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Traditional controllers are being replaced by the Ultraboot, which has a special interface that changes depending on the type of gameplay experience. Enjoying a variety of gameplay experiences will now be more intuitive than ever before.

There is more to the new features than meets the eye:

Matching up to 99 players to play with offline or against a friend

Net games with up to eight players (8v8) and Exhibition games with up to 19 players (19v19)

An improved gameplay experience created using a variety of new features

Leaderboard, Teams, and Options

A player’s performance in the game is now visible online on

The game is available for purchase as a special edition FIFA 20, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Collection, FIFA 20 Legacy Edition and FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4™, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360™, Wii U™, and PC.

FIFA 20, the world’s number one FIFA video game series, joins the growing universe of FIFA titles with FIFA 20, including FIFA 20, FIFA Ultimate Team™ and FIFA 20 Deluxe Edition and the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition for PS4™, Xbox One™, Nintendo Switch™, and PC.

All FIFA titles are available on game platforms for North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Oceania from September 27, 2019. Visit for more information.The role of heat shock proteins in host response to mycobacterial infection: a review.
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Features Key:

  • Completely redesigned FUT, Ultimate Team mode, and upgraded UI.
  • Introduces a challenging, new “Elite Draft” mode that challenges players with an exciting, new way to draft the world’s most renowned clubs.
  • Improves long-awaited visual enhancements for club customization and team building through new kits, stadium design, player faces and animations.
  • Enhanced passing and refereeing mechanics, alongside completely overhauled ball physics that takes on the characteristics of a real-world ball.


  • All-new guide interface! Controls. Gameplay. Tips and Tricks. For a better guide!


  • Player likenesses, unique attributes and makeups by some of the world’s most celebrated characters
  • Re-worked Player Comparison screen, complete with quick info on key stats and iconic moments as you choose between millions of players from around the world
  • Brand-new FIFA Ultimate Team Manager screen. Create and manage teams to make them the best in the world!


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FIFA is more than a football video game. It’s a sport-simulation game of life, death and destiny. Join the Ultimate Team™ as your player works your way up the Premier League to compete on the global stage. Live the life of your dreams, from falling in love to playing the kind of ball that scores the kind of goals that wins trophies. The most realistic football simulation ever created.

FIFA features the most realistic football ever seen. Play the most realistic game in the world, full of next-gen features including new dives, feints, tackles and celebrations. It’s football made from the player’s point of view: shoot, pass, dribble, glide and control the play like a professional.

The game lets you play as six of the world’s greatest players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Frank Lampard, Gareth Bale and Alex Morgan. Switch seamlessly from your club career to international duty in any of the 47 real-world national teams. Join the thousands of players who have discovered and conquered the Ultimate Team™, or create your own from the 37 million possible combinations with the new Customised Player Creator.

Throughout the gameplay experience you’ll also explore every part of the Beautiful Game: you’ll take to the pitch in live, real-world stadiums, recruit pro and amateur footballers from around the globe and train in authentic locations with the likes of Neymar and Cesc Fabregas.

Behind the Scenes

FIFA is built by a global team of more than 500 engineers and animators, with designers based in multiple locations. With more than 15 years of experience creating pioneering sports games and more than 100 million customers around the world, EA SPORTS has proven itself to be the most trusted and innovative sports game publisher and developer.

The FIFA team is committed to offering the clearest and most intuitive gameplay possible. With the announcement of FIFA 20, EA SPORTS has used the same platform and focus areas that were used in the development of the FIFA 19 game, making improvements in both specific gameplay areas, as well as throughout the entire gameplay experience.

Simulation & Gameplay

FIFA is built around a new engine that has been designed from the ground up to bring real-life factors into the gameplay. The FIFA engine is made up of three layers: AI, physics, and engine. Every element of gameplay is based on this


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Practical improvements and additions to Ultimate Team will make the experience of accumulating your squad even better than before. New free transfer targets enable you to search for new players wherever you are in the world. New enhancements for gameplay and interactive content help make FIFA Ultimate Team as engaging as before.

Defect Mode – Experience managerial challenges in the exciting new Defect Mode. Choose from a wide selection of league systems, which each present their own unique challenges. Defect as a manager, or as a player, if you want to make a difference.

FIFA Soccer on your TV
FIFA Soccer on your new console can connect to your TV or set-top box and experience the world of football through the eyes of the World’s greatest players. FIFA Soccer on Xbox One includes the 24 most popular international leagues, 11 real-world clubs and more than 4,500 licensed players from around the world.



FIFA on Xbox One is also a much-improved FIFA Soccer on Xbox 360 and now includes the official licensed club music from London 2012. The soundtrack is again entirely available to purchase online at a very affordable price.

Official Licensed Club Music
London 2012 – The Official Music License
You’ll be able to purchase the official licensed club music from London 2012 using FIFA points.

SUMMER! Official Licensed Club Music
Hitting the Tour is the fastest growing club in the world. But they are still looking for a coach to run their ever-expanding squad. Head to the gallery to listen to their official Licensed Club Music and choose any of their players from this year’s London Olympics.

Lemaitre’ will be available in the Xbox One in-game store.

Four Ways to Watch
Xbox One offers more ways to watch the world’s greatest sport than ever before. You’ll be able to watch soccer in more places than ever before, and for more people than ever before. Four different ways to watch include the following:

Xbox One: Both new and old school content can be streamed live. Watch your favourite team play live or watch the latest sporting events on your television via the Xbox One S.

Stream: Live or on-demand sports content. View over 750 live events.

Viewing content: Choose live events from your Library or your clip history.

Stream + View: Live Sports Events + On-Demand Sports Content
Together with being able to watch live


What’s new:

  • 4K gameplay
  • Live Player Motion™
  • New Player Development Paths
  • New Attack Systems
  • New Custom Game Types
  • New Visual Styles


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FIFA is the best football game for every device. FIFA is the undisputed king of football simulations, from mobile to PC, console and VR, with over 300 million players and millions of hours logged per day.

The official game of the FIFA World Cup™™ and FIFA 19 Champions Edition, FIFA is the only football game that has been created from the ground up to incorporate the latest advancements in sports science and technology.

FIFA is available for your PlayStation®4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Additional platforms available at a later date. Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Available in more than 150 countries and across 60 languages. For more information about FIFA, visit


























Campeonato de Portugal



Primeira Liga


Serie A

Ligue 1





Ernesto Valverde

Christian Karembeu

Alexandre Lacazette

Paul Pogba

Kerem Demirbay












Bosnia Herzegovina


Bosnia Herzegovina

Burkina Faso



Czech Republic

Cape Verde


Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic





How To Crack:

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Core i3-2390 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: Any sound card supported by Windows
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Note: The application does not contain a 32-bit binary. It can be downloaded only from the main site.
Supported video cards and resolutions:
AMD Radeon HD 3650 or equivalent

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