Elden Ring [v 1.02 + DLC] PC/Windows


1. NPC Service

There are 4 basic NPCs that accompany you in your quest to the north of the Lands Between. In addition to narrative quests, they can be approached by first-time players to get to know the world and battle alongside you. You can invite them as your allies and help them on their journey by visiting them at friendly towns and resting at inns. The play style is created and ranked in the ranks, and you can talk with other players while participating in quests.

2. Features

◆ The ELDEN Legend

Players will be able to select one of over 30 races and characters, and experience an epic drama. Each story will continuously flow between you, your party members, and other users.

◆ Guild Creation

Player guilds are supported. You can change the guild’s name and guild rank freely, set the guild ranking for each member, and set the guild’s rules. In addition, the following items will be available:

– Guild Wars

– Guild Battle Rules

– Guild Reward System

– “Regen”

– Guild Level

– Guild Status Page

– Guild page displaying guild information

◆ PvP mode

PvP mode is supported. Different levels have been prepared for players on a PvP server.

◆ Social features

In addition to battle, you can interact in the world of the game. You can exchange items, money, equipment, and hair colors with your guild members.

• Complete Event Quest

All the activities from the Official Tarnished Online game is coming to Pocket Legends!
– Event Quest Available
– Find the Event Mission
– Featuring a variety of Events such as the new Event Quest in Tarnished Online
• Event Quest: Gathering Up
Event Quest: Gathering Up

• New Event Quest

The successful Rebirth of Nature is being prepared.
• Quest 1: Gathering Up

Divided into four parts, this quest will guide you to the new realm of Aura.
• EXP Bonus : 30%

Quest Details

Name: Gathering Up

Difficulty: Advanced

Content: Adventure

Quest Parts: 1/4

Perks: None

Rewards: Honor, Instant EXP

Bonus: A piece of Grimm’s paw

• New Gear

New gear is available:


Features Key:

  • Action Field – Tactical Real-time MOBA
  • Man Up Mode – A Real MOBA Melee Game
  • Mystic Mode – Spiritual RPG Mode
  • My Battle System – The Gameplay of a Real-Time Action Dynasty Game
  • Mingled Mode – Conquest Mode
  • Active Effects – Multiple Effects and Chain Effect

    To ensure smooth game environment and avoid disruption of service, please close the game during non-game events and multiplayer matches.

    Game Information:


    • OS: Windows Vista or above
    • Processor: 1.60 GHz (single core)/2.20 GHz (dual core)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Disc Space: 30 GB
    • Graphics: DirectX 10-capable video card and AMD Fusion series or NVIDIA GT series
    • Sound: DirectX 10-capable

    Release date:

    November 31, 2019


    Price: US$29.99