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Although merely an imaginary factor, time has been used to make it easier for us to guide ourselves in everyday activities. Now, you can find out the time from a large variety of places, even from the system tray area of your computer. What’s more, it can be enhanced with various application like Chameleon Clock.
Replace the Windows tray clock
The application wants to enable full customization of the default clock Windows puts at your disposal, but also provide more ways to stay on track and organize tasks. By default, the system clock is not changed, but you can check the program’s tray icon for customization options.
It’s the place where you get to see the overall set of features, with options to show the main window, enable a wallpaper clock, access the set of options, create a new clock, set alarms and reminders, bring up a calendar, adjust time and date, and more. In other words, the application wants to give you full control of how time is shown on your desktop.
Various built-in presets
A neat advantage is that the application comes with an impressive array of built-in presets to replace the original clock with. However, there aren’t many customization options in terms of visuals like colors, the variety of presets are enough to meet most demands.
As mentioned above, there’s a bit more to Chameleon Clock than just replacing the default clock. With it, you’re able to create different tasks by setting alarms. You can enhance them with custom sounds to trigger, show a message, and even keep a list of birthdays so you never forget to surprise friends and relatives.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Chameleon Clock manages to bring more variety when it comes to the set of customization options that Windows can benefit from. Multiple methods can be used to keep a clock on your desktop, screen saver, or even replace the default one, with more features that are sure to make time management less of a concern.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Chameleon Clock Crack + Free

Chameleon Clock is an ideal utility that can change the clock on the computer to your own requirement. With it, you can replace the default clock with a colorful clock, customize the theme, set alarms and reminders, show a message, and show a list of birthdays. All of these options are clearly presented.

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Chameleon Clock Crack Free Registration Code Free [March-2022]

Chameleon Clock Serial Key is a handy application that wants to enhance your Windows desktop to the fullest extent. The program is built with the aim to take full control of the time from you, letting you see the overall set of customizations through its wide array of options.
Replace the Windows tray clock with its customizable features
You’re able to bring about the main clock, make it appear as a wallpaper clock, add reminders, or show the current date and time. Of course, more customization options are available for you, as Chameleon Clock lets you bring up the set of options, make the clock disappear, choose between time, date, and number of days, and more.
On top of that, there’s also a calendar, a few clocks, and other utility. You’re able to import an existing list of birthdays, so you’ll never miss a surprise moment from the right people. You can also let the application to automate tasks, adjust time and date, and set alarms and reminders, in order to keep track of daily routines.
Various built-in presets
The program offers a wide set of built-in presets you’re able to select from. However, there’s a bit more to them than just doing the job: they actually serve as an excellent way to manage your time and keep an eye on it. The advantage of this is that you’re able to set alarms and reminders to let others know when you’ll be available. That way you’ll be able to surprise a friend with a surprise if they’re intending to be late.
On an ending note
Do you think the idea of fully customizable system clock is nice? Well, it can also be done. Chameleon Clock has been one of the software you can use to enjoy this kind of customization.
Replace the Windows tray clock with Chameleon Clock for free
Additional Features:
Comes with a wide array of customization options
Add reminders, alarms, and other utility
Serves as an option to keep an eye on time
Manage upcoming events
Take your time with the application
How We Use Chameleon Clock
Chameleon Clock is a clever and useful software that allows you to replace the Windows tray clock without the need of additional applications. Since it’s also able to add alarms and reminders to your tasks, you’re able to let others know about your availability. That way you�

Chameleon Clock Crack (Final 2022)

Chameleon Clock is a simple utility that lets you create different clocks on your desktop and bring them up at different times.


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What’s New In?

5 day Easy Trial!

Automatic updates

Huge database of accurate time zone information

View or hide volume, tray and system notifications

Switch to night or day view mode

Change the time font and size

Tune in what your computer thinks the time is (up to 100 times a second!)

Set the system time and/or time zone

Look up the time of any date, time or duration (for hours, minutes or seconds)

Set the number of hours between computer ON and OFF

Set an alarm

Set a reminder for any date, time or duration (for hours, minutes or seconds)

Automatically start and stop System and/or Tray Clock

Open Clockbox in new Windows

Add and remove themes and alerts

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)

Updated time display information

Configure the settings

Instant Mode

Constant Mode


Just in time

5 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

Each day

New Instance



You can switch to a night mode by clicking the Night Mode button, which will make the clock display in a dark blue. Clicking the Clear button will let you return to the regular Clock window. You can also close the program by clicking the Close button.
Customizes the color of the system tray clock
Automatically created tasks or alarms
The tasks are created automatically to let you know things like important appointments and dates. You can create time dependent tasks, such as a reminder task, or you can create static tasks, such as due dates and birthdays.
The program will automatically create alarms, reminders and tasks based on your available events. In the settings, you can select an alarm tone, alarm type, repeat timer, times you’d like to be reminded of a task. You can also create a new alarm to use when your computer goes off.
You can mark tasks as being important or else as unimportant, and you can also mark certain tasks as recurring. For example, you can create two tasks: one for housework and one for work, and you can also mark the tasks as recurring.
All in all, Chameleon Clock lets you manage your time better, and it’s fun and entertaining as well.

Whether you’re trying to

System Requirements:

Click here for the full details of the Minimum and Recommended Systems.
Minimum requirements
Requires Microsoft.NET 4.0 SP1
Minimum Requirements:
Requires Microsoft.NET 4.0 SP1 Requires Microsoft.NET 4.0 SP1 Minimum system requirements for Windows Vista or later operating systems. System Requirements:
Requires Microsoft.NET 3.5 SP1 (Windows XP is not supported)

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