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Can I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donation ?

Yes, you can receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Piano Six is actively seeking collaborations with individuals who are concerned about the under-servicing of music education in Canada and want to help us bring up a new generation of classical music audience members. Please send us a note using the form on your right or by email to admin@pianosix.com

What is the key difference between Piano Six - New Generation and the original Piano Six and Piano Plus projects?

In one word – technology! Today we have so many more technological feats available at our disposition, which were not available back in 1994, when the original Piano Six group had started out. These include the Internet, social media, video streaming, smartphones, apps and corresponding web 2.0 technology (blogging, etc). These allows us to reach and regularly maintain contact with a large number of young Canadians (ages 7-19), greater than the previous group was able to, while paying special attention to the so-called ‘post-millennials’, or group of young Canadians born in the mid-90's.

How many visits in total for year one?

Each artist does at least one tour each season. The tour can last anywhere from one to two weeks and covers at least 4 communities based on one geographical region of Canada.

A ``region`` can also be subdivided into smaller mini-tours. For example, one pianist covers two communities in B.C. one week and then heads off to Alberta the following week to cover two communities there.

Is Piano Six a multi-year project?

We envision this project as the first year of a multi-year endeavor. The successful completion of Year 1 will provide a solid foundation for subsequent years.During Year 1, the artists will develop new markets, build up a reputation, and hone the artistic and practical elements of touring. Subsequent years will be more efficient and cost-effective since we'll be able to reduce promotional expenses, a stronger profile with the media, while attaining greater insight as to thematic programs that generate higher levels of engagement.

How do you measure success?

The success of our efforts will be measured by our audience’s openness to exploring new repertoire and by their desire to join performance groups or take music lessons post-concert.

How were the artists chosen for this project?

Piano Six artists were selected on the basis of their dynamic speaking capabilities, imaginative repertoire selections and a solid track record of championing Canadian music.

Won't Piano Six undercut the market for classical music in Canada by offering reduced artist fees?

Our goal is to add spark to these communities and then get out of the way, moving on to new locations. This is very important so as not to undercut the market for classical music in Canada, thereby undermining the fair market rate for talented artists that may be engaged in those communities in the future. This is also the reason why we remain very flexible with the fee structure – to ensure absolute transparency and fair play.This concept also helps presenters add color to their future programming. For example, if one of our artists performs a solo piano recital one year, the presenter may wish to bring in string quartets or non-piano ensembles for the year thereafter to keep their audiences engaged. We also work readily together and cooperate with other touring councils and touring groups in Canada to ensure that our work never encroaches upon their established territories.


How much does it cost to book a Piano Six artist in my community ?

With the help of government, corporate and private funding, Piano Six is pleased to offer a range of accessible fees, to reach as many people as possible. For example, a school visit starts at only $750 and can be customized to suit your community’s particular needs.

Can I choose which Piano Six artist will perform in my community?

We guarantee one of our artists will perform in your community during the dates and times agreed upon beforehand, which generally occurs 9-12 months before touring. The selection of which artist will perform is decided upon and accounced roughly 3 months before the touring period.

What is the gala concert all about?

During gala concerts, the six pianists come together to share the stage in one dazzling evening, presenting a program of rarely-performed, four-hand and six-hand piano repertoire. Works on the program include arrangements of operatic overtures, folk tunes, and dance music.

The concert highlight is the premiere of a newly-commissioned work by a Canadian composer. The primary goal of the gala concert is to leave audiences awed and inspired by this four and six hands repertoire – with performances that will range from scintillating to formidable. Through this concert, we aim to generate awareness about recently completed cross-Canada tours, and to garner enthusiasm and support for the following year’s tour.

What assistance does Piano Six provide to presenters to help them put together a classical music event?

We assist the chosen community leaders in ever way possible to successfully put together a classical music event. This includes finding a venue, establishing ticket prices, local advertising suggestions, sponsorship ideas and more.

  • We provide a full package of marketing and communication materials
  • We advise on cost-effective media and promotional options
  • We provide YouTube video and live streaming
  • We engage with your community on social media
  • We offer teachers an educational package to help prepare their students
  • We bring an instrument for presenters without a piano, at no extra cost

Our community doesn't have a piano, can we still participate?

In host communities without standard performance halls, Piano Six artists can perform in a variety of alternative spaces including churches, school gymnasiums, restaurants, or town halls. For communities without a suitable piano, Piano Six will arrange for piano rental, transportation and tuning.


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