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Lunch Break: Why We Love Justin Bieber | SORRY!

Please remember that I am very open to suggestions about what to review and where to find new music. After a long hiatus from this column, I’m back on track and looking for reviews of all kinds. If you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Happy Monday! In honor of the beginning of a new week, I’m offering up a review of a new band I discovered this past weekend. This band is new to my radar; I have never heard of them before. I’m so pleased that I got to check them out this weekend. The band is called Justin Bieber.

I was not a fan of Justin Bieber during the year I lived in Toronto. I hated him. He was such a smug, self-absorbed little prick with tattoos all over and yellow hair.

But the year before, in Montreal, the same year I discovered a new band called The Black Keys, I was shocked by his sudden transformation. He never looked so good; and I discovered he was actually quite sweet and talented as a singer/songwriter and guitarist. That’s why I’ve grown a huge appreciation for Bieber. He’s a brilliant performer with music that is honest and heartfelt. The kid’s a genius.

While he’s been talking about retiring from the spotlight and making his music the centre of his life, I’m still hopeful he’ll come back to remind us all why we loved him in the first place.

My faves? “Baby” and “What do you mean?” The first song starts with an acoustic guitar and Bieber explains the lyrics. “I’m a little teapot/Short and stout/Here’s my handle/Here’s my spout,” he sings in a soft, engaging voice. The music builds and builds, and the song explodes in a falsetto. The album “My World 2.0”is very heartfelt.

The title track


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