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“We’re very excited to be introducing this new feature,” said Peter Rauen, Executive Producer for FIFA. “We’ve captured some amazing motion capture data over the past 12 months, and are now working to support it with gameplay at a level not experienced before in a football game.

We’ll continue to work with the clubs, players, support staff, and coaches to ensure this is the best experience possible, and hope you enjoy what you see.”

FIFA 18 introduced its own motion capture technology in November 2017. The FIFA 18 demo introduced “FIFA Motion.” It showed a series of immersive pre-rendered sequences taken from matches between players and shows that in 2017 mode, we will be able to see the realistic foot-by-foot contact of movement in the real-world and impact it has on the dynamic systems of FIFA. The video above shows an example of what appears to be a cross between a player’s face and an explosion. The game can now more accurately deal with such situations and cause real-world environmental interactions.

The technology itself uses “3D digitized, physically accurate data captured by 16 Real Player Motion Capture cameras and is synchronised with EA SPORTS motion technology. The motion capture data is used to drive a wide range of player animations – including player creation, game physics and ball movement.”

EA SPORTS also announced today that will be showcasing the technology at this year’s E3 expo.

In FIFA 21, the cover athlete and other players on the cover have facial expressions in accordance with the player’s face ID. This is an extended version of the facial animation released for the FIFA 18 demo and is used in the video above. It shows what the result will look like after a collision.

The game also supports new player and team animations. New animations include legs, hands, and positioning in defense. In previous iterations of the game, players ran in place when they saw they were being tackled. Now, their run is more believable and more realistic.

The developers also seem to be taking up more real-world moves during fights. Players may show a greater range of movement, especially in explosive situations. Blows will also have more impact and body parts will move more realistically. Players will fall down when they are tackled or when they get tackled.

“Be more prepared to fight for the ball with your player


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play like a Pro – Prepare for every challenge on the pitch and dominate the opposition on the field using an all-new shooting system.
  • Team up – Become part of the club’s story – show why this team should be playing on the most important stages of the season.
  • Become a Manager – Take the reins of the first and only official FIFA Club Manager, and lead the team to the ultimate glory. Your club carries on even if you’re offline, thanks to the new Player Progression System, and you can still earn rewards by collecting newly unlocked players, sponsors and the FIFA Ultimate Team Legends.
  • The Journey – Live out the dream of playing at the European leagues with the most authentic stadiums. Play in your own backyard with the enhanced pitch maker, and create an entire pitch, from grass to AstroTurf and everything in between.


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FIFA is football where anything is possible.

FIFA is football where anything is possible.

New players:

New players: Michael Thomas, Fabinho, Manuel Lanzini, Tapiwa Usireye, Aaron Ramsey and Shea Salinas.

New clubs: Buriram United F.C., Kashiwa Reysol F.C., Anhui Jiufang F.C., Rizespor F.K., Frosinone, Sporting Lisbon, Napoli, Sevilla FC, Verona F.C., Hull City and Beşiktaş JK.

New clubs: Buriram United F.C., Kashiwa Reysol F.C., Anhui Jiufang F.C., Rizespor F.K., Frosinone, Sporting Lisbon, Napoli, Sevilla FC, Verona F.C., Hull City and Beşiktaş JK.

New stadiums: OBB Stadium in Bangkok, Buriram United F.C. Stadium in Bangkok, Copa Brasil Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Jagiellonia Stadium in Kraków, Jubilee Stadium in Zingaro, Stadion Balidžina in Split, International Stadium in Houston, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, Valletta Centre in Valletta, St. Joseph’s Stadium in Halifax, La Manga Stadium in La Manga, Mextemis Arena in Kavala, Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Ajinomoto Stadium in Nagasaki, Kasubi National Stadium in Nairobi, Estadio Spartak in Moscow, Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Lille Stade Diderot in Lille, Olympiacos Stadium in Piraeus, Hirakata Stadium in Osaka, Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, L’Huillier Stadium in Lyon, Champi Soccer Stadium in Marseille, Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence, San Siro in Milan, San Mamés in Bilbao, Athens Olympic Stadium in Athens, Von der Heydt Stadium in Wuppertal, Viracopos Stadium in Atenas, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Olympic Stadium in Munich and Tuen Mun Stadium in Hong Kong.

New stadiums: OBB Stadium in Bangkok, Buriram United F.C. Stadium in Bangkok, Copa Brasil Stadium


Fifa 22 [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Optimize your squad from over one million unique player shapes, kits and more – in the most authentic way possible, and put your custom-built team to the test in competitive matches, tournaments and leagues.

FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons – FUT Seasons continues the popular FUT Franchise, this time looking to simulate real seasons as closely as possible. Players will earn and play match points for scoring goals, creating assists, or denying their opponents. Earn more match points, be more impactful and help your team close out winning seasons. A new Hero Match Mode provides a player vs environment environment for up to 32 players. New Insights provide fans with more detailed information about the player they are calling and more game modes that help fans better understand what they are seeing on the pitch.

New Manager Direction – Visualize the ball, pick your strategy, and teach your team to play, all from the touchline. Managers’ passes and instructions are shown in the ticker, and your instructions are then displayed on the pitch as you tell your players what to do.

New Player Precision – Working off detailed player models and a new Player Scout on the pitch, work out your plan of attack to optimize your play style. You can measure the amount of time that the ball is on the player’s foot, and the new Player Speed indicator lets you see how fast the player is.

New Player Celebration – Win animations reflect goals, assists and more. Players will perform more acrobatic celebrations, while dribbling sequences will progress the game. There will be a new universal player celebration, while the current player celebrations can be obtained by tapping a player on the pitch.

Coach Creator – Create your own player or manager. Then share your creation with others, using the social features of FIFA.

PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller

Power Ball – The official PlayStation 4 wireless controller by THQ has been designed to provide players with a more immersive experience. The redesigned Dual Analog sticks have been moved to the front of the controller, which enables greater flexibility and improved responsiveness.

One Touch function – The One Touch technology has been refined to provide players with a more natural experience, ensuring they are able to quickly pause, navigate, or perform a function without pressing a button. All PlayStation Move motions are now supported in games with motion control and certain PlayStation 4 motion titles.

Dual Shock 4 Grip – The grip on the DualShock 4 wireless controller has been redesigned to provide improved comfort. The new grip is available


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Facebook: Put the most popular player traits from the last 24 months right into your favorite team. Now, create squads that reflect your favorite traits and experience your own personal club.
  • FUT Ultimate Competitions: FIFA 22 introduces new ways to play, from a heated battle for top spot in the rankings, to unique occasions where you can compete and earn rewards.
  • Manager Mode: Make your own club, manage the team, and develop your new players with your new FUT World Tour series. Take your dream with you on the World Tour, compete in special competitions and invite your friends to join your journey.
  • Character Development: The new FUT team system allows players to adjust the appearance of their character, from body shape and tattoos to hair and accessories. Create and play any team with the custom FUT team creator.
  • New format and responsiveness: Best-in-class new gameplay features, graphics and visual improvements. Plus, tuned responsiveness for a smoother-running experience on all platforms. Feel the action with twice as many crowd movements – and see where you’re heading with detailed height maps. Last-minute choke serves are much more believable and replays are more instantly actionable than ever.
  • Player Ratings: New player ratings allow you to quickly assess a player’s strengths, based on their attributes. Instead of checking a video for a player’s physical prowess and skill, you can instead look up their player ratings.


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FIFA is the industry leader in sports simulations, breaking new ground across a range of innovative gaming experiences, and the dominant force in football.

Why choose FIFA?

FIFA 22 brings the game closer to the real thing than ever with an authentic all-new Player Intelligence System, in-depth new contextual and animation-driven Commentary, a new Pitch, more responsive gameplay, and an all-new Club, Player & Stadium experience, among many other breakthroughs.

What is Football?

Football is more than a sport — it’s a game of interpretation, and a game of feeling.

What does a regular football game look like?

Great game design should always start with a great player.

What is FIFA gameplay like?

A great game is only as good as the players who play it.

What challenges will I face in FIFA?

FIFA offers players the most immersive and authentic football experience — from training to the pitch.

What new modes will I find in FIFA?

Any football fan will tell you, there’s a reason the FIFA series is football’s best-selling, defining franchise and this year FIFA brings you even closer to the sport with meaningful gameplay advancements across every mode, all leading to an edge-of-your-seat experience, on and off the pitch.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

The FIFA Ultimate Team game mode offers a brand new way to acquire and improve your player roster, play with different team configurations, and compete against a global online community to become the ultimate soccer star.

What are the features of FIFA Ultimate Team?

With more than 500 team, player, and skill cards, FIFA Ultimate Team opens up unparalleled opportunities to customize and perfect your team — and that’s not the only way you’ll get a leg up in the Ultimate League, with a growing online community to keep you on your toes, and new ways to upgrade your characters across the game.

What is Fifa Street?

FIFA Street is an urban-themed game mode that lets you run through the streets of major cities from around the world.

What are the features of FIFA Street?

From the hustle and bustle of East London to the neon glitz of Tokyo, there are over 25 street-style venues to master in FIFA Street.

FIFA Ultimate Team Legends

With over 500 Ultimate Team Legends,


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