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With the look and feel of an epic fantasy, for its component parts of a realistic world, its character development, its epic drama, and the new cutting edge graphics, The Elden Ring offers an unprecedented level of immersion.
The game will be released in March, 2009, and will be available for PS3 and Wii.
The Elden Ring is a product of the combined efforts of the following companies.
• Guerrilla Games
Developing title based on the imagery and ideas created by Foundry 42 and Requiem.
• Capcom
Developing the game as a collaboration with 2K Games.
• 2K Games
Platform development.
Sound development.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A wide range of Open-ended, Peopledom: a PvP-type scene where you can swing your sword against rival champions and learn skills in the case of disaster.
  • Healing and Protections: when you come in contact with other characters, you can feel the spiritual energy that flows between them, so if you have been hurt, characters that your class interacts with will be of assistance in providing healing and protection. Moreover, you can feel the wards and protections of other characters if your class is of a protective nature, and healing and a variety of help is on hand if you have fallen into a situation where you cannot defend yourself.
  • Various Equipment and Skills to Produce Build: the strength of a character can be increased by equipping a wide variety of equipment that enables powerful abilities.
  • A Variety of Alliance and Class Builds: not only can you have a diverse skillset on your character, you can likewise combine your equipment so as to form a quintuple team for increased effectiveness.
  • Fight Powerful Enemies through Challenging Sites: in areas where there are majestic opponents, you will have the opportunity to maximize the power of the special weapon, armor, and magic that you or your class has been given on your character.
  • Tranquil Sea Key features:

    • A Wide World: a large world where the surroundings affect the players directly.
    • Enter a World of Decoration: 8 centuries ago, the entire world of the Lands Between vanished. Ten years later, a devastated world was being restored by human hands. But, even after all that, the world reeked of decay. The pollution from the towns and villages that were past their prime, the countless dead lying in the main roads, and the bizarre transformation of the landscape, which was plagued with giant corpses and giant insects. There was still so much to discover.

    The Future of PokemonTAMEDEMOchments is the Kami of Yu Yatsu Island, the protector of the byun-loving Pokemon species of the Lands Between. That’s me! Also, a bratty squirrel that appears whenever


    Elden Ring Download

    “The latest version of the Elder Scrolls: Legends features updated art and sound. It also incorporates the latest cards from Hearthstone, another card game from Blizzard Entertainment. In the cards game, players use digital minions to battle it out in the game’s Arena.

    During our testing, these digital minions were difficult to score. We would need to draw multiple cards in a row or draw an early minion to prevent more costly cards from showing up on turn.

    However, each new card includes a basic minion with no attack, no health and no special abilities. This means the basic minion can be used in battle right away, without needing to draw any additional cards. It can be played to defeat a single opponent’s basic minion in a single turn, or play two minions on the same lane to give the left or right minions bonuses.

    The base progression of the game is fairly easy, and the basic gameplay is easy to understand. However, we found that we had to keep a much more careful eye on the health of our minions than we expected. If we ran out of health, we could lose an entire battle in a single swing of a virtual sword. By drawing multiple cards or including cheap minions in a rush, we could draw all the cards we needed while protecting the health of our base minions.

    With each run, we were able to get a better understanding of the game’s card mechanics. At the end of a run, we were sometimes faced with a choice, which seemed almost like a real-life Card Game. For example, we might be playing against a full minion and our best card is the card that’s giving the opponent two minions. In this situation, we could save our card for a later turn, play our minion, or play two minions to reduce the damage they’ll take, and save the rest for a later turn.

    We liked the fact that the cards are shown at all times, and we felt that we were playing against something closer to what we were used to. We also liked being able to play through random battles, which felt more like the Card Game experience than being forced to compete head-to-head against a single opponent.

