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I’d like to know if my question is permissible here? If I use the following:
SELECT * FROM people

What happens to the boolean AND operator? Since in a normal query you can’t include a keyword for a column, I imagine it gets ignored and converted to false. So you get a count of 0. I guess MySQL just doesn’t send a proper boolean type to the statement.
So would I be correct in saying that the INNER JOIN will never, ever be executed, because of the bad query?


Nothing gets ignored.
Your join will always be executed, if you join the table on a column, it will be executed even if there are no matches.
You can force the join to be executed by changing the join order and/or make the joins explicit:
SELECT people.id, people.name, people.address,…

That being said:

All joins are always executed
All boolean AND operations are always executed
If no columns are joined on, all results are returned


The Boolean AND operator (&&) will not be returned as a result of this query. MySQL converts the boolean type of the result of the join to a zero or one row (0 or 1).
As for the extra conditions you have in your query, they are not used in either the left or right table. Hence the result is the same (0 rows). MySQL will never execute an INNER JOIN or LEFT JOIN if the tables don’t have anything in common. For an example, see this fiddle.

Koninklijke Beernigkunst

Koninklijke Beernigkunst (abbreviated as KB, (Royal Beer Pig); ) was a Dutch beer (pale lager) brewery, located in Den Helder. It was part of the VBC, but in 2002 the company merged with Heineken International B.V. as part of Heineken Brewery Netherlands B.V., which now owns all the brands in the Netherlands, and has branches in eight other countries.

The company was founded in 1883 and initially under the name Den Heldersche verre meubel Maatschappij, Den Helder Brewery. The first brewmaster was the Friese family.

During the Second World


and I have changed all the data by myself and I have created new Excel file for Norsk Energy (Norway) 2011 – 2011 Energy audit with the help of ENSI EAB software of 15 buildings – 10 residential buildings and 5 municipal buildings.


It’s not a lot of information to go on, but your sample data seems to be a list of things, with each line represented by a comma delimited field. If that is correct, you can split the line on commas, which I believe Mathematica uses as the default delimiter, and reformat the data to the desired format before passing it to csvread:
data = Import[“data.txt”, “CSV”]

Convert the data to a list:
data2 = Cases[data, Line[a_] :> a]

Read the list into the desired format:
csvread[data2, “EE.lluroui Bl,trpargt]

csvread has a lot of options, and a lot of documentation.

Where Do My Consecutive Records Come From?

I haven’t a clue where my consecutive record comes from on the statistics site. Can someone help. I know it’s not from data file as they want to know my parents’ names, gender, birthdate, etc.

I think the badge comes from when I was found by the nsfw and they made all that info public and I now have my name and date found on the site.

I can’t help on the consecutive record thing. But I can tell you the driving record, criminal record, and psychology record all come from the nsfw. I do believe the driving record is a ‘deactivated’ record so you can’t get that individually.



Before you leave your home, always remember to stand behind the words you speak.

The badge seems to come from when someone reported you to the nsfw or when you found by someone. I can only assume it tells your gender, and a number that represents your age. I think you also have to put your parents and birthdate under the statements. After that it doesn

The program belongs to the global family of programs called ENSEE.
.. Tender information ENSI EAB Software for Kazakhstan. Download ENSI EAB Software for Kazakhstan here. Webdesign & webutvikling: Dcode. Copyright: ENSI. ensi eab software
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ENSI EAB Software is a software program developed by ENSEE that provides energy efficiency ratings and audit reports.
ENSEE software for Kazakhstan is a product of ENSEE.
installing a version of ENSI EAB for Windows
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ENSI EAB Software (Kazakh) – Basic features Ñ…ØŸÚ£Ÿå.
Used by ENSEE.
Based on its brand name EAB.
Based on the ENSEE EAB program.
Based on the ENSI EAB software program.
ENSEE software for Kazakhstan.
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Based on the ENSEE EAB software.
Based on the ENSEE EAB program.
Based on the ENSEE EAB program.
ENSEE EAB Software.Q:

How to avoid n-1 in the binomial formula?

How do I get rid of n-1 in the binomial coefficient? I have already seen some posts on this but they were not very detailed in their explanations.
In the binomial formula for n-combinations from n elements, n-1 elements can be chosen to get an element of the set. This is equivalent to choosing n-1 different elements from the n element set and then picking the last element from the n-1 elements chosen. This last element is repeated exactly n times and is called the n-1-combination.
So, if I would want to find the number of k-combinations with exactly k elements from a


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