FULL AIO MInstAll By Andreyonohov Leha342 Lite On 09 06 2017 !!LINK!!

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FULL AIO MInstAll By Andreyonohov Leha342 Lite On 09 06 2017

Almost a week, I have created an app for Windows Phone. I have analyzed a lots of apps for Windows Phone and created a rating system: download, usage and creativiness. Unfortunately, I have not reached the top. I have created an app for iOS and Android with the same ratings. I know that these ratings are not real but I would like to share my opinion. I hope that you will have a look and react. Here is my App:

Apps are usually a mix of features and functionality, so if your eye just wanders across the top left screen, you’ll see some of the same information as in the Twitter screen below. This will help you sort apps into various subcategories, and you can keep going back to look at apps you use often.

I wish to start with a surprise of course. I have not recieved any important feedback. The only (positive) answer was this one. So I decided to continue…

I’m almost sad that I have finished all the apps I have to port, but now I can plan a real one!
Thanks to Josef Dvorak I have the source now. The source is the same as the Windows Phone store, I can’t port my own app over to Windows Phone. However, there is a workaround which works like a charm:

Go to your store account
Go to the app in the Windows Store
Open the developer tab
Right-click on the app and choose “App Types”
Add another app type (e.g. Windows Phone 8.1 Store)
Connect to the store and the app will be updated automatically

I really hope Microsoft gets rid of its horrible eula which would be the easiest way (ahem, ahem) of opening the store to more developers.

Update 2:
My port got rejected over and over again by the Windows Phone store. I have a really bad feeling about this.
Update 3:
The official Twitter app from Microsoft has been rejected multiple times as well. It should be a bit unfair because they have way more features than mine, even if they are stripped down.
Update 4:
New update to the official Twitter app. No improvements, no new features. This app is a waste of time.

This app is for chatting with people. Therefore it has a huge focus on (1) chat, (2) notifications and (3) being intuitive.

The user interface


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