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The game was developed by Monkeysphere, the creators of “Elden Ring Free Download” and “Elden Ring Product Key: Elysian Shadows,” and it is currently available on iOS and Android.

* The player can switch between both modes with a simple button operation.
* (Mac) If you would like to use a gamepad, you can connect the gamepad using Bluetooth and access various buttons with the gamepad.

* Internet connection is not required for usage.
* For use in the EU, make sure to select “EU” from the “Region” setting in the game.

* Appropriate for players who have completed the story quests of the iOS “Elden Ring Crack: Elysian Shadows”
* (PlayStation 4) The game will be released in the “Elden Ring” series on PS4

* Also, “Elden Ring: Oblivion” is included in the expansion for the iOS version.
* The expansion can be purchased separately at a discounted price.
* The game and the DLC will be available for iOS and Android, respectively.


Elden Ring Game – $4.99, $7.99

Elden Ring Game + DLC – $8.99, $13.99


Elden Ring Game – $3.99, $5.99

Elden Ring Game + DLC – $5.99, $11.99

* These prices are subject to change without notice.

iOS EU, Amazon Exclusive, PlayStation 4:

Elden Ring Game – $4.99, $7.99

Elden Ring Game + DLC – $8.99, $13.99

Android EU, Amazon Exclusive, PlayStation 4:

Elden Ring Game – $3.99, $5.99

Elden Ring Game + DLC – $5.99, $11.99

* If you have already purchased the game, it can be played from the application/lunch tab on your device.

* If the game is out of stock, check the following partner stores:

*The content for iOS and Android includes:

– Elden Ring Story
– All the Elden Ring music
– Easy mode, an old version of the game
– Unbeatable EPG and Character Creation Tool
– Optional


Features Key:

  • Unparalleled Rich Graphics
  • A Vast World
  • Special Battles
  • UI Customization
  • T-Style Action with Lots of Battles
  • System Requirements

    Operating System

    Windows: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

    Macintosh: OSX 10.11 or later


    CPU 2.8 GHz AMD or Intel Core i3/i5/i7.


    4 GB VRAM is recommended. RAM that is larger than 4 GB will only be used.

    Hard Drive

    HDD is recommended, but we also recommend installing at least 50 GB of HDD space for installation. VRAM will occupy much space for installation, so please make sure that the amount of space available is sufficient to install. Please take note of the following minimum HDD space requirement for installation:

    • 1 GB installation for Nintendo Switch
    • 4 GB installation for Nintendo Switch+


    For these types of game, HDD space is recommended for installation; however, the space required for your personal data and other programs will also have an effect.

    • PC: 16 GB
    • Nintendo Switch: 16 GB
    • Nintendo Switch+: 32 GB

    Additional RAM

    The following is a list of recommended VRAM. Please be careful when installing, as VRAM is not cheap.

    • iMessage VRAM: 4 GB
    • iMessage Plus VRAM: 6 GB
    • iMessage Mega: 8 GB

      Elden Ring Crack + [Mac/Win]

      “The point and click interface is unique and the humor is impeccable.”

      – The Gaming Tread

      “I was really looking forward to reading reviews of the RPG. And they were all good.

      Some were not, but I respect the opinion of the review site. The staff, even if they didn’t give praise, a good review is always appreciated.”

      – GameFAQs

      “If you’re looking for a RPG adventure with well-crafted, humorous writing, you’ll definitely want to check out Elden Ring Cracked Version”

      – Just Adventure


      Full Review:



      This sprawling fantasy RPG, which last saw release in early 2017, is back on Kickstarter with a sequel, The Lands Between 2. This new campaign offers eight new chapters of the story that readers will get to play for free, plus the first three chapters of the new story to keep you going for at least the next five months. The Kickstarter also includes an all-new character class, stat improvements, and certain game system changes that go in to updating the game. So, what do you need to know about The Lands Between 2?



      See first nine screenshots:


      Chapter 1 (Kickstarter Exclusive):

      Chapter 2 (Kickstarter Exclusive):

      Chapter 3 (Kickstarter Exclusive):

      Chapter 4:

      Chapter 5:

      Chapter 6:

      Chapter 7:

      Chapter 8:

      Chapter 9:

      Chapter 10:

      Chapter 11:

      Chapter 12:

      Chapter 13:

      Chapter 14:

      Chapter 15:

      Chapter 16:

      Chapter 17:

      Chapter 18:

      Chapter 19:

      Chapter 20:

      Chapter 21:


      Elden Ring Crack Free For PC

      “Rise, Tarnished”

      What is it?

      The Elden Ring is the strongest house of the Elven nation, a legendary organization known to have a long history. It is well-known among the old leaders for its extraordinary power.
      Despite its power, the Elden Ring is seldom heard of by the people.
      Those who are closely involved with the organization as servants are called “Tarnished”.
      Players can obtain items and skills of the Elden Ring through various means, and use them to participate in a world story in an RPG environment.
      ※ The items, skills, and so on which appear in the game are included only as the result of a collaboration between Arc System Works, Falcom, and our partners.


