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system requirements for Dkz Studio. The full version of the game includes the following bonus DLC Packs: 1.
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If conditions on a table in a query

I have a database that looks like this:
id | date | text
1 | 12/07/2012
2 | 12/08/2012
3 | 12/11/2012
4 | 12/12/2012
5 | 12/13/2012

I want to run a query that counts the number of lines with different dates but with the same text. So, I want a result like this:
Date | Text | Number of lines
12/07/2012 1
12/08/2012 1
12/09/2012 1
12/10/2012 1
12/11/2012 1
12/13/2012 1

My problem is that I have no idea how to get a result like that. First, I thought about this:
WHEN `date` = ’12/07/2012′ AND `text` = 1 THEN 1
WHEN `date` = ’12/07/2012′ AND `text` = 2 THEN 1

END AS `12/07/2012`

But I got an error. The problem is that I do not know how to repeat my query inside the case. Something like this:
WHEN `date` = ’12/07/2012′ AND `text` = 1 THEN (
WHEN `date` = ’12/08/2012′ AND `text` = 1 THEN 1
WHEN `date` = ’12/08/2012′ AND `text` = 2 THEN 1


But I’m not sure if this would

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