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Using Batch-processing Features

Photoshop also offers some additional tools that come in handy for the photo editor. These include the Batch-processing feature (more on which follows) and the Batch Processor command in the Process menu.

## Understanding the Layers Panel

The Layers panel enables you to compose a photo by assembling layers. Use the following steps to create and edit a photo by using the Layers panel and the Transform and Filter menus:

1. **Open the image you want to work with in Photoshop Elements.**
2. **In the Layers panel, click the New Layer icon at the top of the panel.**

Or simply press Shift+Ctrl+N/Shift-⌘-N.

The Layers panel opens.

3. **Click inside the image and drag to add a new layer, as shown in Figure10-4.**

The first layer opens.

4. **Drag upward or down in the Layers panel to add more layers to the photo.**

As a convenience, you can click the plus sign (A) to add a new layer at the same time you create one.

If a layer has its visibility set to Hidden, the layer appears dim and isn’t visible in the Layers panel. You can make a layer visible by clicking the eye symbol (V) near the layer’s name in the Layers panel, as shown in Figure 10-5.

5. **If necessary, adjust the layer’s position, rotation, and scale as explained in the sections “Positioning a Layer,” “Rotating a Layer,” and “Using the Zoom tool,” later in this chapter.**

For example, you may want to rotate a layer 90 degrees to give it a different perspective.

6. **When you like how the layer looks, click OK to lock the layer.**

A layer is locked when you click the lock icon (L) beside the layer name in the Layers

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a kind of digital photography software for photographers and other professional image editors.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a desktop application used to edit digital images. Photoshop’s stated goal is to be “the world’s most powerful tool for editing photographs, illustrations, graphics, and 3D models.”


There are several different versions of Photoshop, including CS (Classic Suite), CS6 (Computer Software), CC (Creative Cloud), and CC2019 (Creative Cloud). Photoshop was originally developed by Thomas Möller’s company, Softimage, in 1982.


The original version of Photoshop was first released in 1987, and was named Photoshop 1.0. It was later renamed Photoshop 2.0 in 1988. Over the next two years, it was upgraded three times. Photoshop 3.0 was released in 1989, followed by Photoshop 3.5 in 1990. Photoshop 4.0 was released in 1991.

Photoshop 5.0, released in 1992, introduced many of the tools that would become familiar to Photoshop users. Photoshop 4.0 and 5.0 are known as the classic versions of Photoshop.

Version 6.0, released in 1995, was the first version of Photoshop that featured a rich set of user tools for editing and compositing. It was also the first version to be available for Mac OS.

In 1999, the company was acquired by Macromedia, another software company, and was renamed to Adobe Photoshop, Inc.

Photoshop Express was released in 2000, and was the first version of Photoshop that included most of the elements of Photoshop CS (Classic Suite) while using a simpler, desktop-style interface.

Photoshop CS (Classic Suite) was released in 2001. It was the first version to provide support for the Mac OS X operating system, and introduced the new “Layer Stack” capability, which allowed a user to stack one layer on top of another, creating new layers that could contain multiple images or objects.

A major upgrade to Photoshop CS (Classic Suite) was released in July 2003. It introduced a new named “Data Management” feature that allowed users to manage the libraries of images, fonts, and other files used by Photoshop. In addition, it introduced the clipboard, added the ability to select full-sized frames of images, and allowed users to create image proxies in order to reduce file size.

Photoshop CS 2 was released in December 2004, featuring a

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