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Goetia: Dragon Spirits is an action RPG game in which the player, using a unique movement method, wields a magical sword to battle the various enemies. With the Dragon Spirit, the player can perform a number of powerful attacks against the enemies. The game features a world drawn from ancient mythology, a morality system which depicts the innate nature of mankind, a battle system, and gameplay for up to three players.
The true heart of Dragon Spirits lies in an age-old legend about man’s unconscious powers and the existence of magic and mystic power. The true protagonist of the game is the shadow of the fallen man, who is unconscious of his own existence, and his awakened powers.
With his magical sword, the protagonist hero fights the monsters that cause destruction in the world. From the visual angle of one of the most sophisticated mobile games released in Japan today, players can enjoy this brand-new version, a superb game with a story written by the creator of the cult series “RPG Zone” and a battle system developed by a partner at the renowned “Tactical RPG” program of Square Enix.
In the town of Borr, a girl named Atropos is found unconscious. She is surrounded by a protective glyph, and the only method to remove the glyph is the Dragon Spirit. Atropos’ guardian angels, loyal and faithful spirits, also fell asleep in the universe after losing contact with their leader, Tardos. After awakening, they are overtaken by magic and create a new world by turning into creatures. The monsters that appeared in this new world are known as dragons and they have become the dominant species. Both humans and other animals have lost their former harmony with the magic and monsters and live in fear of the dragons.
During this chaos, a shadow of a man, who was once a sorcerer who never shows himself to the outside world, appeared. Throughout his life he has been sleeping in another world. He controls the protective glyph and decides to save the girls from the dream world. However, he has not even been able to move, and his body is floating. The shadows of the guardian angels gather around his body, and though they are loyal and dedicated to their leader, they don’t trust the shadow and try to destroy him.
Adopting the action RPG genre as the foundation, Dragon Spirits introduces the unique method of movement wherein the player can move with no friction and switch between three different forms, the dragon form, the man form,


D4: Season One Voice Over Script Features Key:

  • Engaging combat with intense close-to-close ranged battles combined with precise maneuvering.
  • Ground-breaking fleet deployment.
  • Thrilling on-line and cooperative missions.
  • High quality scores, high quality segues and unparalleled level of immersion.
  • Innovative space combat.
  • Extensive fleet customization.


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This game is “designed for 4 players in a single campaign”.
This game takes place in West Virginia during the Spring of 1861. The Confederate army is besieging the State capital of Kentucky in order to force the Union to allow a secession of the new State of West Virginia. The Union forces, lead by Irvin McDowell, are besieging the Confederate forces of West Virginia for the same reason.

These two sides cannot be played against each other but both will be in the field at the same time:

The Confederate forces are lead by General Robert E. Lee on the hot and humid and rugged mountaineous area of West Virginia.
The Union forces are lead by Irvin McDowell in the fertile valleys, rivers, forests and towns of eastern West Virginia.

The Union army of Irvin McDowell is numerous compared to the Confederate armies but also made of newcomers that had to be “trained” in the use of the rifles, artillery and transport service.
The Confederate army of General Robert E. Lee has practiced and trained for years together since the secession of the state of Virginia and was better prepared, especially when not having to fight very good U.S. Army units.
The Union and Confederate sides have the same range of troop’s abilities to perform within the timeframe of the game, however the Confederate side being more numerous and better trained will most likely have an advantage.
The Union forces will have the ability to deploy and rotate troops through their base in the new created state of West Virginia while the Confederate side will need to withdraw them.

Both sides will choose to reinforce their positions in order to face reinforcements of the other side but will also have to search for special forces to be sent out in order to achieve the mission objective.

The Union forces will mainly consist of the U.S. army and the Unions men from the other 39 states, the Confederates forces are mainly units of the new state of West Virginia, and the Special forces include recon and cavalry, and all units will be led by generals.

The U.S. Army is made up from regular soldiers all recruited locally, and include various units such as infantry, cavalry, artillery, supply, engineer and other services units.
The Uniform troops will be equipped with the most current rifles, uniform and various battle equipment.
The Unions gun crews are made of mostly foreigners that may include Chinese, Korean, and Jewish men.

The Confederates will be equipped with the appropriate equipment including battle equipment and


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All credits go to the original artists and
Wiklund. If you want to use his music for your videos, video games,
or animations, please dont re-upload it to other websites for
free, thanks.

This is the latest music created by Jans Gustave Alexander von Winkle, known as ‘Henk’, who is known for his symphonic electronic body-music for movies like M.A.S.K. and also for games like ‘Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins’, ‘Bubble Bobble’, ‘Una Cerveza’, ‘Voguntown’, ‘Alekhine’s Gun’ and ‘Demoboy 2’, and ‘Super Mario Bros.’ 3 for PC. Here is the soundtrack for the latest game ‘Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins’, it has a great grand sound like the game. Download the MP3 to get the game soundtrack and the MP3 file should be in the game’s Media folder. See the end of the description for more information on the songs.

Hi, I’m Henk, a Swedish electronic musician and producer who mostly makes music for games.
Here, I have made the A-N-T-H-I-C-A-L!
First of all I want to thank Total Valkryie for the great game and the name ‘Antichica’.

This is the second song I’ve made for this music game which you can download here:

The first song was: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nkVj90a6-U

Here is the original song by Alice Springs for the game ‘Underwater Hazard’. I have really tried to change the melody on purpose. Hope you like it.

Hi, I’m Henk, a Swedish electronic musician and producer who mostly makes music for games.
Here, I have made the A-N-T-H-I-C-A-L!
First of all I want to thank Total Valkryie for the great game and the name ‘Antichica’.

This is


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