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Excel DbfMate is a reliable Microsoft Excel add-in that facilitates the information transfer between the selected spreadsheets and FoxPro databases. The tool is easy to use permits both exporting the data from Excel and importing it from a DBF file. It integrates with the Excel context menu, for convenient usage.
Simple to use tool for import and export
Excel DbfMate allows you to migrate data from the spreadsheet you are working in to a DBF file, with a few mouse clicks. Alternatively, it allows you to import data from the aforementioned files, right into the selected worksheet.
The tool allows you to import information from several DBF formats, namely for DBase III Plus, Visual FoxPro and DBase IV. The data export is only supported for the first two formats, however.
The task is simple: select the desired range in Excel, then prompt open the transfer window: right-click and access it from the context menu or open it from the Add-ins tab. The transfer can be configured from an import/export wizard.
Advanced settings for the data transfer
Excel DbfMate allows you to set several details before migrating the data: select the column headers location, the source range and output options. You can export data to a dBase or Visual FoxPro file, using the specified code page. Moreover, the output location can be manually selected.
You may exclude one or more columns from the transport, if, for instance they are located between required ones. Importing data from supported DBF files is accomplished in a similar manner: select the location in the spreadsheet, choose whether to import column names, deleted records or trailing spaces.
Column exclusion in data transfer
Both the import and export functions of Excel DbfMate allow you to make advanced selections of the data you wish to transfer. Not only can you preview the contents that are about to be migrated, but you may choose to exclude certain columns from the selected range. The process is straightforward and transparent.


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Spreadsheets are the primary programming tool in this day and age. These programs help you build your database with ease and efficiency. However, the availability of software like Excel DbfMate makes it possible to connect between two spreadsheets and move information between those spreadsheets and databases. This tool has an excellent reputation and its benefits are numerous.

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Excel DbfMate Crack+ [Mac/Win]

Excel DbfMate Activation Code is the most reliable Microsoft Excel add-in that facilitates the information transfer between the selected spreadsheets and FoxPro databases. It is easy to use, requires no configuration and is capable of all kinds of data transfer. The transfer is fast, reliable and fully compatible with any Excel version.
+ Works with Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher
+ Import and export of data between Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and DBF files (DBase, Visual FoxPro and DBase IV)
+ Ability to select rows/columns or the entire range of a worksheet
+ Export of data to DBF file format (Visual FoxPro, DBase III Plus and DBase IV)
+ Import of data from DBF file format
+ Convert text to different encodings
+ Reversible data migration
+ Import records
+ Export records
+ Export columns
+ Export and import specific records
+ Export entire rows or columns
+ Export entire workbook
+ Export an entire worksheet
+ Export templates
+ Disable checkbox on export
+ Valid syntax of identifiers
+ Preview of the data
+ Exclude certain columns for export or import
+ Freeze columns in Excel or DBF file
+ Export from Excel to Visual FoxPro
+ Export from Visual FoxPro to Excel
+ Export from Excel to DBF file
+ Import from DBF file to Excel
+ Import from Excel to DBF file
+ Import from Excel to Visual FoxPro
+ Import from Visual FoxPro to Excel
+ Import from Excel to DBF file
+ Import from DBF file to Excel
+ Import from Excel to Visual FoxPro
+ Import from Visual FoxPro to Excel
+ Import from Excel to DBF file
+ Import from DBF file to Excel
+ Column exclusion during migration of data
+ Run macros that convert specific fields in Excel spreadsheets to DBF file
+ Access Excel 2003 or later version settings
+ All compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel
+ No additional registry entries
+ Free maintenance version is available
* Support for the following versions of DBF files:
DBase 7.0 and higher (D-Base III Plus)
DBase 7.0 and higher (Visual FoxPro)
DBase 4.0 and higher (DBase IV)
Use of the software:
1. Select Excel DbfMate by clicking on the download link and download the setup file

Excel DbfMate Crack Activation Key Free

Excel DbfMate is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps users migrate data to and from dBase and Visual FoxPro databases.
Allows data migration to and from several DBF formats (DBase III Plus, Visual FoxPro, DBase IV)
Allows for data export
Allows for data import
Allows for column data selection (Excel and DBF notations)
Allows for table selection (Excel and DBF notations)
Allows for row selection (Excel and DBF notations)
Allows for column exclusion
Allows for setting the source range with the help of a wizard
Excel DbfMate Screenshot:

Excel DbfMate User Reviews

I have been using this addin for quite a while now. It is just the easiest to use Excel add-in I have come across. Besides its ease of use, most of the data migration operations are user-friendly. It imports data from Foxpro and exports data to Foxpro. There are some handy tools to allow column / table exclusions and column / row exclusions. If you are migrating a large database and want to get the job done fast with a minimum of hassle, this is the tool for you. The author has updated it recently to include support for dBase IV and some extra features that were already in v.; RUN: opt -S -instcombine < %s | FileCheck %s %foo = type { float, float } define i32 @test(%foo* %x, %foo* %y, %foo* %z) { %r = icmp sgt i32 0, %0 : i1 %r.x = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %r.y = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %r.z = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %r.x.x = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %r.y.x = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %r.z.x = select i1 %r, i32 %1, i32 %0 %1 = getelementptr %foo, %foo*

What’s New in the?

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System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
1 GHz processor or faster
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
800 x 600 or higher resolution
800 x 600 or higher resolution Mouse compatible with USB
Hard drive space for installation
We recommend the best available video card if you have a 2D accelerator. If you are using OpenGL, a shader card is recommended for


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