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FIFA 20 was the first FIFA title to introduce a dynamic, simulated crowd experience, utilizing crowd models for each stadium in the game as well as crowd reactions depending on the player actions on- and off-the-ball. FIFA 20 achieved over 7.4 million sales in one week.

FIFA 19 introduced a new set of in-game cinematic scenarios based on the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

For FIFA 21, a revised set of gameplay features have been introduced. These have been focused on immersive, authentic football gameplay experiences in order to improve the authenticity of FIFA gameplay and create an environment that is more conducive to the flow of play and switching between modes. A number of visual, audio and gameplay improvements will be introduced in FIFA 21.

The updated game mode sequences include the introduction of new gameplay features, while keeping the core gameplay and user interface experience that FIFA fans have grown to love. These new sequences also introduce new camera angles, with a goal line camera in the long throw, a goal line camera in the free kicks and a combined goal line camera in the penalties, as well as changing the direction of passing in the offensive third, including the introduction of the “pass back,” to create more authentic and entertaining player combinations. An improved AI system will enable the player to deal with the game situations more intelligently, helping to create a true comparison between player quality between the two teams.

Also introduced are a new feature “Regain the Ball,” allowing you to quickly “regain” the ball once it’s lost. Another innovative feature is the High Impact Player Blitz, where player AI and player information is expanded, introducing High Impact Player Blitz skill classes. The FIFA Ultimate Team Squads mode will also see a number of features introduced, allowing for an even more in-depth experience in the FIFA Ultimate Team.

Overall, FIFA 21 introduces a number of new features that will improve the overall experience for FIFA players. These features will further enhance the immersive, authentic experience of the game, making it a great FIFA experience.

The first full update will be made available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as soon as the platform holder has rolled out their respective new generation gaming consoles on Wednesday, November 22.
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Features Key:

  • Unparalleled Ball Physics that makes the ball behave realistically. Defends more shots, rebounds more like the real thing and revolves more like the original ball in your game.
  • An all-new Player Creator brings FIFA® into the age of 3D avatar players.
  • A brand-new Team Info mode allows you to build your team in real-time.
  • New Commentary mode lets you control what you hear when captaining the team or interviewing your teammates, line-ups and coaches.
  • Completely rebuilt Career mode creates a complete new experience.
  • Revolutionary new Team Management Mode that features the ability to name, train and manage your teams.
  • You can now define custom formations and set-ups, with up to 32 players in total.
  • Star players who are held to your tactics all have their own special attributes and abilities.
  • Try out and master new celebrations across all competitions.
  • New MyPlayer Control makes creating, starting, and managing your own players easier than ever.
  • See the impact of the brand new Physical Player Traits feature. A new generation of player models have been designed that are based on real life footballer bodies and skin tones, with new face animations, improved facial hair, more realistic proportions and significantly improved face textures.
  • Time-trial options let you hone in on any aspects of your game and focus on improving them individually.
  • FIFA® Ultimate Team makes trading the right way fun. Players and kits are now available for free, trade your players for new brand new ones, and buy bonus packs to get even more players and packs.
  • New Commentary system and instant replays make in-match commentary easier and more in-depth than ever.
  • FIFA€™s new 3D faces and bodies revolutionizes match presentation – allowing you to see, smell and feel players and stadiums. This is the largest in-game talent pool ever.
  • A new club system offers you the chance to create and manage your own National Team.
  • Career mode lets you experience a completely new Pro mode, with new training routines, improvements to pressing system, stronger sides and more. A completely new manager create, train and manage your squad across campaigns, leading them to


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s #1 football simulation game and the official videogame of the FIFA World CupTM. From the grassroots to the professional level, FIFA gives you unprecedented control of your favorite club, complete with authentic team and stadium environments, and authentic, award-winning gameplay. Take your skills to the next level and compete on the biggest stages of the sport with the top stars and clubs across the globe.

    Experience the ultimate football journey

    FIFA lets you live the world of football through powerful gameplay. Play any competitive game mode and get into the heart of the action, including the FIFA Ultimate Team™ – the new way to create your own global squad of footballers.

    Easily switch between the biggest teams and clubs in the world

    Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. Play with the authentic teams and rosters from the globe’s biggest leagues, including La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and many more.

    Live the game the way the pros do

    FIFA lets you live the life of a professional athlete with real sports equipment, unique player appearances and skill animations. Push, jump and slide to get into the game and make the most of every moment.

    FIFA Ultimate Team: Only you get to decide what you want from your career

    With FIFA Ultimate TeamTM, you get to build a true collection of iconic players that reflect your game style and preferences and play the way you want. Every player you purchase is unique and brings something new to your game.

    Build your ultimate team

    The FIFA Ultimate Team experience is all about choices – and no two gamers play quite the same. You can create the ultimate team using a player’s traits, attributes and characteristics as your guide.

    Achieve all-new levels of control

    With fan-favorite features from past FIFA games like the Editor, Career Mode and Tactical Defibrillator, FIFA lets you play the game the way you want. With the added control and refinement that comes from a greater emphasis on player and team development, FIFA is no longer just about winning or losing. It’s about you becoming a better footballer.

    Live the life of a professional athlete

    Live the life of a professional athlete with realistic sports equipment, unique player appearances, skill animations and even control of the referee in Career Mode. Push


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    Pick a team of stars from the world’s top leagues, create a dream team from scratch and play with the legends in Ultimate Team. Build your dream squad by collecting new players from the best leagues in the world, add them to your team, train them and use your experience, along with managing moves in and out, to get the very best players in the world playing for you. The legendary Dostoyevsky, Maradona and Simone will be playable in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    FIFA Mobile – For the first time in FIFA history, FIFA Mobile allows you to take the pitch. Customise your team and create your own superstar player using over 40 play styles, Player Attributes and everything you do on the pitch to unlock a new dream. Choose your voice-overs, your pitch and your kit. Then take the challenge and dive in to the world of FIFA Mobile.

    Casual Mode – FIFA is recognised as the original game of club football, and we have taken this inspiration and expanded it to the Casual mode for this FIFA 22 release. Replay moments from your career, recreate classic team-mates and opponents, try it out on a virtual pitch, and check out your training sessions, all with the option to import a photo from your archive.

    FIFA has returned to the pitch with FIFA 20, the latest in its award-winning series. The explosive world-first gameplay features that were previewed at EA Play 2018 last week will be released along with the game. Fans will be surprised to learn that the game has also received a slight visual makeover, with a focus on a more realistic representation of player quality. A variety of small yet significant changes are in store to player animations, ball physics, player characteristics, customisation, sports equipment, and more. Other features returning to the series include:

    Dynamic gameplay, Artificial Intelligence and a Live Season. The game engine will be vastly improved, better representing real-world gameplay, and delivering an incredible experience for players. We are also showing off a new season engine that will evolve over time, with new opportunities and challenges for players.

    EA SPORTS Football Club. Connect with your friends and show your skills on the pitch with a digital squad. With innovative Playable Rivals, players can form a new team and challenge their friends.

    High Quality player animations. Visual improvements in every aspect of player form, posture and movement, as well as animations for minor off-ball incidents, such as the ‘pinch’ to which


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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