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Aug 31 2018 · I don’t know how I got from 2020 to this world.

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Lightweight Java UI toolkit

We are about to embark on a new project that will require a substantial amount of JavaScript. While we know that our backend will be Java, is there an alternative to the heavyweights like ExtJS that would be a better choice for a Java project? We would prefer something lightweight that would ideally allow cross-browser compatibility. We are just not sure of what’s out there in terms of not-so-heavyweights.


I would recommend using JavaFX. It’s Java based, so you can use Java itself for back-end stuff, and it’s non-JavaScript so won’t depend on the availability of JavaScript. There’s a nice selection of components, ranging from pretty standard controls through to things that you might not have guessed would be possible with JavaFX – you just have to find them.
If you haven’t used it before, there’s lots of introductory documentation and tutorials on the JavaFX page.
In particular, you can do full-screen window applets, create user interfaces in JavaFX 2D scenes, and use effects like blur, drop shadows, etc. There’s also a substantial number of tutorials and demos out there that you can find via Google; you’ll only need to scratch the surface of the capabilities of JavaFX.


Turn my python script to a systemd service

I have a python script which needs to run at some point in the day. The problem is that the script runs on startup, and it can’t be started again after system restart. I am trying to turn the python script to a systemd service, so that it will just

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