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The integrity of the FIFA brand has been an important factor in every step of the development process. The new engine, the gameplay and physics have been completely redeveloped to ensure maximum realism and integrity at all times.

3D Models

There have been significant improvements to 3D models for FIFA’s in-game teams. Player models have also received a brand-new look and feel, with each player having a unique specific animation that is activated once a player moves into a new animation or action. For the first time, real-world player data is used to define the animations.

Real-world player data has also been used to create more realistic stadiums and players. Matchday stadiums have also been redesigned, including changes in technology and appearance.

3D Pro Player HD

User feedback from the FIFA community has significantly influenced this year’s development. As a result, Fifa 22 Crack Free Download comes with an exclusive new 3D creation tool that lets players craft their own customized player model. These customization features will be included with the game’s Premium Pass.

Bigger, Better Players

Players have been given greater freedom and control during their individual moves. Additionally, players now display a wider range of emotions during their matches, which is expressed through movement, speech and gesture.

Improved Player Huddles

Every player has been given a more realistic dialogue that plays out whenever they enter a huddle. For example, defenders prepare for a challenge with a ritualised clap of their hands. The crowd reacts differently when confronted with the sight of the man of the match.

Social Feed

Fans can now upload images and videos directly from their mobile devices through the in-game Social Feed. This allows them to share screenshots, pictures, highlights and videos from their mobile devices.

Real-world Player Data

Real-world player data has been used to create more realistic player models, enabling players to move and react more naturally. For example, players now have a unique kit and are more diverse in their appearance when placed next to each other.

Improved Ground Reflections

The engine has been extended to now also include the ground. This means players have a more realistic range of movement on the pitch and can exploit the surface more, such as when sprinting.

Improved Jumping

New animations have been added to top and side walls


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Bringing back next-gen visuals with more realistic lighting and camera angles
  • Ultimate Team – the chance to control the outcome of any match with more than 11,000 new playable cards, including 70 All-Time Greats, 50 Legends and 100 Ultimate Draft Picks
  • My Player – Goalkeeper Statistics highlight your save percentage, shots saved, blocked shots and penalties and corner saves. Create the goalkeeper of your dreams to save your own penalties and goaltending.
  • Enhanced Control in Shootouts – become the next Michael Grade, conceding the penalty or saving the penalty kick. The more successful your saves are during a shootout, the more confident your goalkeeper’s confidence will rise and the tougher he/she will be on penalties. This year, you can even give up penalties and still win the shootout, making you that much more offensive in scoring
  • Calendar Update – The Football Calendar is coming to FIFA and now features over 330 events, including new features like interactive 3D player match previews.
  • Highlights – Highlights throughout the year feature a selection of the year’s best moments and are shown in the game to keep you immersed into the action.
  • English and German Commentary


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 football game franchise for video games. The franchise has sold more than 100 million copies across PC, console and mobile. The latest FIFA title is EA SPORTS FIFA 22 powered by Football™.

Get Inspired

Your mind can be your greatest weapon to creating the shot, movement and success that will be required to lead your team to victory.

Face of the Franchise

Some of the world’s greatest players have risen to fame wearing the famous EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 shirt. FIFA’s Pro Ambitions for the 2019/20 season feature more Real Madrid players than ever and one of the most popular, Luka Modric, returns as your official FIFA Pro Ambitions player in FIFA 22.

Tactical Analysis

The FIFA Ultimate Team™ tool in FIFA 22 builds on the brand-new Tactical Analysis that will take your gameplay to the next level. It offers you the chance to play hundreds of unique challenges that will take every aspect of your tactical decision making to the next level.

Team of the Tournament

Of course, we know who’s going to win, but we need your help to decide which team is the best in the world!

Complete Entertainment

In addition to more than 50 officially licensed leagues, more than 400 international teams and over 14,000 players, FIFA 22 includes a wide array of features and enhancements.

