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Roblox company was founded by Robert Lim in 2010. He and then a few other colleagues decided to create a game for kids. Then, they got inspired by the movie “Romeo and Juliet” for the name of their company. So, the new company name was “Romeo”.

The company was created when the founder and co-founder were not knowing what to do after school. So, they decided to create a game, in which they could do what they want and do what they want at their own leisure. The official website of the company is and the company name is Roblox Corporation.

In 2010, the website launched and it was open to anyone at that time, but then, the company decided to create a business. But they were providing free games to users, even with a large number of people playing the games. And the company decided that users should not be required to pay for playing the games.

And then, the growth of the community was more than anticipated. The team managed to reach to over 1.1 billion users. And this number is not only limited to users of the game itself, but it is also from users of the website. As a result of the growth, the company had to add more employees. And this is the reason why they moved the headquarters to San Francisco.

As the company grew, they wanted to open the doors for kids to the world of gaming. So, they came up with the new website for kids. The new website name was called “Roxy’s World” and it was launched in 2016. The new website is designed for parents as well as kids. So, it is designed to be accessible to all audiences.

And also, the site allows users to create a game of their own. This is called the player-made universe or PMU. And it is a tool to make the dreams of kids into reality.

The company has been very successful in the community of people who love to make games


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“Robux” is a term used to describe the currency within the Roblox ecosystem.

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Users are able to generate the amount of robux they wish by purchasing the items featured within the game.

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