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The new engine also allows for a superior AI, which applies player intelligence and psychology to make high-level play more realistic. The engine also incorporates augmented reality (AR) to add a new level of interactivity to individual players and the ball.

FIFA Ultimate Team returns with a new system that allows for a deeper transfer experience and more options in management. The new system also allows for a complete career mode, including support for a comprehensive range of managers and teams from around the world.

Here’s a few of the biggest updates and improvements revealed at the launch event today.

Nike Men’s Soccer Jersey RFID Technology

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Introducing the Nike Men’s Soccer Jersey RFID Technology that will make match-day greater than ever before. Players can now store 12 items in the personal data port and will be able to wear a personalized number. Players can access and play with their individual items throughout the match – regardless of where they are on the field.

FIFA Ultimate Team Returns

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With Ultimate Team returning for a second year in FIFA 22, it’s now easier than ever to dive into the latest mode in EA SPORTS FIFA. With a bigger library of content and a stronger platform that takes into account improvements made in Ultimate Team last year, you can now build your Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 with a wider selection of squads and content on loan and for your convenience.

Player Intelligence

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Addressed so many gameplay issues in FIFA Ultimate Team last year that the returning features have earned a revision for FIFA 22. With more intelligent and engaging AI throughout the pitch, your opposition will play like they mean business.

HyperMove Technology

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FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.

Augmented Reality (AR)

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Augmented Reality returns for FIFA 22. Real-world players can now be injected into the game and made available for your players and clubs, including: your friends, real players, squads, and academies. Your players will also be available in the new hyper


Features Key:

  • Football genius – Take control of your favorite professional footballer and truly be the footballing genius at your club – whether you choose to give midfield command from the deep-lying creator role, manage your star striker or create something truly special yourself, FIFA 22 will give you the tools you need to build a world-class squad.
  • Acclaimed gameplay – FIFA 22 uses the power of the Frostbite Engine, which delivers a thrilling blend of speed, fluidity and immersive depth, ensuring football fans get to experience the thrill of the world’s most popular sport like never before.
  • Dynamic 3D Player Faces – Kicking off with a complete overhaul of the player models, which now feature more-detailed and impressive facial animations and player expressions, there are now over 500 different body and facial animations in FIFA 22.
  • Dynamic Physics – Improved in-game physics are now in FIFA 22, adding a fluidity and responsiveness that ensures the game is more authentic and responds to how players move in the environment. Dynamic Player Trajectories and Dynamic Ball Behaviour make the game feel more realistic while the improved AI functioning of the players offers more control over the match flow.
  • Dynamic Shot Motion – Dribbling featured on the ball and above the head at the same time has been moved from a separate ragdoll and is now seamlessly integrated with animations.
  • Redefined Match Engine – The new match engine introduces revolutionary updates and improvements to everything from ball movement and player skills, to play-making, defending, passing and acceleration.
  • Massive Improvement in Player AI – Improved and flexible gameplay with a host of new features such as Dynamic Trajectories, more realistic reactions and improved AI functionality.
  • 2K Play Style Match – More control over the flow of the game is given to the player when AI-controlled teammates set up the play and make the final decision about where the ball should go. Movements of both teammates and opposition are also more dynamic and realistic.
  • Near Perfect Matchball – FIFA 22 features a full upgrade of the Matchball engine, which brings the simulated ball to life in a way that lets it physically respond to the action on the pitch.
  • True Player Ability – Demystify player attributes, choose between a small or large screenshot, and more importantly, actually feel what it’


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    FIFA is the world’s most popular soccer video game franchise, and EA SPORTS FIFA brings an authentic experience to the digital game with game-changing features and a new game engine.

    Master new play styles in a wide array of authentic game modes.

    Play Your Way.

    FIFA The Journey to The Ultimate Team™

    All-New Player and Attribute Creation

    Create the Ultimate Team

    A New Season of Innovation

    Enhanced Connected Careers

    What’s New in FIFA 21?

    FIFA 21 introduces a new Player and Skill Rating system; inspired by the global approach to rating and progression in the real game.


    Features all-new player development, ratings and progression based on global calculations.


    Develop your players’ attributes through a combination of continuous training and unique assignments in new Career modes


    Innovations and new gameplay experiences across all modes with Career and Free Play modes, and season-long experience and progression.


    Upload your favorite best-performances from anywhere and on any connected device to the EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team™ for even more possibilities.

    Updated Team and Goalkeeper Creation

    Discover up to 10,000 different goalkeepers, and have your favorite teams choose one from any era. All-new goalie creation offers endless customization and full player-to-player and practice-to-game adjustments.


    Exclusive content

    Free Travel Packs

    New The Journey to The Ultimate Team Skill Games

    Ultimate Team

    The all-new Ultimate Team makes the game even more fun, more strategic, and more relevant to real-world competition. With the new skill game category and new Attribute Creation Tools, Trainers can now create their own games and challenges within the framework of the new player and skill rating system and assign the appropriate rating based on the player’s performance.


    EA SPORTS FIFA 21 is the most authentic soccer game featuring 4-player dribbling, the new skill game category, and the all-new Ultimate Team mode.

    Play the Beautiful Game

    In FIFA 21, test your skills in authentic European and South American stadiums. Instantly know


    Fifa 22 Free

    Build your dream team by combining players from across the globe with the most authentic club rosters and equipment from the most popular leagues and competitions. Take your combined team to the pitch and dominate your friends in FIFA Ultimate Team – a new mode that features customizable Create-a-Player.

    Legends Update – Available to download from August 20th in the Season Ticket*

    *Starting August 24th, Season Ticket holders will receive a priority access to the FIFA 20 Legend Update on August 20th in the Season Ticket Update. Season Ticket holders will be notified via email when the update is available.

    RUSSIA SPORT – Play mode

    RUSSIA SPORT – Practice



    For the first time ever, in the FIFA App, FIFA 20 introduces the FIFA Player of the Year. The winner will be presented in the App by the highest-ranked player of the year, on a worldwide basis. This player will be voted for by the FIFA community – and then officially decided by an International jury of experts. The winner of the award will be announced after the FIFA World Cup™ in Moscow, Russia, and will be presented in the App in August.


    Dynamic Tactical AI: New innovations in controlling AI are used to assist the player in his tactical decisions and to give him greater control in attack and defense.


    In August, new content will be added to the PS4 LIVE service on FIFA 20, including Matchday content. Players can use the new FIFA App for the PS4, and the online gameplay will be synchronised across all connected devices in the FIFA family.


    The FIFA franchise includes a large-scale online competition mode, featuring matches in different countries and in various difficulty modes for players of all skill levels. Players can compete in the new FIFA Club Challenge and FIFA Ultimate Team modes on FIFA 20 as well as in FIFA ’21.


    Competitions continue to expand with UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and FIFA Club World Cup, which now require a license to use in-game advertising.

    In FIFA 20, online competitions will


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