Improved Scouting and Visual Layers

The Brand-New Scout Vision visual and audio analysis has been redesigned to improve the information given to you, so you are better equipped to make quicker, smarter and more informed decisions. The Scout Vision will also unlock new visual layers in the PES™ system that help you to get a better understanding of your players.

More Player Intelligence

Get more proactive on the pitch with improved AI (artificial intelligence) in real-time and more intelligent player behaviours that help you to make better decisions. With Player AI* you are also able to play with more confidence.

Improved Player Creation

In the latest FIFA, you will get more detailed and individual players for creating the most realistic players in FIFA. Scraping together players from different sources to make the perfect player, including enhancements with your own head and body, is easier than ever.

New Touch Controls

Steady improvements in touch control bring a new dimension of control and understanding to the game’s touch controls. A refined four-


Fifa 22 [Latest 2022]

Play matches in real time or simulate a full match using a variety of gameplay modes, including Classic Match, In-Play, and Squad Battles. Customise your team and your game to your liking, using skills like Cross to control a new level of passing and shooting, or By The Rules to take a penalty.

FIFA Online – Play for free in this online multiplayer game where you take on millions of fans from around the world with friends, or join your friends in global leagues and play in offline tournaments. In-depth Pro Clubs bring the FIFA experience home with its authentic brand of football and its passionate fan base.

MyClub –
MyClub is a suite of online, social and mobile features that help you and your friends connect with each other to compete, chat and play with a whole new level of meaning and depth.
MyClub includes:
• The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) card system
• Co-operate, compete and chat in the official FIFA clubs
• Customise your player and your club
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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Fuel the fantasy of being a real Superstar in the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode! Create thousands of custom-made players through a seamless transfer and valuation mechanism.
  • Take on more authentic matches in Career Mode and PES with enhanced gameplay features and interactions that provide the most genuine and challenging matches to date.
  • Check out the new Ultimate Team Manager Mode, which lets you design your very own team, compete against your friends in online matches and use tactical strategies to outsmart rivals!
  • Associate with brand new Club Partners – a global network of partners that will support the launch of the game for a new fanbase around the world.
  • FIFA 22 gives fans ultimate freedom to decide on how the game will look and feel – from Team Styles to new visuals for Player Progression, ball spinning, diving, new set pieces, and right down to the signature celebration moves that give superstars a way to show their personality.
  • Updated commentary with all-star team of John Motson, Martin Tyler, Clive Tyldesley, Michael Cox, Robbie Savage, Jeff Cameron and more!
  • And much more!


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise and best-selling sports simulation franchise. Developed by EA Canada, published by Electronic Arts Inc. FIFA is the most popular game on the planet, played by more than 1 billion people around the world.

FIFA is the original soccer game and has sold over 130 million units and been the best-selling sports franchise of all time. FIFA 21 includes all the major teams, leagues and players from around the world, making it the most authentic soccer videogame ever. This year there is even more to play with the inclusion of several new play modes, new camera perspectives, hundreds of team kits and player faces, and a new form of dribbling. For the first time in the franchise, players have the freedom to move, control and set up plays in all game modes. This year also features the return of the brand new Story Mode, as well as the introduction of new Career Mode.

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I have a login (EASOFT116-23135344-SIG-GAMING2K) which allows me to login to the game. However, when I attempt to login it says it can’t find an account, and when I check my profile on the EA Access website, it says I have been enrolled as a pre-order for FIFA 21. Can I at least download the game on EA Access? If not, what are my options for getting the game?


No. If you have an EA Access account and you haven’t yet pre-ordered FIFA 21, you can only download FIFA 18 or read the EA Access Review for it. You cannot pre-order FIFA 21 as this game is not yet released. To pre-order the game, you will need to do so on the respective platforms of FIFA 21, depending on which version of the game you own, in addition to the EA Access membership itself. If you don’t have an EA Access account, make sure you sign up for it first, then look for the FIFA 20 Pre


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