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It seems like the biggest problem with BitTorrent is the fact that it is honest and free. However, the actual BitTorrent software is mostly a facade. The clients that most people use are not their own, and the actual transmission software that enables users to download from each other is not free (the protocol is developed by a third party). While this can be good for privacy, it makes cracking it a bit harder as the software is not the “real” BitTorrent client people use.

Loki: a new download manager, only for linux. (sherpas like) Open source. US: Security patches, backups, profiling tools., cross platform (nix/unix/windows). Linux: TuxPlay, Flinoid. Other: Flinoid. Media: VLC/MPlayer, MPC-HC. Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac(OSX). Features: multi-threaded, intelligent and fast downloader (blazing quick). Locked to Cloud: not so much a problem because it supports most of these sites, but a weak sauce feature. Download speed: 5-10x faster than all the others. Lots of content. Security: no viruses, no spyware, no adware, no nothing. P2P: 0 or 1. Encryption: some methods, no encryption, no nothing. Usability: “New and powerful.” Blocklists: Browser Extension: no browser extensibility.


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