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The Virtual World Platform where anyone can Create their Own Worlds where they can play games and build with friends. Play in a limitless range of games and experiences with characters, items, and locations created just for you. Explore a world of imagination. Roblox is a game that inspires creativity and builds imagination in an immersive multiplayer world. Explore your creativity and uncover mysteries on your quest to become a master builder! Choose from a variety of different characters and clothing, and then outfit and customize your character. Whether you want to create a character that looks totally different than what you see in the game or build your own home in the world, it’s all up to you! Create your own world! What will you be? The greatest superhero? A pirate? A magician? A wizard? A princess or a villian? You decide! Every day is an opportunity to explore your creativity, meet new people and have fun with your friends! Play your favorite games! Team up with your friends to play games online, and you can easily invite your friends to join your game! Choose from a variety of games and categories, including action games, strategy games, running games, fighting games and hide-and-seek games. Looking for a new game to play? It’s easy to create your own games! Simply select one of the genre categories, create a game, and then play! Earn rewards that you can use to get more Robux and other game items! The more you play, the more you’ll earn! Discover exciting adventures and incredible game events! Join one of our many Adventures, and explore incredible game events as you travel all around the world. You can find Adventures to play just about anywhere in the world, whether it’s finding virtual pets or choosing a side in an epic battle. The best part is that you don’t need to use Robux to join an Adventure. You can explore the world together as a team of friends! Watch and interact with a variety of animated graphics and television shows! Watch and interact with a variety of animated graphics and television shows, such as Claymation shows, computer-animated movies, 2D animated TV shows, and live-action movies. All the shows are created by Roblox artists. Travel to the future! Visit an amazing and spectacular space station where you can play and interact with friends. You can visit the Star Wars universe, the Suburbs, Minecraft, The Purge, and other incredible worlds. Share your adventures with your friends


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