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As a result of the technology, players will experience a higher level of immersion when controlling the ball, and the players on-field will react more realistically to being challenged by specific match-ups and opponents.

“Euphoria” has been added to the game, further blurring the line between the virtual and real world, and will impact gameplay experience dramatically. The Euphoria system makes the virtual world more real by enhancing the level of presence players feel in a match by adding sensorial feedback to movement and collision. It allows the players to feel the pressure of being chased by a rival, to sense a tackle or even to feel the impact of an opponent getting knocked out.

For the first time, a real-time screen capture of the player’s movements is captured during gameplay and broadcast, allowing viewers to share their personal in-game reaction instantly via social media channels.

The use of this data also allows for game developers to use more information about the player’s body to improve offensive and defensive tactics and to further enhance the gameplay.

Gameplay features that enhance the explosive gameplay can be seen in the demos of two upcoming features:

“Precision Maneuvering”, a new ultimate pass feature. This feature can be seen in the “Gun Demo” for the first time and will be available in more match situations in the coming updates. It allows the players to perform an intelligent maneuver to beat a teammate’s challenge.

“Leverage”, a new “interception” card feature. “Leverage” will give the player the opportunity to intercept the opponent’s pass. This feature will be available as a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) item and will be available for the first time in the “Gun Demo”.

With the “Gun Demo”, the team at EA SPORTS has put on the spot players, commentators and fans to show off all the features of FIFA 22. In a special sneak preview of the upcoming FIFA Game, EA Sports and have been able to get hands-on with FIFA 22 to experience a few of the new features and enhancements.

Here’s the team playing a match in FIFA 22:’s five-player squad included a goalkeeper, defender and three strikers to create a


Features Key:

  • Play as any of the 22 footballing nations in the latest game in the legendary football simulation series, FIFA.
  • New Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 engine, based on the latest PlayStation®4 Pro graphics technology.
  • Energetic FIFA gameplay that captures the true intensity of high-level play with ‘HyperMotion’ and online play.
  • The improved Player Performance Technology (PPT) engine immerses the player in the game and delivers the ultimate football experience.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team, Ultimate League, and UEFA Champions League Ultimate League modes.
  • Support for the PlayStation®4 Pro graphics card and up to 8K resolution.
  • New broadcast-quality graphics with HDR, and tweaks for native 4K resolution displays.
  • New Commentary and Player Voice Packs for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Bulgarian and Czech languages.
  • The world’s first premium online mini-game app: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!
  • Brand-new online co-op challenges where you need to work together to beat the clock.
  • PES CONNECT Live, a new technology that makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your friends.
  • New Career Mode and Coaches that take your development to the next level.


Fifa 22 (Final 2022)

Football is the world’s favourite sport. Official events attract millions of fans across the globe, but the competition continues in virtual stadiums around the clock.

From the start of the biggest club rivalries to thrilling cup ties and legendary international encounters, FIFA brings to life the purest version of the beautiful game.

Play the world’s favourite sport in more detail than ever before with more than 1,400 officially licensed player, club, staff, stadium and ball kits, including our new Dynamic Creation technology.

The boot you need, the style you love, and the authentic story you crave – it’s all FIFA.



Build the best team on the pitch by controlling all aspects of your player from the tattoos, hairstyle and kit.


True Player Motion (TPM) brings the most detailed passing and dribbling ever, with enhanced ball control, the new RevoBall™ system, new dribbling animation and new real-world animations like overhead kick. Experience the movement of players on and off the ball and the visual effects that impact gameplay with enhanced reactive collisions, an improved physics engine, and new visual effects.


Take a more direct approach when defending and attack with new tackling animations, including more multi-directional tackles. New defensive systems like Cruising Defence, Back Pass Indicator, Interception Dribble and Ultra Interception Dribble allow players to switch angles and intercept the ball in a variety of new ways.


An all-new animation system brings life to every player and the ball, from overhead kicks to wild runs, to bring every action to life like never before. Intuitive, natural and more intuitive to use, it replicates the true move of players in the sport.


FUT Champions takes free-kick takers, central defenders and midfielders to the next level and turns players into a real-time living attacking force.

Create and control your ultimate team on the pitch and take on opponents in new FUT* Champions Leagues. Stay on top of the action with all-new online updates, enhanced gameplay and a balance of skill and strategy.

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS


Fifa 22 Torrent For Windows [2022-Latest]

Build your dream team of the world’s best players and win collectible coins, cards, coins and career modes to unlock and trade on the official online marketplace. Be the ultimate master of your team and dominate all the other players.


FIFA 18 will deliver the biggest single player experience in franchise history and the deepest game mode to date. With the stunning Frostbite engine, enhanced gameplay control, improved passing and a new hero system, FIFA 18 creates an unprecedented level of authenticity and emotion.

FIFA 18 will also be the first FIFA in the series to feature licensed World Football League (WFL) teams from Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Those markets will also come with specific localized gameplay, as well as authentic logos and jerseys.

Single Player Game Modes

Be A Pro – Create your own Pro following his club career – from youth to pro, and go on to manage him in Career Mode.

International Tournaments – Take your Pro to international tournaments and participate in the new International Tournaments such as the Club World Cup.

Ultimate Team (previously FIFA Ultimate Team) –

Create the ultimate team from the world’s best players in over 300 players available. Discover new ways to play with new systems for better control over players, new game mechanic, new card system, and new ways to create your own squads through the creation of Ultimate Teams.

Online and Offline Game Modes

FIFA Ultimate Team – Play alone or with other FIFA Ultimate Team players in a series of seasons, or test your skills in the online tournament modes of knockout tournaments and qualifiers.

Online Tournaments – Play in a series of knockout tournaments and qualifiers for most coveted positions.

Offline/Local Tournaments – Face your fellow players in a local game of FIFA, or play against the CPU in a custom game of FIFA.

New Facebook Integration –

Share the latest news from your Club, find and follow your friends, manage your profile and use Facebook integration to access the latest content from the official FIFA 18 Facebook page.

Multi-Language Support – Supported in all languages.

Season Ticket – New features for Season Ticket holders, including the ability to play as a guest at away matches.

Highlights & Memorabilia –

A new Legends category will celebrate the best players, most memorable moments, and greatest clubs in the history of the FIFA franchise. Highlights & Memorabilia from your career can be


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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