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published: 11 May 2019

10 Largest Companies in the World!

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NO. 1: Boeing Company
· Boeing’s global brand value as of 2011 is around $145 billion.
· Boeing was founded in 1926 as the 7th largest company in the world.
· Boeing’s estimated annual revenue in 2011 was around $140 billion.
· Boeing’s estimated market cap for the day of 2011 was $247 billion.
· Boeing’s main competitors for the manned aircraft are Lockheed Martin and Airbus.
· Boeing still produces the largest aircraft in the world.
· Boeing keeps a strong finances leaving it with an estimated $20 billion cash pool.
· Boeing employees around 124,000 people with over 70% being company hires.
· Boeing has the highest revenue and market cap per employee, but the least…

published: 03 Oct 2017

Big Companies vs. SMEs | Who Wins in a Rivalry?

Big companies usually have so much wiggle room in their budgets,


Features Key:


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In-game tips

This list of cheat codes will help you cheat in your game.

Player Cheats

In Game Flags

These cheat codes will give you access to in game flags so you can cheat.

NOTE: Use “Esc” to disable flags. Do not use any cheats without considering the consequences.


Disable all cheats.

[ F2] Toggle fast toggle.

[ F3] Toggle full toggle.

[F3]_Player Choice_

Choose which player to use.

[ F4] Toggle console.

[ F5] Switch to player 1.

[ F6] Switch to player 2.

[F6]_Player 2_

Choose which player to use.

[ F7] Toggle compatibility.

[ F8] Toggle mapping.

[ F9] Toggle animation speed.

[F9]_Disable animations_

Disable all animations.

[ F10] Toggle stats.

[ F11] Toggle player 1’s stats.

[ F12] Toggle player 2’s stats.


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