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The Elden Ring is a fantasy Action RPG where you can freely create your own character and advance through the storyline.
-Create a Customized Character and Plot Your Destiny
Create your own character by customizing the appearance and equipment.

-Level Up Your Character through a Variety of Quests
Advance through the storyline by completing quests that make up the true story.

-Battle the Enemies and Acquire an Array of Items
Expand your skills to gain higher levels. Step into a fight and use a multitude of weapons, magic, and other equipment to win over the enemies.

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※A premium membership will be required for access to the online service ※The online service will be suspended unless a monthly subscription fee is paid.※Within the period of the online service, items will not be granted to those who do not subscribe. In addition to this service, the game will be provided with many new features.

・New Quest System
Discover the new story of the Lands Between through a quest system.
・New Graphics
Enjoy an increase in resolution, including for the separate fields and dungeons.
・New Charts
Display in-game information on the screen.
・New Character Types
Become a mage, ranger, archer, and more.
・New Campaign, Maps, and Quests
Play many different scenarios that expand upon the storyline.
・New User Interface
The UI is now more user-friendly with a variety of improved features.
・New Events and Trade Goods
Gain access to various trade goods when you play quests to earn things.
・New Actions and Exploration
Use this action to increase the combat power of your character.
・New Battle System
Utilize a new battle system that lets you fight the enemies you encounter.

・New Customization Items
Create a unique character using a variety of customized items.
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※A premium membership will be required for access to the online service ※The online service will be suspended unless a monthly subscription fee is paid.※Within the period of the online service, items will not be granted to those who do not subscribe. In addition to this service, the game will be provided with many new features.

・New Field System
Explore a variety of fields, including various locations that may offer many challenges.
・New Dungeons
Enter a dungeon and encounter enemies and items


Features Key:

  • Realistic and vivid graphics, rich sound
  • Creates a more exhilarating fantasy experience in a networked environment
  • Enter the fantasy environment of the Lands Between that can be freely explored by anyone of any age
  • A 19-day adventure full of quests, weapons, and magic to gather and explore.
    The approach to quests is different from anything you have played before. You can complete quests with your own tactics, or simply follow the quest information.
    Only a limited number of players are assigned to each mission, so you will not be pressured when performing missions.
    You can also use your own strategy and build your own quest team from many NPCs.
    Enjoy the real fantasy adventure.
  • Different races to choose from, including the human and elf races
  • Spirit attack that cuts the life bar to disrupt enemy positioning.
  • A world that changes in accordance with time and weather
  • RPG elements of equipment and magic with an eye towards a high-quality experience
  • Various battle scenes with 3D graphics that produce a dynamic feeling of quality
  • Characters that appear before your eyes are beautifully illustrated by the game’s artist, Tristan Rettke, including the hero who must lead you to victory over the legendary Dragon King.
  • The development team is excited about the launch of Kingdoms of Amalur on the PC platform.
    The goal of this project from Penny-Arcade-developed Kogonada, is to create a fantasy world that will allow any player to enjoy in their own way.
    As the Dearreader, Tarnished, be role-play to advance.

    You can download Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


    Kingdom of AmalurElden Ring Crack

    « « I got more than I bargained for » I got more than I bargained for » «

    A 16 year old girl named Betroth is kidnapped while on a mission to the Ruins of Grond. Upon finding out that her younger sister was taken, Betroth sets off to find her sister and stop the evil force that is known as the Remaking. While searching, she is captured by the Lord of the Grond, Draystone. Upon a quest to find the truth, Betroth and Draystone teams up to seek the Recluse Belthram who had been missing. Along the way, they make friends with and the Runeborg’s, an ancient race that can control the element of earth. Betroth explores the massive world and learns that the Recluse is not only a powerful individual, but an agent of the Elden Ring. Betroth helps the Runeborg’s to infiltrate the Elden Ring and steal the Tome of the Bound. In doing so, Betroth runs into a familiar face… some say legend, and others whisper whispers of an Elden Lord. Together, Betroth and Draystone team up to take down the Elden Ring and their Recluse mentor, all while seeking new friends and adventure in the Lands Between.

    ELDER RING game review:

    The name Elder Ring is usually associated with a magic ring and for good reason. The lore of the Elden Ring is one of heroism, a network of dedicated and powerful individuals using powers to protect the world from evils. In the game Elden Ring, the Elder Ring is shown as a net of power with many different types of Ring. Each type of ring has its own powers and not all of them are good.

    The story of Elder Ring is a mix of real world and mythological. There is a main story line with a few side stories. The main story line is about a young girl named Betroth who is kidnapped while on a quest. Betroth is rescued by the lord of the Grond, Draystone, who then help in the hunt for the Recluse. Betroth is drawn to the center of the Elden Ring, where the Recluse is and she learns more about the unknown world of the Lands Between.

    In addition to the main story line, Elder Ring has some side quests to help the players. Each type of ring has their own quest that they offer as a way to help the players


    Elden Ring Crack


    A detail of the Gemstone-Triggered Flame.


    The Gemstone is a special power that has bound all of the Tarnished Souls. It has become an existence of unknown power.

    Gemstones can be obtained as you play the game. Unlike other items, they can be used at any time. Gemstones allow you to perform special actions or utilize special abilities. For example, when a Gemstone is equipped, a special effect can occur.

    In addition to Gemstones, a variety of weapons can be obtained as you play the game. You can also obtain various items that can be equipped in order to improve your equipment. In other words, you will be able to freely increase your character’s power.

    Gemstones can be used at any time.

    Gemstones can be used even in dungeons.

    Features include a variety of special effects.

    Gemstones enhance the appearance of your weapon.

    Gemstones can be used even in dungeons.

    The Gemstone is a special power that has bound all of the Tarnished Souls.

    ■ Play as a Tarnished Soul

    A Tarnished Soul is a Tarnished Soul with a special power. A Tarnished Soul is not actually a human, but can become one in the form of a resurrected Tarnished Soul. They appear after the World Tree of Timelessness had been destroyed and a number of Tarnished Souls were resurrected. There are currently 10 Tarnished Souls.

    Here are some points to know when playing as a Tarnished Soul:

    ・Each Tarnished Soul has a special power.

    ・You can customize your appearance to change your power.


    The Elden Ring is an item that has the power to grant the wishes of those who set their hope in the Ring to receive guidance. It is the greatest symbol of power, and also the Elden Ring that was stolen by the Demon King and imprisoned in the Cursed Caves.

    Each Elden Ring has its own power. Though the Elden Ring grants great power, it also makes you fall into the Dark Mist. This allows the Demon King to take you out.



    What’s new:

    In Dragon Quest X, as the name suggests, you will soar through a grand fantasy world where dragons fly everywhere. Using your technology to prevent monsters from attacking you, casting magic to create objects, and using items to restore your health, you can explore a variety of dungeons and complete quests. If you are a true dragon-loving hero, you may also be able to get your hands on a legendary sword. You will also experience explosive battles that force you to seek shelter in the air to avoid death. You will also have the chance to pay an homage to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and its heroes, such as the legendary archer and the mermaid.

    In Dragon Quest X, you have first person view of the world in which you are playing, and we focus on highlighting your interest to your movements. We will directly immerse you in the fantasy world, and we are asking for your participation.

    Please look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you.

















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