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DSW Piano is a software solution that turns your keyboard into a virtual instrument, with up to 128 options available.
Although it's called DSW Piano, the application comes with no less than 128 instruments, including drums, guitars, acoustic bass, bird tweets, telephone rings and even helicopter effects.
The application is quite easy to use and the main window is more than intuitive, displaying the virtual piano along with the assigned keys. Additionally, you can choose an instrument and the base octave on the go, while the key configuration can be performed from the “Options” menu.
Besides the fact that DSW Piano simulates a piano pretty well, there's one main feature that's worth trying. It's called NetPiano and allows you and your friends to sing together via a LAN or the Internet using just the workstation's IP.
One of the computers must act as a server, while the rest have to connect using the host's IP. Once a connection is established, DSW Piano also loads a chat window, thus letting users not only to create their very own songs, but also send and receive messages straight from within the app.
Other than that, DSW Piano boasts a dedicated recording tool that allows you to save your tunes in the DPR format and either store them locally or share them with your friends.
It's no surprise that DSW Piano works on very low resources and gets along with any keyboard, soundcard and even PC internal speakers.
As a conclusion, this is one of the most entertaining virtual pianos in the market and the compatibility with all Windows versions makes it a must.







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Piano never sounded so good
DSW Piano Free Download takes your keyboard and makes it sound like a real piano, not just by the addition of sounds.
Whether you like piano, rock, contemporary jazz or any other style, you can have your own personal rendition of it.
The application is compatible with all Windows systems and requires no additional hardware.
Playing piano is just easier than ever
Whether you play piano as a hobby or as a profession, it’s time you listened to a real piano for real. A real piano is hard to find, but DSW piano will make it easy for you!
Internet Piano features
– Create and record your own songs
– Add real piano sounds to your original melody
– Share your songs with family and friends
– Chat with your friends
– Automatically adjust to any environment
– Send music via email
– Record music in a recording studio
DSW piano records your songs as an.MP3 file with a high sound quality of up to 32 bit, and of course you can view your tracks in a player.
This application is compatible with all Windows systems.It works with multiple keyboards and sound cards.Enjoy listening to your own sounds.
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DSW Piano With Product Key X64

How to use:

In the main window, you will find keyboard and keys (1-128) available for assignment.

DSW Piano Cracked 2022 Latest Version Features:

The main window is absolutely simple and intuitive.

The Options menu contains keys for:

– Keyboard Configuration
– Sound Preferences
– Recording options
– Download options
– Settings
– A “Library” of user-defined instruments

All instruments can be saved into a special library.

Right-clicking on the instrument name brings up the option to edit the instrument.

Once you have configured the instrument, you will see it under Instrument menu.

DSW Piano has total of 128 instruments, including: Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Pianoroll, Bell/Telephone Ring, Fretless Bass, Electric Bass (string & fretless), Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Flute, Hand Bell/Trumpet, Hammer On Pad, Hostage, Horn/Mute, Keyboard, Keyboard Brass, Marimba, Minimal Brass, Opus II Pad, Octave, Organ, Piano, Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 1 Pedal, Piano 2 Pedal, Pianoroll, Sidewinder, Steel Drum, String, String Pad, String Pedal, Sun Gong, Trumpet, Vibrato, Vibrato Pedal, Ukulele, Ukulele Pedal, Vocal, Xylophone, Xylophone Pedal, Zither, etc.

You can now Sing Together and Personalize your compositions online.

Other Features:

Ringtones, Jingle sounds, the ability to record and store your own MIDIs.

* Song creation is not supported for Windows XP.* The download contains no voice loops or voices.* MIDI Export requires the Ultra MIDI Plug-in to be installed.

May not be compatible with all version of your system.

Visit dsw-piano.com for more information.

