Download Dia Karaoke 6 So Vol 18 [UPDATED]

Download Dia Karaoke 6 So Vol 18 [UPDATED]

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Download Dia Karaoke 6 So Vol 18

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This hand-drawn animated short, introduced to the Internet with the music video above, is honestly so good that I can’t even handle it.

It was made by the great Shawn Andrus, and it is a hilarious and funny short. It’s a cross between The Smurfs and Hello Kitty, and it’s completely adorable.

It stars Lisa Beatty as a Hello Kitty-like character who has anthropomorphic and ketchup ‘guns’ attached to her body, and she confronts a giant, poorly drawn Cat in the Hat wearing a ball cap.

The two fight, and as you can see from the frames above, Andrus’ animation is absolutely fantastic. His characters are drawn so well that I could completely care less about the faces.

Andrus has done a lot of animated shorts over the years, but this is his most recent, and he has definitely been improving with each short. I would love to see what he does in the future.

You can watch the entire thing below, but if you’re too sick of it, the beginning is quite funny, and the fight is quite amazing.

If you missed the music video above, here’s the song from The Kicks, “Lipstick Traces”:Dodgers-Yankees Game 1 Highlights: Game 7, Mets Loosen Grip on Yankees

The Dodger bullpen failed again, as the Yankees got their first walk-off win of the postseason.

Though he walked five, Gio Gonzalez struck out nine Yankees, getting himself back in line for Game 2.

Coming up next, Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully thinks the Yanks are a little too much like the Mariners. It’s a good point.

Here are the highlights from the series opener between the Dodgers and Yankees:

And after the jump, they’re all over Vin Scully’s head.

And here’s part of the postgame interview with Travis Hafner:

The Game 1 box score:

Audio from the game is in the SoundCloud player below. But be warned, it’s loud.[Treatment of traumatic arterial injuries of the limb].
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