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Road course-style gameplay is available in the new Sprint Car Racing: Road Course Pack (unlock_pack_roadcourse).
The entire new content unlocks instantly upon initial installation.
It also features customizable starting gates that will affect the order in which you race your opponents.
This and other important gameplay details are now available in the in-game manual.

Road Course-Style Start
Unlock_PackRoadCourse allows you to play road course-style races, including the Golden and Patriotic paint schemes.
The entire new content unlocks instantly upon initial installation.
It also features customizable starting gates that will affect the order in which you race your opponents.

Stage 1: Stage 1
Stage 1 will reveal all three new Sprint Car Racing courses.
You’ll also get the opportunity to try out the new Patriot paint scheme.
Before you begin, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase new paint schemes and extra patches.

Stage 2: Race day at Palm Tree Motorsports Park
Race day at Palm Tree Motorsports Park is in order! Race day at Palm Tree Motorsports Park is for the entire Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing Road Course experience.

Stage 2: Road Course
You’ll race on the beautiful roads of Palm Tree Motorsports Park and, if you qualify, on the beautiful roads of Shadeville Raceway Park as well.

Stage 2: Golden paint scheme
You’ll race on the beautiful roads of Palm Tree Motorsports Park in the Golden paint scheme, the first truly patriotic paint scheme of Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing: Road Course.

Stage 2: Patriotic paint scheme
In addition to racing in the golden paint scheme, the new Patriotic paint scheme is now available for the Glory road race.

Stage 2: Stealth paint scheme
You’ll race on the beautiful roads of Palm Tree Motorsports Park in the new Stealth paint scheme, Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing’s most unique paint scheme to date.

Stage 3: Stage 3
Stage 3 will bring you to the legendary Hangtown Downs dirt track!

Stage 4: Premiere race at Hangtown Downs
In the new stage, you’ll experience the premiere race on the dirt course at legendary Hangtown Downs!

Stage 5: Sprint at Barber Motorsports Park
After the premiere race at Hangtown Downs, you’ll race at an amazing track called Barber Motorsports Park.

Stage 5: Championship race at Barber Motorsports Park


Erica Features Key:

  • Take part to amazing adventures, explore worlds of digital art, meet new people, and get inspired by various topics!
  • Once you’ve obtained your key and have downloaded and installed Fables of Talumos – Digital Art/Lore Book Game Key, you will be able to play Fables of Talumos – Digital Art/Lore Book by accessing any of the files you own that have the.exe extension or any files that have been uploaded to by a developer of Fables of Talumos – Digital Art/Lore Book.
  • A special offer for the first Fables of Talumos – Digital Art/Lore Book players:
  • You’ll receive the basic edition for free. Get more with 24 hours of playtime by purchasing the digital version (with unique in-app purchases) or registering for an account on
  • To use this key effectively, a few things must be considered:
    • Make sure to keep your key safe, especially as you will be needing it from time to time to extend the 24 hours playtime for your purchase. To secure it, password protect the folder where you installed the game or purchase it directly from Google Play Store. It will be very easy to generate an unique activation code using the access key you’ll receive on after purchase.
    • From time to time, you may need to register for a new account to play. For that case, you’ll need to provide an email address when clicking on a purchase to open on Google Play Store.


    Fables Of Talumos – Digital Art/Lore Book
    Downloaded 25


    Erica Crack + Free [Win/Mac] [2022]

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    -Fully modifiable controls: tilt, turn and speed up/


    Erica [March-2022]

    1-5 Players
    Age 6 & Up
    5-10 Minutes
    Designed by Peter C. Hayward (inventor of Scuttle!).


    This product is not compatible with OSX and will not install on Windows

    Customer Reviews

    A must-have for seaside-theme-loving gamers… excellent! (1,699)


    A must-have for seaside-theme-loving gamers… excellent! – by Gmanny13

    This DLC is excellent for the game of Scuttle. Great new characters, new cards and new locations for your Pirate’s Scuttle into Buccaneer Bay. Highly recommended. (1,196)


    Incredible! – by Sonya You

    I love this expansion pack! I’m super excited for my first Voyage! I feel like I know the characters better… they added so much to the game for all of us Pirates out there! I am also loving the new stuff in the Curse of Jack Black! This expansion is like a whole new game to me! (978)

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