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I had a wonderful time traveling to small towns in western New Brunswick in early October. I had the chance to perform in front of hundreds of schoolchildren in Florenceville, Woodstock, Fredericton and Perth-Andover, many of whom had never heard live classical music before. It was extremely rewarding to see just how captivated so many of them were; the questions kept pouring out of them, and their curiosity and interest in this art form made it all seem worthwhile.

I also played several evening recitals for a more ‘standard’ crowd. I was received warmly and met wonderful people all through the tour, and felt like the music really reached people in a way that seemed more special for the fact that these communities don’t usually host classical artists. It made me believe, once again, that classical music is far from dead, and that it carries a kind of soul and significance that simply cannot be replaced.

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