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DSW Piano Crack+ [Latest]

– 4 synthesizers : acoustic & electric piano
– 6 drums : electric drums & Percussions
– 4 guitars : acoustic & electric
– 6 acoustic basses
– 5 pianos : soprano & grand piano
– 4 orchestral strings
– 0.5 soprano harmonica
– 5 orchestral horns
– 13 partitions : over 85 items
– 145 songs : mixed & looped
– 125 instrument presets
– 128 piano & pads
– 50 patches
– 40 effects
– 5 program edit buttons
– 30 keys
– 20 base octaves
– User accounts & profiles
– Login to play
– 32 compatible languages
– Music player : audio player
– MIDI editor
– PAD editor
– 64 MIDI programs
– Record
– 1 Save replay button
– Print
– 1 Set & reset of API settings
– Optimized for WINDOWS
– 4 PC or LAN
– 5 Interface options
– In Addition to the 128 known piano molds, these are the other instruments that could be played:
– Drum Kits
– The instrument can include both drums and cymbals
– Up to 55 channels for the drums
– 1 bass drum
– 4 bass drums
– 7 snare drums
– 16 percussion
– 90 pedal
– 64 synth effects
– Sound effects : pick, splash, crescendo, envelop, decay, release
– Field record
– User have the possibility of embedding PNG, JPEG and GIF pictures to be used as skins.
– Tag editor
– In addition to the 119 instruments, there are also the 2 drum kits, the 55 channels and the sound effects.
– For example :
– Bass : 45 instruments
– Percussion : 55 instruments
– Program editor
– The editor has many options:
– A menu for presets which allows the full configuration of 128 piano programs.
– A keyboard which allows you to enter notes and to choose the base octave of the instrument.
– A menu for effects.
– The program editor allows you to load tracks and then edit the current one.
– A menu which allows you to select the view mode.
– A menu for recording.
– A menu for MIDI settings.
– A menu for PAD and PAD editor
– A menu for editing keys and data.
– A menu for the live mode.
– A menu for sound effect.
– A

What’s New in the?

DSW Piano is a VST instrument for Windows.
DSW Piano is also compatible with ASIO drivers for XP SP1 to Windows 7.
DSW Piano runs on Windows XP SP3 or higher and requires a compatible computer with at least Windows XP SP3 installed.
DSW Piano comes with 128 MIDI compatible instruments.
Working with video/audio Skype is supported for a simultaneous connection.
Recording and saving in DPR format and to a computer in the same network are supported.
Piano notes work with ASIO drivers, but when run in drivers other than ASIO that rely on a MIDI-in socket, they can be sped up or slowed down through MIDI controllers.
Choosing either MM/MC or midi controllers in the Preferences allows you to configure the speed of notes.
When using a midi keyboard you can choose any MIDI keyboard to connect to your keyboard.
8 voice unison (opera) can be set.
Each instrument has a layout option and can be locked.
To make the instrument play notes, make sure the MIDI controller is selected.
The pause key feature can be turned on/off in the settings.
Keyboard mapping can be configured in the Preferences.
The following keyboard options can be selected in the Preferences:
Keyboard mapping:
Bind, unbind one or many MIDI controllers to the keyboard.
Bind MIDI controllers not to the same MIDI channel as the piano.
Ignore unbinds.
Ignore unbinds as long as they are muted.
Bind Notes to the Note 1-8 keys
Set the keyboard octave range.
Edit/Delete/rename notes from the Note 1-8 keys
Allow one or more notes to be repeated when holding the key down.
Change the attack time in milliseconds.
Choose the instrument to have a long notes hold.
Change the velocity to use for a long notes hold.
Control the note attack time and hold time after a note is released with velocity.
Use the d pedal to mute the piano or a single note.
When using the software midi controller, there are choices in the Preferences:
Keyboard mapping:
Bind MIDI controllers not to the same MIDI channel as the piano.
Ignore unbinds.
Ignore unbinds as long as they are muted.
Bind Note to the Note 1-8 keys
Set the keyboard

System Requirements For DSW Piano:

Windows 10 64-bit (or Windows 7 64-bit for WHQ build)
3.0 GHz Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
NVIDIA GTX 1080 or AMD equivalent
Recommended hardware specifications may vary by region or depending on distance from antennas. Please refer to the user manual for your HWS for optimal performance. For optimal performance, please set your distance between the speakers and the HWS to less than 30cm.
HWS specifications may vary by region or depending on distance from antennas.

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