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In order for some functions to be accessed in a couple of seconds, Windows made it possible for third-party applications to integrate entries in your default context menu. Although not all of them can do this, the context menu can easily become a crowded space. This is exactly the purpose why programs like Context Menu Cleaner were created.
Tracing context menu items to the registry
The name couldn’t be any more self-explanatory. As such, you find that the core function is to trace context menu entries right to the host registry, show it to you, and let you decide whether or not you want it removed. What’s more, the application doesn’t even have to be installed on your computer, which means you can easily carry it around on an USB flash drive.
When it’s launched, the main window pops up, initially showing just a large empty space. This is the place where results are shown, with several management options. Before you are able to make use of the Search button, you first need to fill in the text field next to it with a word that’s found in the context menu, so that it can be traced.
Leaves more to be desired
Note that the application isn’t meant for everyone, because improper management of the system registries can lead to an unstable operating system, or worse. Initiating the search process can keep you waiting for a little while, because the system registry is more crowded than all of your desktops are ever going to be.
Results are shown as encountered in the system registry. You see the whole path, as well as a small selection box next to each, in case there are more entries you want to remove at a time. There’s also a backup function which is best used before anything else.
Unfortunately, the application hasn’t received any updates in quite some time now, and chances are it’s not going to run as expected on newer Windows iterations. Even with compatibility settings enabled, you can still encounter various issues.
A few last words
Bottom line is that by now your context menu is sure to have more entries than the one Windows provides, and utilities like Context Menu Cleaner are more than welcome. Although it’s not new on the block, it provides an advanced approach on context menu management, which might not appeal to everyone. Sadly, more individuals might look for alternatives, as the old code is not fully compatible with new Windows versions.







Context Menu Cleaner Crack + For PC [Updated-2022]

Program Name: Context Menu Cleaner Activation CodeFull Version: 5.51Size: 8.33KBWindows Version: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Feature List:
>Remove the context menu items from: MS Office, Powerpoint, WPS Office, iTunes, XBox Live, and more.
>Clear unwanted and unused context menu items
>Clear the entire context menu
>Reset the system registry
>Delete the registry keys that control the context menu
>Re-register all system registry paths with the system
>Do a full system scan for all local data and
>permanent data files on your PC
>Remove hidden files and folders
>Load system files and patches
>Print all registry keys
>Delete recovered registry keys
>Bring back the windows registry back to its original state
>Restore the original system registry
>Open the Windows registry, and check it to make sure everything is back
>The tool cannot kill process
>The tool can be run as a system wide scan, which will remove all unwanted and unused context menu items from all applications
>Revert registry to the original state
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Context Menu Cleaner Crack+

Remove unwanted items from the standard Windows 7 or Windows 8 context menu.
It is a simple yet powerful tool, that allows you to remove entries that have been added by third-party apps or browser plugins.
With each and every new Windows version, Microsoft is improving functionality and security, but some of them can end up being more frustrating than helpful. One of these, for instance, is the context menu.
Despite the fact that Windows already contains the standard context menu which you will find on any application, it is not uncommon for more and more items to be added.
We now have registry cleaners, file managers, browser shortcuts, numerous file viewers, and even a calculator! Regardless of how much you clean, the context menu might be left with more entries than you care to have, and that is where context menu cleaners come into play.
Best Screening Process
Fortunately, it is not that hard to pick up a new context menu cleaning utility. After all, there are many of them out there, and you don’t have to use the latest and greatest. The best approach is to choose one that is easy to use and has a simple interface, that you can also learn to use quickly.
Context Menu Cleaner is one of these options, and as such, it is far more advanced than its counterparts. It is meant to be used by new Windows users, as they are not necessarily experienced with the registry. As such, you shouldn’t have any issues with it, as it is more than willing to step up to the plate.
The application, if used properly, can take care of any unwanted items you find in your context menu. It is compatible with any version of Windows, and its user interface is accessible to everyone.
Run the program, and you’ll be presented with a window showing just one, and only one, large button. Click on that button to start the cleaning process.
With that, choose a word or phrase from your default context menu, and the search process will begin.
A progress window will show up, showing you a screen per screen, similar to what we know from the time when Windows XP was around. You can use the advanced options to delete or rename the entries.
Now, the hard part is done. You can exit the application, and you’ll have a single new item in your context menu, containing only the search phrase you chose.
There are many more context menu cleaners out there, all claiming to

Context Menu Cleaner Keygen Full Version Free

What’s New in the Context Menu Cleaner?

By now you should know how to manage context menus easily. All you need to know is how to get rid of the entries that have accumulated in the system registry! Since there are nearly 20 different items you can add to the registry, it might seem like there are many context menu entries to clean up. Even if there were, there wouldn’t be too much of a need.

If you want to clean only certain entries, Context Menu Cleaner (CMC) can help you. CMC is a simple utility, and its creation won’t take a huge time.

CMC is a registry cleaner that cleans up entries from the `HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\Applications\” context menu. Although it’s quite easy to find entries that CMC can remove, it is important to note that entries that were added with System Properties may not be removed.

Here are the main features of the application:
+ It is a simple utility.
+ It is easy to use.
+ It can clean entries in the system registry.
+ You can even add CMC as a startup program.
+ It works with most Windows versions.

So now you know that the application is easy to use. Even though it’s not particularly as powerful as Cleanup.exe or CCleaner, it is pretty good and saves time and effort. Without a doubt, the search and search results are something that should be considered when making decisions. Overall, it’s worth a try, although we’ll warn you that the app might not work on all versions of Windows.

What to expect from Context Menu Cleaner?

What to expect from Context Menu Cleaner? Context menu cleaners are not always the best option on Windows, and this is why we highly recommend you not rely on them, since the application you are using might not work at all. Here are some of the most common problems when it comes to context menus:

Problems with context menus:

➤ Locking of the registry entries
➤ Context menu entries might not be removed
➤ The application might not work on some versions of Windows

Context Menu Cleaner:

➤ The application is easy to use.
➤ Context menu entries are easy to clean up
➤ Cleaning context menu entries is fast
➤ All Windows versions are supported

System Requirements:

IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this product if you are a Christian, since this product is only for those who will not believe in God.
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