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Name Fluid Simulator
Publisher moirberk
Format File
Rating 4.95 / 5 ( 516 votes )
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Adventures into one of the most prestigious gaming genres, the Video Game Indie, have left many laurels in their wake, from classic series like YAKUZA to industry defining downloadable titles like L.A. Noire. So it comes as no surprise that the genre has finally come to PlayStation Store with YAKUZA 2!
YAKUZA 2 marks the return of the ninja-swashbucklers as they travel around the world on a quest for revenge against the evil Mamiya family and a sinister adversary, and as they explore and conquer it all, they will be facing off against other ninjas and mooks along the way, like Skeletron or the gang at Area 51!
If you’re ready to rip it up, sign up for the insanity of YAKUZA 2!
Yakuza 2: Black Dawn Intro Soundtrack


Wai-Wai Encore Soundtrack
The Wai-Wai Encore Soundtrack brings back the signature -exciting pep- to your game experience as you never had it before. Whether you’re in a long haul journey to the next destination or in a tight and exciting fire fight, the exciting music will build up the tension, keep you on your toes, and create a convenient environment of concentration and anticipation.

The Homecoming Soundtrack
The Homecoming Soundtrack is an emotional, acoustic story set during the last days of a once prosperous nation, home to the young wife of its last emperor. Now desperately searching for survivors as her husband’s new life falls apart, she is confronted with her own brutal reality as her world begins to crumble around her.

Christmas Soundtrack
Bring the spirit of the festive season with the Christmas Soundtrack by Dr.Nexus in your game. From the first ever Indie offering from ‘Big in Japan,’ this Christmas-themed soundtrack is sure to enchant and delight your gaming experience.

Watermelon Soundtrack
For anyone who enjoys the relaxing and calming qualities of “watermelon” soundtracks.

Fluid Soundtrack
Want to be a part of the pop culture zeitgeist? Make your game a reality with the Fluid Soundtrack, the first soundtrack in a series of soundtracks designed to spark your creativity. Infuse your music with a distinctive melody or feel that goes beyond the ordinary and become a true artist.

Frozen Soundtrack
They may be old-school


Additional Information

Name Fluid Simulator
Publisher moirberk
Format File
Rating 4.95 / 5 ( 516 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


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