    On the other side of this digital battlefield, we played against friends in a special multiplayer mode. In this mode, we can play as any character from the game, and we’re able to change the difficulty from casual to advanced as we please. We find that we’re a lot more forgiving with this


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    Survival Guide to Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is a multiplayer online action RPG game where you fight alongside other players in an attempt to save your character from the threat of the enemy.
    What are the prerequisites?
    1. You need a smart phone or laptop.
    2. You need to connect the phone or laptop to the internet.
    3. You need a free application called web proxy to go through the proxy.
    4. You need a smart phone or laptop with 3G / 4G and internet.
    Also, you need a good computer with a good internet speed. If you do not have that, you can download the game on your computer and play.
    3G / 4G NEEDED
    Survey: About 16% of the population in the USA have mobile phones with web browsers. At least 2% of them use another mobile phone but their internet connection is not good enough for this game. So that leaves 14%. for the game.
    What happened to my guide for Elden Ring?
    Our guide got taken down, so this is all I can offer, although it may not be 100% accurate.
    Stats Guide for Tarnished Sage Guide
    Survival Guide to Elden Ring
    The definitive guide for helping you succeed in Elden Ring.
    The following is your guide to Tarnished Sage, a large-scale multiplayer online action RPG game where you battle alongside other players and team up to fight against dragons and monsters. It is a bit of a hybrid between a survival game and a strategy game.
    1. What is the story of Tarnished Sage?
    The story begins on the lands between. The lands between lies between the riches of gluttony and riches of pride. The dark forces of the land are circling down on the land. The world is divided between a titan army and a heretical force called the Catastrophe.
    The Catastrophe seek to destroy the planet. The Catastrophe have taken the “Daughters of Prosperity” captive. The lands between are far more than a land of riches. It’s a land of violence, battle, bloodshed.
    2. Things to consider
    a. Location: Don’t fall asleep during the daytime (3am-11am is suggested)
    b. Portrait: Download the portrait and share it with your allies.
    c. Smartphone and data usage: Avoid using your smartphone or data to search the map. A faster connection


    What’s new:

    – Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.


    DO SHIN (Tower of God) is a RPG for MS-Windows released in Japan and Korea. This is the first release of an English-language version. Development began on June 18, 2006 and was scheduled to be completed by July 10.

    August 26, 2006

    SAVE and Load on PS3

    Ver. 1.2.2

    MENU [Search] [Changelog] [Control] [Install/Uninstall] [Unknown] [About]

    Ver. 1.1.5

    Download Elden Ring For Windows

    2.Extract the game data to the data folder.
    3.Install the game and play.
    4.After finished playing the game for the first time, you can chose the new save file in the backup folder, and used to continue play the game.



    1)File Version: 4.5

    2)Game Release: 2013/12/01

    3)Game Rating: ESRB: E for Everyone

    4)Category: Fantasy Online

    5)Developer: Red Sun Studios

    6)Audio file: English

    7)Language: English

    8)Game size: 3.6Gb

    9)Playable area: Online

    10)Price: $ 14.99



    1)New data version: 4.6

    2)Game release date: 2014/12/15

    3)Audio file : British and Chinese

    4)Language: English

    5)New characters: 11

    6)New bosses: 3

    7)New gameplay: 15

    8)New Puzzle: 12

    9)New Graphics: 1

    10)New music: 28

    11)New NPC: 54



    1)New data version: 4.7

    2)Game release date: 2015/01/13

    3)Audio file : English and Chinese (Chinese dialect)

    4)Language: English and Chinese (Chinese dialect)

    5)New characters: 21

    6)New bosses: 5

    7)New gameplay: 11

    8)New puzzle: 26

    9)New Graphics: 2

    10)New music: 29

    11)New NPC: 5



    1)New data version: 4.8

    2)Game release date: 2015/02/14

    3)Audio file : French and German

    4)Language: French and German

    5)New characters: 27

    6)New bosses: 8



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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 64 bit
    1.5 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    20 GB of disk space (200 GB recommended)
    DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
    Quake III Arena / Quake II compatible graphics card.
    Quake III Arena / Quake II compatible graphics card. 1.6 GB of available hard drive space is required for installation.
    Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
    10 GB of available hard drive space is required for


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