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How can I fill the front seats in a commercial aircraft with a wheelchair and related paraphernalia?

At the moment, my dad is confined to a wheelchair. He needs the front seats of the plane for transporting his wheelchair. But airlines seem to want a ‘cramped’ seating area. For example, jetblue don’t have accessible seating.

Is there any airline that allow passengers to use the front seats of the plane for sitting in their wheelchair? I’m looking for a combination of an actual seat and a lift to put his chair in. No help here.
Can I bring his chair on board the plane? This last option seems the worst one. It would be taxing the entire crew to deliver the chair to the plane and then receive it back.


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Cytoplasmic dynein is required for the directed movement of centrioles/basal bodies in two unicellular eukaryotes.
In the course of assembly of centrioles/basal bodies in the ciliated protozoal parasite Toxoplasma gondii, factors have to coordinate assembly of a basal body and directionality of ciliary growth. We show here that these processes require the function of cytoplasmic dynein. Ciliogenesis in dynein-deficient T. gondii is severely impaired. These findings imply that cytoplasmic dynein is involved in the formation of molecular links between the basal body and other components of the centrosome complex that are necessary for the directed movement of the basal body and ciliogenesis.Q:

How to make a slider with a small interval in WPF?

I’m not familiar with c#.
I have some kind of problem. I’m trying to make a slider with a small interval, for example, if I put 100 in the slider it would display 01, then if I put 111, it would display 011, etc.
What I have already made is a slider with the first interval, then I wanted to make another one, with the same


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