Dimo HD Video Converter 4.1.0 [HOT] Crack

Dimo HD Video Converter 4.1.0 [HOT] Crack

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Dimo HD Video Converter 4.1.0 Crack

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Cronjobs return empty output when using run-parts

I have a number of crontab(.in and.sh) scripts that are being run by Magento cron. Magento is not configured to run cron in the root of the server.
The problem I am having is some or all of the crontab scripts return empty output. This happens on all of the scripts that run using the run-parts tool, but does not occur when using the crontab syntax in the cron. I know this is the desired output, and I’m not outputting anything.
The magento environment is NginX-1.2.17 and PHP-5.4.19, running on a CentOS 6.4 server.
The cron.sh is a shell script so the line end is either CRLF or LF.
Script Example:
echo “hello world”

The output I would expect from the above script is:
$ 0 19 */5 * * /usr/bin/bash /var/www/magento/cron.sh
hello world

The output I get from the same scripts run in cron is (after one minute):
$ 0 19 */5 * * /usr/bin/bash /var/www/magento/cron.sh


My guess would be that it’s something to do with how the shebangs work in the cron job – the first line always looks like #!/bin/sh
It’s not actually executing any of the subsequent commands in the script. Try adding a shebang to the end of each script. I’m guessing that the shell has some weird setting which means that it always trims the end of each script so you end up with a line like :

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Dimo Video Converter Ultimate 4.1.0 Crack

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