenth in the series and #14 wasn’t as good as the previous ones. Let’s see if we can find out why it got such a bad rating.


    Mike and Chuck:

    The heroes from the future come to the present for some reason.

    However, before they arrive, Jimbo Fudge is super angry and loses control. He starts spewing out these threats about a number of issues, one of which is the sheer bodily size of the ocean they are in. This makes them all pretty much unable to travel and give up their powers.

    This gives Jimbo the time he needs to gather the other villains.

    Nobody is sure why he would do this other than being a dick.

    Then he sends his former employees after them.

    A bunch of murders and beatings happen, until they get to the Avengers.

    But Jimbo is at this point, all the time and the Avengers are no match for him.

    It turns out to be a bit of a trap. But none the less, the Avengers are having a good time while the villains start going crazy.

    Jimbo finally decides he can’t let all this up-time stuff go, so he reveals his plan.



    Free Download Beatbuddy: On Tour For Windows

    This is a graphical point and click adventure. It’s a parody of abandoned buildings, games, and a single person. It is written in Game Maker, which is available for free for windows or mac here:
    It was originally made back in 2009 as a free mini game to a free membership to a website, Denny Dimin.
    A link to the original:
    It was recently added to the Steam catalog, the second version, with a modernized look and some new mechanics.
    If you like this game and like steam you should go check it out for yourself.
    Comments, suggestions and play-throughs and commentary on the series are much appreciated.

    Genre: Puzzle-Adventure.

    Edition: Day 1.


    Developer: Adriel Wallick and Stephan Hafenecker.

    For a list of the Arcade titles available now, click here.

    File size: 270MB.

    Play Steam and Mobile versions here:

    All purchases include access to any subsequent updates and DLC.

    New content will be released for free on a per-title basis.

    Buy now and get $1 off on all items at the time of purchasing.

    **This current version is for an exhibition at Denny Dimin gallery in New York from May 23-June 30, 2019**
    This software is morphable to what you want it to be. It can be a small database of games, a downloadable art show, a simulation, a moving painting, an album, an existential crisis, a talisman, a play, a meditation, a spell, a forest, a distopian nightmare, a joke.
    The amount of interaction and exploration is not a ton. If you explore and play through everything it would take maybe an hour or so at most.
    -There are small games and walking sims to play on machines in abandoned buildings.
    -You can chat with other players in the multiplayer mode and see if they are human or machine
    -There is a band and a small secret lair
    -There is no beginning or end
    -There is no winning or losing
    And there is an infinite,


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  • In order to install and use Heroes of Civilizations – Supporter Pack you need:
  • DirectX 9.0c

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