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The essential Adobe Photoshop tutorial is available online at `` (an site). This site offers a free online version of the Photoshop training article (10 pages) in Acrobat format (PDF) and a free Photoshop trial version with nine tutorials.

Figures 16-1 through 16-3 show you the basic features of Photoshop.

**Figure 16-1:** The Adobe Photoshop program’s user interface.

**Figure 16-2:** You can use Photoshop to manipulate the individual colors within an image.

**Figure 16-3:** There are different ways to combine colors from the same image.

Photoshop for the Web

As Photoshop’s reputation in the graphics world grew, so did its reputation among website developers. Many photo and graphics people used Photoshop as a design tool, so designers who now have Photoshop skills are often called to create graphics for websites.

Although most of the Photoshop toolbars and buttons work the same way in a Web browser as they do in Photoshop, navigating through a Photoshop-style interface takes some practice. As a result, the actual process of applying design elements to a Web page can be complex.

Most website developers are most familiar with the common Web design tools found in Internet Explorer, which include the capability to edit font properties, turn text into an image, and insert frames into a page. Other popular tools include Dreamweaver, which is a popular drag-and-drop HTML editor; and Fireworks, a popular integrated product for designing and editing web pages. Both Dreamweaver and Fireworks have options that allow you to import graphics from Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs.

By using a web-design application such as Dreamweaver or Fireworks, you can import graphics into your Web page and change elements on the fly. That’s an efficient way to create graphics, but it doesn’t give you control over every aspect of the image. Even if you import a Photoshop-created image, you may want to adjust the colors or the way the image flows onto the page.

If you want to convert an entire Photoshop file into HTML, you can use the PSP (Portable Document Format) designer of Photoshop (available from Adobe at ``), or you can use another online service (for example, ImageShack at ``) that enables you

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(Image credit: Adobe)

(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics editing programs. It’s packed with features for photo-editing and graphic design.

Adobe Photoshop is widely used by all kinds of designers, artists and photographers, graphic designers, web designers, Discord emoji creators and meme-makers.

(Image credit: Adobe)

(Image credit: Adobe)

A graphic designer is someone who creates visual images (graphics) on paper or computer screens. Graphic designers work on pre-drawn elements such as typefaces, fonts, logos, photo-frames, advertisements or artwork.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard program for designers. Photoshop works across multiple platforms (PC and Mac).

Adobe Photoshop stands out for being a graphics editing tool where users can manipulate images, apply different effects and templates and draw objects.

You can also spot Photoshop in branding, industrial design, architecture, marketing and technical fields.

(Image credit: Adobe)

(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphic designing program which is used by both professional and amateur graphic designers. The program is suitable for retouching photos and editing logos.

Adobe Photoshop allows users to choose images from an album, modify them using various filters and tools and save it back to the image.

However, Photoshop is not only a photo editing and graphic designing program. You can also convert images, create illustrations, create and edit design templates and produce realistic 2D illustrations.

(Image credit: Adobe)

(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphic designing program used by graphic designers. It works across both Mac and PC platforms, so users can edit their pictures on either their Macbook or PC.

However, Photoshop is best used to edit photographs because its interface is specifically designed to help you crop, align, adjust, and sharpen images.

Best used with images that are in the JPG, TIF, RAW and the BMP file formats.

(Image credit: Adobe)

(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Photoshop is a photo-editing and graphic designing tool used by graphic designers, photographers, and artists. Many professional photographers are Adobe Photoshop experts, meaning they can edit images using many different types of camera settings

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Python: Split Characters String that starts with ’00’

I would like to split a string that starts with 00 so that I can add then to a dictionary.
My strings are these:
1) “[‘054533′, ’00B3CDF’, ’00B3CDF00′, ’00B9CFF’, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B2CF1′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B2CDF’, ’00BA1CB’, ’00B1CB00′, ’00B4DF’, ’00B2CDF’, ’00D45FB’, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B9CB3′, ’00BA1CB00′, ’00B2CDF’]”

2) “[‘054533′, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B3CDF00′, ’00B3CDF00′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B2CDF1′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00BA1CB’, ’00B1CB’, ’00B4DF’, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B2CF1′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B2CDF’, ’00BA1CB’, ’00B2CDF’, ’00BA1CB00′, ’00BA1CB00′, ’00B2CDF’]”

What would be the best way of doing this in python?


If you are always using underscores as delimiters (I suppose that’s why you didn’t specify it, but you never know) this should do it:
mystring = “[‘054533′, ’00B3CDF’, ’00B3CDF00′, ’00B9CFF’, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B2CDF1′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00BA1CB’, ’00B1CB’, ’00B4DF’, ’00B9CDF’, ’00B2CF1′, ’00B2CDF00′, ’00B2CDF’, ’00BA1CB’, ’00B2CDF’, ’00BA1CB00′, ’00BA1CB00′, ‘

What’s New in the?

Paint Brush
Tint Brush
Layer Mask
Opacity Mask
Mask Effects
Map-based Dynamic Filters
Glow Filters
Oilify Filter
Vivid Light Filter
Highlight Extract
Sharpen Filter
Smooth Filter
Pixelate Filter
Bump Map
Sketch Filter
Crop Filter
Blur Filter
Brightness-Contrast Filter
Grainy film effect

To produce composite images, Adobe Photoshop includes the following tools:
Clipping Path
Smart Objects
Using brushes is just the first of several features that are available to a Photoshop user. To understand what this means, let’s look at the tool palettes and step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple photo compositing illustration.
Select the Brush tool in your toolbar.
Click to activate the Brush tool and paint on your canvas.
Drag the mouse to use the Brush tool.
Select a pattern in your patterns palette.
Click and drag with the brush to paint the pattern.
Press Ctrl+L to load the brush settings.
Use the settings that appear.
Drag the mouse to stroke the canvas
Press Ctrl+R and Click to reset the brush.

In this illustration, the pattern and brush settings were:
Brush Type: Pattern
Pattern: Pattern from file
Pattern Scale: 100%

Draw lines of any size and color
Select all text
Copy selected text
Paste selected text
Paste and edit text
Draw shapes such as rectangles, ovals, and ellipses
Add borders to text
Add dropshadows
Increase, decrease, or add brightness to color

In this illustration, the lines were:
Color: White
Size: 2
Thickness: 3
Effect: Bevel & Emboss

Rotate image
Resize image
Flip image
Crop image
Straighten image
Mirror image
Flatten image
Apply fill/shadows/gradients

In this illustration, the image was rotated:
Click the Transform tool in your toolbar, and then click the tool at the bottom of the screen.
Click the Move tool to drag the red star to the desired angle.
Click the Rotate tool and rotate the star 45 degrees.

Shape tools
Draw rounded rectangles, ovals

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