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Minimize the risk of exposing your confidential information and stay safe.
With millions of users and counting, Criptext has become the go-to secure email solution for business users of all sizes. It combines end-to-end encryption with a simple and safe email experience, meaning you can take it home, use it on the go and share it with the world.
Redefine secure email with Criptext.
Criptext is unique in the following ways:
• End-to-end encryption – encrypts your messages in transit, at rest, and in transit
• Attachment protection – ensures that your attachments cannot be deleted or modified
• Password-protected email – provide password to access your message
• Works with any email client – email as a first class citizen
• Integrated 2-factor authentication
• Trusted by over 8,000,000 users
• Secures your keys locally on your device, so you can take it anywhere, any time.
• Open source and free, so your business can, too.
• End-to-end encryption – send sensitive and confidential information through Criptext securely
• Attachment protection – prevents others from reading and deleting your attachments
• Password-protected email – simple and intuitive, provides password so you can access your message
• Works with any email client – email as a first class citizen
• Trusted by over 8,000,000 users
• Open source and free, so your business can, too.
• Email tracking – let you know when the recipient has opened your message
• Supports multiple devices connected to a single account
• Password – find out what’s inside
• Email (inboxes and outboxes) sync – import and backup your mails from web providers
• Secure encrypted chats – SMS (and even calls)
• Forwarding – forward your existing mails to another email service provider or application
• View message encryption key
• Share contact info
• Send URL access
• View and manage links – view who sent you a link and when
• View attachments when recipient opens the email – it will open in your Criptext app
• View attachments – open files and open PDFs with Criptext
• Track email recipients – get notified when your recipients open your mails
• Works on any device – send and receive emails on Android, iPad, Mac, PC, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, iPad, Mac, PC

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Criptext is designed as a secure email client with a focus on the user experience. With it you can send secure emails with confidential character securely. A highlight of this application comes from its end-to-end encryption with its own unique encryption key which is stored and used solely by you. You are able to send it to any email program such as Gmail or Outlook without sharing your encryption key, which is stored solely on the device it is sent from.
Key Features:
Criptext is designed to securely send your sensitive data via email.
Send encrypted emails to your recipient, that can only be decrypted if the recipient enters the right password.
The app comes with an end-to-end encryption that is only stored on your device without needing to be shared with anyone else.
The email content and attachment can be password protected.
Send encrypted emails to any email account such as Gmail or Outlook.
Link up to 10 devices from a single account.
Track when your recipients have opened your emails.
Comes with a sleek, stylish user interface.
Available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and German.
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Criptexf is a highly secured application that allows you to send encrypted emails. These emails can be sent to any email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, MSN, etc.
It includes several security features that include end-to-end encryption, sender authentication, and encryption key management.
Furthermore, it has many more features and advantages that include password protection, password recovery, tracking when the recipients have opened your emails, password aging, and mandatory password policies.
Criptexf is highly secure as it supports various security features like PIN, biometric authentication, and hardware crypto keys. A PIN is a password that is protected by a device, where it is stored locally on the device.
Furthermore, your Criptexf password will be saved and retrieved to prevent you from forgetting it. With biometric authentication, you will be required to verify your identity before sending out any emails.
Password recovery is a feature that lets you enter a forgotten password in order to access your emails.
There are also security features for the user. They include password aging, mandatory password policies, and password aging, which forces you to change your password every month.
Criptexf is an elegant, lightweight, and rich email client with a focus on security that includes many security features. It comes with a


CRYPTO mail client is a secure e-mail service with end to end encryption that can not be viewed or read without a password.
Use a special email address and password for each new message. Criptext does not store your login credentials on their servers
Shared accounts are not currently supported.
Mobile app available on Android and iOS
Strong end-to-end encryption is standard
User-friendly interface
Can not be viewed or read without a password
Manage multiple accounts from one account
Secure connections with Gmail, Yahoo, or Fastmail servers
Tracking of emails is automatic and works for all inboxes
Comes with tracking, so you know when the email was opened
Works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Comes with a setup assistant on your first login
You can always view the connection status
Bookmark messages as favourites
You can send attachments via file drop, e-mail, or clipboard
Supports POP, IMAP, and SMTP
Works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Safari, and Firefox
You can type and write directly to the compose window
Syntax highlighting and code-folding
Comes with multiple themes
You can use your own fonts
You can import your regular email account contacts and passwords
Outlook configuration wizard
No limits on messages, attachments, or the number of attached files
Notifications for new emails
You can create numerous filters and labels
You can send a synchronised email to multiple email addresses
You can use Criptext on multiple devices
You can send a secure email from any device, including mobile and tablet
You can use your Criptext account on multiple computers and web browsers
Works with,,
Works with Office 365 online



Secure emails, passwords and data



By Bob Ajioka

I really like the application but I don’t know if I like it for some features that I don’t understand.
It will definitely serve as a back up for other email providers.



By Anuj Bhalla

By far the best email client for secure data transfer. The best part about this app is you don’t need a gmail account to use it. Also it comes with features like, tracking, automated request permission, end to end encryption and more. You might think that it is a bit expensive

What’s New In Criptext?

Criptext is a SMTP email service with a high focus on security. Thanks to this lightweight tool, you can send sensitive data, such as financial reports for example, via email due to the powerful end-to-end encryption and password-protected content.
Provide a safe environment for sending emails with confidential character
The app comes with a sleek, stylish interface and user-friendly interface, as it is designed as the standard email client with the dashboard on the left and working area to the right. The highlight of the tool comes from its end-to-end encryption that locks all your messages with a unique key that is solely stored locally on the device you send it from.
The encrypted emails can be sent to virtually any email client, irrespective of whether they have a Criptext account or not. You can further protect the content and attachment by adding a password that you communicate to the recipient. Therefore, they need to enter it within 10 days to access it before it is automatically deleted.
Comes with tracking, so you know when the email was opened
A noteworthy feature is the email tracking, an option that basically lets you know when the recipient has opened the email. However, you should bear in mind that the app only notifies you when the first email was opened and cannot do the same for the subsequent replies. On a side note, the recipient does not have to have a Criptext email in order for this feature to work.
In the eventuality that you do not want others to know when you open their emails, then you can change this from the Settings menu. Simply toggle off the Read Receipts option to achieve this. Then again, take note that the same applies to you and hence, you are not going to receive notifications when others open your emails.
Allows you to connect up to 10 devices to a single account
You should take note that for the time being, you can only be logged in with an individual account at a time. Therefore, users with multiple account might find it rather tiresome to switch between their accounts. On the plus size, you can link up to 10 devices from a single account, including mobile, as Criptext comes with Android and iOS version as well.
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System Requirements For Criptext:

CPU: Intel i5-4670K
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDD: 160 GB
Save data on an external HDD
Note: In order to see the best version of the game, please use the DirectX 11 with an NVIDIA card.
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