      The Elden Ring was once a structure leading to Valhalla, a world where the ancestors of the Elves resided.
      It was called “Elder Ring” when it began.
      Together with the Elves, the Elden Ring was built in Valhalla.
      The Elves were led by the head of the Elden Ring, Sorridia.
      She searched for something called “the Table of the Heralds”, which was concealed by the Dwarves.
      One day, the Elves managed to touch the Table of the Heralds after searching through the Dwarves’ stronghold for more than one year.
      Only Sorridia can see it because of her power.
      “Our fate changed at that moment.
      It shall be our holy land and our homeland, Valhalla, where the Elden Ring shall change and become stronger.
      We will live there forever in peace and happiness.”
      All of the Elves were shocked by this.
      “If this is so, what are we?”
      “We are no longer followers of Sorridia.
      We, the Elves, shall be the true leaders of the Elves, the Elves of Valhalla.
      The Elves are going to change.”
      The hearts of the Elves were filled with despair.
      They realized they must fight the Elves.
      Sorridia cast a dark enchantment upon the Table of the Heralds, and she sent the Elves to Valhalla.
      “I have won.”
      “It is over.
      There is no more Valhalla.”
      “The Elves in Valhalla are already dead.
      Sorridia told me that.
      The Elves are going


      What’s new:

      Available on: PSP®(PlayStation®Portable), PS3®(PlayStation®3)
      Control: Controller or Touch Screen
      PlayStation®2 handheld system!
      Experience a cinematic action game worthy of the movie!
      Explore the realms where dreams are turned into reality.
      Sufficient Gems to Spend: Gems are unit accumulation points; i.e., the higher the value, the more gems you can spend as you level up.
      Play the game, and you will not be disappointed in the game that promises to be rich, beautifully drawn and full of cinematic scenes.
      Exercise caution during the battle with hordes of enemies and conduct a strategic battle with the army.
      Your Action: Use the right to win the battle!
      Judgements: The base battle rules have been designed in such a way that you can battle directly to the best without having to go through the menus.

      PlayStation®2 handheld system!
      Explore a world of fantasy that expands as you progress through the game!
      The kingdom of Niallast is filled with breathtaking castles and forests, magical creatures and monsters.
      Reboot Game Complete with improvements!
      PS2 compatible with PS Vita system.
      Change your playstyle! New weapons such as an unfamiliar dragon sword and a powerful wand will be added to the game in addition to the currently implemented guns.
      Join the world of the game, play in real time and become the hero of Niallast!
      Play this game in your PS2 system and enjoy a gameplay that has undergone advances, by using the newly added weapons.
      Explore the world with the new adventure and upgrade!

      Control your character, and then at the front there are additional features that are expected
      Upper button system is placed in the center of your body, so you want to use an unbuttoned right hand together. It can be attached to your sword fighting with the button, so it can be performed.
      Equip such a bulblet as accessory, to be able to activate it with both hands.
      With accessories, use the left foot to shoot.
      New weapons are added to the game.
      There are two weapons, a sword that has a curve, and a great sword.
      You can not encounter the traitor during the course of the game.
      There are many easy objective features.
      Caution is required when learning a new technique.
      Under power, there is a special change to the course of battle.
      In addition to the rest of


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      02-18-2011, 05:24 AM

      An interesting and unique new fantasy turn-based computer RPG game.
      With a myth, a story and some open world and a decent combat system.

      02-18-2011, 05:31 AM

      I like it!


      03-01-2011, 10:25 AM

      It is a new RPG released in 2011, the first game on Epic Games ‘RPG’ Engine.I think it is one of the best RPG games for 2011, after the Burning Crusade and the Oblivion and the Skyrim.

      31-10-2011, 09:29 AM

      A video showcase of 11 hours of gameplay:

      Elden Ring Game – Trail (HD)

      The game is a fantasy turn-based game where your character “learns from his mistakes.” The main character is an unfortunate mundane person who from birth is a farmer. He lives with his wife, daughter, and his dog. One day while he was out on a walk he was suddenly abducted by The Elden, an ancient race, and led deep into the dungeons of Desheng Ling. In the dungeons, he meets strange creatures and receives his first roll of the dice, which opens up a mysterious and deadly encounter.

      04-15-2011, 05:05 PM

      just like the movie.


      04-15-2011, 06:08 PM

      My only gripe is that you have to make a change in your character to obtain special items, which makes the game more difficult than the Dragon Age games.


      04-15-2011, 07:22 PM

      I like it, but the novelty in the game is wearing out. Nothing really “new” here. Big battle? Biggest XP? Big


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Install the game using the link below.
    • By starting the installation of the game, a crack will be installed in the game. To use the crack, download the crack file. Double-click on the crack file to start the installation.
    • You will be directed to the “Account” page. The crack will be updated to the latest version after confirming that you have the latest version. Following this, the game will be installed. After this, the game will be cracked.
    • Install the game and enjoy a new experience.

    Key Features:

    Elden Ring Free Download is a fantasy action RPG game.

    You can choose your current class in your adventure.

    A vast world full of excitement where you can master multiple tactics based on the time and location you’re in.

    An epic drama using a multilayered story in which the various thoughts of the characters connect.

    You can also freely combine your weapons, armor, and magic to develop your character according to your play style.

    Play online in special guild, PvP situations, and more!

    A Legend Comes Full circle.

    The adventure begins…

    A lacrimous maiden of Light, who opens your way to the Boundless Lands, has given a glowing staff and a magical tool. Now, as you are caught up in a great adventure, you must pick up this staff and begin your quest in the Lands Between. There, you will meet the world’s strongest warriors, and sword-wielding, club-swinging elves. With the staff, you are allowed into the Elden Ring. And finally, you will learn the truth behind the legend, and the truth of the Chosen Ones. What is the true destiny of the Chosen Ones? If you answer correctly, you will be helped by the Elden Gods and, finally, the end of the tale will begin. 




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8/10
    CPU: 3.0GHz Processor or higher
    Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher
    Graphics: Video card capable of playing in 1080p
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Windows 7/8/10 OS: Windows 7/8/10CPU: 3.0GHz Processor or higherMemory: 2 GB RAM or higherGraphics: Video card capable of playing in 1080pNetwork: Broadband Internet connection
    Keep in mind that you can only play this game online



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