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Roblox is a virtual world creation platform and game platform created by brothers David and Erik Cassel.
Roblox was created in June 2004 by the brothers with the goal to create an alternative to internet games such as the World of Warcraft and Minecraft. At the time, the brothers were high school students from Ashburn, Virginia. Roblox had been created as a way to help them improve at programming in Lua. Roblox originally had an annual membership fee of $60, but in October 2006, Roblox changed to a freemium business model, and the membership fee dropped to $12. The free version of the game was also simplified, with fewer interactive tools and features.
Roblox placed an emphasis on social interaction from the beginning. The user creates a nickname and picks a user avatar to represent him or her in the game. Then, each game that is created on Roblox is linked to this player account. When a user visits a friend’s game, the friends are able to see each other’s avatars in game, and they are also notified when their friend’s game is being played. With these features, Roblox is said to have created a social virtual world.
Roblox originally limited the number of online friends to 600 at the same time, but after this restriction was lifted, the number of friends has increased to over three million.
Roblox allows both the user and other players to create and customize games. The platform is organized in a hierarchy of rooms and categories, where users can create rooms for different types of games, as well as a town and village. The category system allows users to organize their games in an array of topics. For example, a game about mining could be placed in the Minecraft category, while one about construction might be placed in the Bricks category. Game creators can set their games’ themes or genres, and each game has a set of basic features such as physics, weapons and vehicles. Some games on Roblox are free to play, while others feature an in-game virtual currency. Users can play these games using the Robux currency, which can be earned in-game or purchased with real money.
Roblox has been praised for its platform and parental control features. The parents of an English teacher named Stephen O’Keefe were impressed by Roblox, and the teacher developed a profile for his son and invited him to use Roblox. Over 5,000 games were added to the son’s profile, and


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(While the game client was created and made publicly available through, the server was created and is owned by myself or the team of developers. Please direct all other inquiries to us through our email.
If you want to become a developer and create your own version of this game, here is the source code of the server:
How to get Robux?
1st Get on the game
2nd Select the server you want
3rd Press play and choose 1 to 10 then 1
4th Repeat for the next server (2-10)
5th Get Robux while you play
How to Play
6. Choose 2 maps
7. Choose 1 to 10 then 1
8. Repeat for the next server (2-10)
9. And you are on your way using the free Robux.
Terms of Use
You must be at least 13 years of age to play.
You may not use this file for gambling purposes.
You may not sell this file.
We own the rights to this video and you may not use this file in part or in whole.
Create this video with Purple environment and audio and


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FAQs & How to

Q: How can I patch my game?
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